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As the video surveillance market has grown, so has the vendors, creating a myriad of existing equipment made up of multiple...

( 8 min read )

Tags: video surveillance

Telehealth is a modern way of delivering healthcare services to patients. The Health Resources Services Administration...

( 4 min read )

Tags: EVCM, enterprise video platform, telehealth

Prison and security professionals in correctional facilities cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, monitoring inmates from...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, artificial intelligence, Industry Use Cases

Metadata, which is data about data, for it to be optimized for videos for searching, recording, and managing, it is generated...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Drone video, search inside videos

Wowza is helping more than 20,000 customers in 170+ countries in industries ranging from education to broadcasting to achieve...

( 2 min read )

Tags: Wowza

As an enterprise video library gets loaded with content, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees and managers to...

( 3 min read )

Tags: EVCM, enterprise video streaming, search inside videos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps organizations deliver greater value from their videos and automates processes, which helps...

( 1 min read )

Tags: EVCM, search inside videos, artificial intelligence, face detection, facial recognition

As expectations continually grow for organizations to manage emergency situations more effectively, the need to make the right...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars, enterprise video streaming, On-Demand Video Playback

VIDIZMO offers one of the industry’s fastest on-premises and cloud deployments, along with the flexibility of a hybrid...

( 2 min read )

Tags: Deployment Models

In the increasing time of online networking, user authentication remains a big challenge for all users but adds another level...

( 4 min read )

Tags: openid connect, saml

With digital workplace transformation now a competitive necessity, video has become the most important form of business...

( 11 min read )

Tags: video analytics, quality of service, quality of experience, enterprise video

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