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Last year at Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced a new vision for its video content management system Microsoft Stream. The...

( 5 min read )

Tags: enterprise video streaming, online video platforms

FIPS 140-2 is a standard set for security (encryption and other cryptography) of sensitive data in government agencies. But...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Video Platform Compliance

Sharing videos is similar to sharing any other form of information as it comes with its inherent security risks, when shared...

( 8 min read )

Tags: security, Video Cloud Storage, Video sharing

Recorded online meetings, marketing videos or online training, the use of video content has increased in recent times, and...

( 4 min read )

Tags: accessibility, Section 508, ADA, Video Platform Compliance

In the post COVID world, the use of Zoom has increased drastically for meetings and webinars.  However, a problem arises when...

( 5 min read )

Tags: Manage Recorded Zoom Meetings

How can you grow your business with video? Before we answer this question, let’s take a step back and ponder on what we mean...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Business video

What happens behind the scenes when a video is recorded? How does it reach potential audiences? In this blog, we are going to...

( 6 min read )

Tags: EVCM

Upload a video, share it ahead for your viewers to watch at their own pace from their location of choice. That's on-demand...

( 6 min read )

Tags: VoD Platform

An online video based training platform is an essential tool for organizations in the modern era as it helps in sharing of...

( 5 min read )

Tags: video training and learning platform

According to Carnegie Endowment it was found that 75 out of 176 countries in the study are actively using AI for video...

( 4 min read )

Tags: artificial intelligence, facial recognition, video surveillance, Video Platform Compliance

The energy sector has recently been challenged with uncertainties due to the simultaneous supply and demand shocks that...

( 4 min read )

In 2016, a research carried out by the Milken Institute found that chronic diseases accounted for about 5.8% of the U.S. GDP...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Healthcare

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