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Rabeea Tahir

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Why your employees (especially millennials) need a YouTube-like video learning platform in the modern workplace

Learning is an on-going process in the modern workplace. Your employees are constantly engaged in some form of learning, whether it is from the internet, emails, peers, meetings, presentations, management feedback, or corporate social platforms. Gone are the days when long-drawn onboarding sessions, skill-training seminars, or workshops were the dominant learning medium in the organization.

Why your organization needs a video platform to complement the LMS for video learning

The LMS is a critical component of any organization’s training and learning strategy. For many years, L&D professionals focused on learning management systems as the core and center of all corporate learning. However, with changing learning needs, this is no longer the case.

16 things a video platform offers but your LMS does not

A learning management system (LMS) is an integral part of any organization’s training and learning strategy. With a comprehensive set of features and functionalities specifically adapted to serve eLearning needs, an LMS is suited for management and tracking of all organizational training and learning content, except one – video.

Boost Your Business Video Intelligence with Multilingual Video Transcription, Translation & Search

Have you ever felt like your company’s messaging has a significant gap – especially in terms of reaching your global audience, geographically dispersed teams, ethnically diverse user groups, or differently abled employees and customers? 

10 ways to use video for your company's internal communications

Video is a powerful medium for organization-wide communication, training, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Using enterprise video in your corporate communications is a highly personalized way to reach out to your employees, partners, investors, customers, and other stakeholder groups. From CEO announcements to health and safety training to public relations activities, video will reinforce your company’s brand, mission, values, employee bonding, and help build the company’s image and relationship with employees and other stakeholder groups.

6 ways to bolster your company's external communications using video

Technology, new media, and video communications have all changed the face of external communications in the enterprise. With a widening scope for corporate communications, organizations are increasingly adopting new and innovative video technologies to reach out to various stakeholder groups.

Why your organization needs an enterprise video platform for corporate communications

The role of corporate communications has expanded significantly in a radically transforming enterprise digital landscape. The ongoing technological developments have had a profound impact on how organizations communicate and engage with all their stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, investors, media and the public.

51 Business Video Use Cases in the Modern Workplace

 Video is everywhere in the enterprise today. With decreasing cost of bandwidth and video production, businesses are adopting video for internal and external communication, employee training and collaboration as well as sales and marketing to reach customers and prospects.

Microsoft Stream Analysis: Where It Does & Does Not Work

The enterprise video space is booming. According to MarketsMarkets, the enterprise video market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 16.34 Billion in 2017 to USD 40.84 Billion by 2022, i.e., a whopping CAGR of 20.1%.

Why Your Enterprise Needs Smart Video Search

The modern employee faces an information overload in the digital world. Swamped with the sheer volume of digital data sources, the average knowledge worker today spends 30% of the workday searching for information to do their job effectively – the equivalent of one-fourth of the working week, according to IDC data.


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