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How Video Communication Is Making E-Learning Merrier?


Video communication has completely revolutionized the stature of the corporate environment. It has now become an integral tool for communication between employees, employers and customers. Videos make use of multimodal learning styles such as visual-spatial, aptitude based and auditory learning offering wholesome knowledge to viewers.

 Videos are an integral asset for culminating training and E-learning. If the technology is used in an appropriate manner, it can VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management cater to all aspects of teaching with little to no need for physical interaction.  Videos play an important role in provoking discussions, engaging learners, ignite the thought process, stimulate brainstorming, can cater a variety of educational needs. Moreover, they can and can also be watched over and over again as per need.

E-learning video breaks down information in small digestible chunks that engage the viewers emotionally. The content can also be made richer by adding captions, pictures, documents, etc. thus the visual stimuli can result in unparalleled results.

The primary obstacle associated with video communication is that viewers tend to lose attention and get disengaged over the passage of time. It is observed by the top tier trainers that even the best presentations can result in attention deficit amongst the participants. The human mind tends to dwindle to and fro which hampers productivity. In order to overcome this issue, here are a few tips that will assist in keeping viewers engaged resulting in an increase in information sharing.

Keep It Precise

Shorter videos tend to be more engaging. Viewers tend to lose interest if the time duration of a video presentation is too long hence breaking them into small digestible chunks is the key to retaining viewer attention. It is advised to cater to one concept or idea at a time.

However, if your video presentation caters to several topics, then it is better to break them into smaller videos. Good corporate video platforms allow its users to break video content into small searchable chapters. Every chapter has its own set of designated tags, description, and titles allowing users to browse through the videos, search for keywords and jump to particular areas in the video making the process seamless and efficient.

Keep your viewers hooked

The best way to culminate learning is by keeping it interactive. Vidizmo’s Virtual Academy offers gamification which allows all its users to take short quizzes and surveys down the road to gauge the outcome of the course. Moreover, the real-time analytics feature of the platform can assist the trainer to evaluate the productivity of the course and tweak it as per need.

Be Innovative

According to a study, videos that have interactive and engaging content tend to increase viewer retention, attention, satisfaction, recall and the time spent consuming a video. Thus, it is important that your viewer remains engaged while watching your E-Learning video.

It is advised to take frequent pauses so that the user can reflect on the topic being discussed. You can also add questions on points that require emphasis.  Moreover, you can also try to integrate engaging content in your videos to garner viewer interest such as animations, graphics, maps, and external documents.

Make it accessible

Make sure that your video is accessible to all the viewers you wish to communicate too. Your video should have the ability to playback on all devices so that users can seamlessly play content on any device anywhere without the need of technical support. Moreover, video transcriptions and closed captions can also make E-learning simpler.

Vidizmo’s video platform Virtual Academy is a complete solution for all your E-Learning needs. The videos are encoded automatically for on-demand playback on any device. The platform also transcribes the video automatically and manually which makes the video indexing simpler and accessible for searches.


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