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How VIDIZMO is Shaping The Future of Public Safety Through Empowerment

By Jay

Creating safer communities is a universal goal, and recent strides in digital technology empower first responders, judicial systems, and rehabilitation programs to do just that. Law enforcement and emergency services are using video surveillance, uniting it with artificial intelligence to not only respond to situations quickly but also help forecast risk in a way that can prevent future incidents. Court systems are realizing how modern technologies can help increase access to information, transparency, and scalability. Correctional institutes have also harnessed the value of videos to maintain order and ensure safer work environments. 

In these times, we recognize the need for secure content management platforms that can support our governments & related stakeholders in responding quickly, and with agility, to rapid changes in thglobal landscape. At VIDIZMO, our solutions enable governments & stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities at the accelerated pace required to deliver modern mission outcomes. 

Let's look closer at how VIDIZMO is addressing challenges the public safety and justice systems face today, and how these advancements can help keep you and your community safer. 


Modernize the Government Workplace 

Governments serve the public interest—a set of expectations that reflect the public'own experiences with the service economy. Citizens expect their governments to provide sustainable programs, responsive solutions, & appropriate services 

In order to provide such solutions, government tools should enable secure information-sharing across agencies to improve mission outcomes & faster access to data, increase civic engagement, and accrue public trust in institutions. 

Implementing a management system that provides hosting, management, & sharing capabilities streamlines how you coordinate efforts within and across agencies—so you can deliver more impactfully against your mission. 

VIDIZMO provides solutions that can ingest, store, manage, search, analyze, & share digital content such as videos from all formats & sources: CCTV cameras, phone recordings, images, docs, body-worn cameras, dash cams, interview room cameras, and many others. 

Effective Collaboration 

To help achieve your agency's mission, governments need to improve coordination of efforts internally and across agencies. Programs and policies often impact more than one department, agency, or jurisdiction. However, virtual and physical boundaries between these entities can complicate the flow of information and hinder critical decision making. 

VIDIZMO provides solutions to empower government employees to work together more securely to improve mission outcomes. With tools like sharing options in VIDIZMO, you can transform how you collaborate and coordinate efforts within and across agencies. Through VIDIZMO, government organizations can: 

  • Connect employees & stakeholders across departments in a shared workplace.  
  • Centralize coordination and communication to provide visibility, accountability, and keep initiatives moving forward by leveraging VIDIZMO's centralized platform. 
  • Enable teams to access resources such as video files, images, and more from virtually anywhere & any device, so they can spend more time with citizens or on the frontline without delaying processes.  
  • Do all this while helping to protect sensitive information your teams work with daily. 

Furthermore, for public safety agencies, it is critical that they have the right information at the right time so that they can respond effectively. Through VIDIZMO's consolidated system, agencies can access ready-to-use portals for various departments within your organization with complete segregation, thereby allowing access to cross-agency data that empowers first responders to make these intelligence-led decisions remotely. 

Through VIDIZMO's Artificial Intelligence features, command units can access layers of context about events like identity through face detection, license plates, & more. These services enable more effective communication and access to easily connect with the people and information they need to coordinate efforts. 

Centralize Communication and Coordination 

Organizations work from multiple locations, with different languages and conflicting procedures across departments and agencies. VIDIZMO helps to break down those virtual barriers to facilitate partnerships that sustain programs by providing a multi-lingual platform, transcription & translation broadening, how many people can watch, understand and embrace digital content such as videos. 

Through VIDIZMO, stakeholders can capture the insights of their best employees through video, while ensuring the digital content will be searchable & shareable even after the employee has moved on.  

Unanalyzed data impacts the time it takes to solve a case directly. Investigators collect information from witnesses, devices, and colleagues, but if it spreads across multiple resources, then it can be challenging to find. Using VIDIZMO provides access to centralized storage of evidence, CCTV footage, statements, and moremaking it easier to share and coordinate across teams and leveraging artificial intelligence and encryption to help protect and manage this information where it lives or moves. 

