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More and more organizations are using live video streaming as a reliable way to reach their audiences, overcome physical...

( 7 min read )

Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars, enterprise video streaming, Industry Use Cases, Healthcare, government,

Transcription or speech to text, has been around since long before even the word itself came into use. It dates back to 3400...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Video use cases, transcription, video transcription, security, On-Premise Infrastructure

Finding a good online video player to add on your website is more difficult than it sounds You’ll come across a bunch of free,...

( 5 min read )

Tags: Video use cases, video analytics, video interactivity, video player

There’s been a big change in the way we work. More and more employees are working remotely, actively operating regardless of ...

( 7 min read )

Tags: video training and learning platform

It's not easy to make a professional interactive online training video. You need to put a lot of time, money, and...

( 5 min read )

Tags: employee development videos, video training and learning platform, On-Demand Video Playback, video interactivity

Zoom is all the rage nowadays. Though the platform was already making a name for itself before the coronavirus pushed everyone...

( 4 min read )

Tags: security, Meeting Recordings, enterprise video platform, Coronavirus, Manage Recorded Zoom Meetings

BlueJeans is one of the most well-known brands out there in the market for their video conferencing solutions, even before the...

( 5 min read )

Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars, On-Demand Video Playback, Meeting Recordings

The rising popularity of video as an organizational asset has created the need for video platforms to resolve challenges...

( 6 min read )

Tags: EVCM, enterprise video streaming

Video content management systems like VIDIZMO and Kaltura have become a staple for organizations looking to take advantage of...

( 7 min read )

Tags: enterprise video streaming, vidizmo vs kaltura, enterprise video solution, online video platforms

Video has drastically changed the way we communicate. Several studies show video is a much more effective medium for...

( 5 min read )

Tags: Corporate Communication

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