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Kumail Jafri

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Multilingual Support with Artificial Intelligence

In this ever-expanding globalized world, corporations are spanning over multiple countries, even continents. With franchises, regional offices, and branches all over the world, one of the significant challenges that arise is the language barrier within the corporations’ employees. How is a common ground established throughout?

While it is evident that hiring translators is neither feasible nor efficient, the only choice that remains is to be able to intelligently translate all the communication and announcements to cater to a global audience, geographically dispersed teams, ethnically diverse user groups, or differently-abled employees and customers. VIDIZMO achieves this through its smart multilingual search powered by the latest in artificial intelligence

Boosting Enterprise Video Platform Efficiency with Faceted Search

As an enterprise video library gets loaded with content, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees and managers to search and find relevant content for their current needs. The most convenient method of achieving this level of organization and ease is by adding a search function to the library. As desired as the searchability is, it is equally beneficial to a growing enterprise where the archives are bulking up as the painful process of manual search becomes obsolete.  

Among the many benefits of an Enterprise Video Platform, including end-to-end video and digital media management, is the crucial ability of in-video search and accessibility to content across the organization efficiently and straightforwardly. By having control over the database with a fast and faceted search function, employees throughout an organization can find specific parts of a video by searching through voice, text, or even face of the speaker. 

Smart & Efficient Search in Enterprise Video Platforms

Naturally, employees do not have the patience or time to search through resources for the information they need to complete the job in a fast-paced work environment with short task times and multiple deadlines. Ideally, they should not have to spend hours on search within an enterprise library if the organization has an Enterprise Video Platform with advanced search functionality. 

Organizations in this age need an Enterprise Video Platform because it is difficult to manage video content. Video content takes up large amounts of storage capacity and requires compatibility with different players, file formats and browsers to ensure a smooth playback experience while also posing streaming challenges due to bandwidth and network constraints, especially for companies with a large and diverse user base spread across the globe. 

While an enterprise video platform solves the many growing problems that come with the growth and expansion of every organization, it does require an advanced search functionality to ensure ease of access to all the video data in the organization’s library.


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