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Here’s How You Can Improve Business Communication Through Videos


Effective business communication is essential for organizations to thrive. Those organizations who adopt good business practices are the ones who escalate to the top. When organizations communicate effectively, all the employees and customers are closely knit to one another which can directly impact sales. According to Warren Buffet, by communicating better, an individual’s value could increase by 50%.

Technology has evolved over the past couple of years, and various tools have sufficed in the market that aid in internal and external communication of organizations. Videos are being accepted as an integral tool in bolstering communication on an enterprise level.

Here are a few tips that will assist you in improving your business communication using video:VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

Be A Great Listener

 George McDonald, Founder of The Doe Fund, believes that the solutions to complex problems are by working on your listening skills. There is a sound difference between listening and being quiet. Many times we confuse being quiet as listening.

Business communication is extremely sensitive and requires listeners and speakers to be alert at all times. It is very important for clear communication that the participants and speakers both understand each other's capabilities and intellectual level. This can be a major issue when the speaker is at a distance; the language is unclear or any technical glitch.

Video can overcome this obstacle with ease since employees or customers can replay the video till the time it is completely understood. Organizations who invest in a video content management system such as Vidizmo can resolve the issue with ease since videos can be consumed live or on demand at anytime and anywhere and can also be indexed for searches.

Invest In The Right Tools

If you consider emails, documents, presentations, social media platform as your primary mean of communication, then you’re certainly losing on valuable information and conversations.

Videos have become important for businesses to communicate effectively with one another.  Having a collaborative tool such as an enterprise video platform can streamline video, textual, and graphical communications by creating a centralized repository. Moreover, it ensures collaboration on events and develops strong relations.

Be A Team Player

Employees who collaborate amongst one another are the ones who produce the best results. Internal communication amongst employees can only bolster when colleagues are constantly in contact with one another, resources are being shared on timely basis and executives are being able to track the advancement.

It is difficult for enterprises to nurture an interactive environment within organizations since employees are disbursed. Recording videos is an interesting way to intrigue, empower and add value to your company culture.

Review On The Go

Create an environment that nurture and fosters growth is the best way to facilitate business communication.  Many times executives are not physically present for approvals and reviews. Having a video content management system allows storage of digital content which can be accessed on-demand making it convenient for colleagues to review and approve  content on the go making the workflow smooth.

Do Not Rely On Retention

Many times employees depend on retention which can be prone to errors. The retention capabilities of humans vary and within a weeks’ time majority of the information stored in the human brain either gets flawed or is lost. To overcome this, videos come into play. Organizations who have a video content management system deployed can easily store, analyze and manage resources that can be accessed as and when required. Moreover, organizational structure and safety are ensured since only those individuals who have been granted access to the platform or content can monitor and make advancements.



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