Connect from the Office, or the Field

With VIDIZMO, employees can record any process anywhere whether on the field or office with any recording device — even a smartphone — and instantly upload it with a click of a button to a central library where digital content can be shared, searched, and played on any playback device with the right level of authorization. This provides government organizations with the benefit of: 

  • A consistent & secure experience across devices as VIDIZMO ensures your employees can store, share, and view digital assets remotely while keeping your data secure. 
  • Promoting inclusive & accessible teamwork as digital contents such as videos are transcribed & translated in multiple languages so viewers who are deaf, hearing impaired, or who have different levels of language proficiency can use captions or subtitles to follow discussions and contribute fully. 


Enhance Government Services 

Sometimes, you cannot see what's right in front of you. This is more true if what's in front of you is terabytes of data, the hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and surveillance footage that makes up most of the evidence in a criminal investigation.  

Law enforcement agencies all over the world are faced with similar scenarios—enormous amounts of digital data isolated in siloed systems. Sorting through relevant information in search of insights, the type of information that can crack a case is often tedious and involves manual processes. That's where VIDIZMO's AI features can help. 

With VIDIZMO, law enforcement agencies can analyze the enormous amounts of data such as videos from surveillance systems that accompany police investigations, insights, surfacing relationships, and establishing patterns to reveal information vital for an investigation. By sorting through vast amounts of legally seized evidence, VIDIZMO's solution transforms a process that formerly was time-consuming and expensive. It can take investigators months usually to surface insights manually—not surprising given the massivvolumes of data and finite resources on hand.  

By contrast, VIDIZMO's solution leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Services AI solution simplifies & streamlines processes in dealing with the overwhelming amount of digital evidences that has become a constant challenge to law enforcement agencies across the globe. 

Sorting through backlogs of large amounts of evidence is one thing, but what about making connections between evidences in siloed systems? That is another perennial problem in law enforcement. AI holds the key to breaking down data silos and shedding light on relevant insights such as the license plate number of a car appearing for seconds in an hours-long video that can get caught in the cross-departmental net. When you factor in the number of digital services and line-of-business applications that are standard to most law enforcement agencies—computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management systems (RMS), and police body-worn cameras—and add the tendency for separate divisions to act in isolation, a lot of potential insights aren't being shared.  

Surfacing evidence by bringing these separate data sources and systems together using VIDIZMO consolidated & centralized solution built on the Azure platform allows for making connections between departments and surfacing previously unknown relationships and insights.  


Engage & Connect with Citizens  

Governments in cities that are hyperconnected have built the vision of connected citizens as a central strategic goal of every governmental department, agency, and service in their city. These cities' governments communicate effectively with citizens through multiple channels and consider digital connectivity to be the right of their citizens 

To stay connected to citizens, cities are appointing chief citizen experience officers (CCXOs), responsible for the end-to-end experience of residentsto ensure that city websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps are designed with the needs & values of citizens' in mind. In some cities, this encompasses the responsibility of experience of citizens across the entire breadth of the urban landscape and all regional services, from transportation, healthcare, education, & community events, housing, parks, and recreation. 

Governments need the right modern toolkit to face these challenges; they operate at the intersection of infrastructure, transportation, law enforcement, and other groups serving the public. In this ecosystem, governments have the responsibility of making decisions that shape society. 

VIDIZMO provides solutions that connect governments with their citizens through video & other digital assets. Government organizations can live-stream new policies & initiatives directly to their citizens, while at the same time attach documents such as handouts, which would provide further details to citizens about new initiatives.  

VIDIZMO's solutions are also available on Azure Government Cloud, meaning that approved U.S. government agencies can now easily include geospatial and location intelligence capabilities in solutions deployed on Azure Government Cloud. Cities can use Azure Maps for enabling geospatial and location intelligence capabilities for smart mobility, public safety, disaster and emergency management, criminal justice, and more. 


Public Safety & Justice benefits 

Digital video from multiple sources 

With VIDIZMO, ingest & capture video from police-worn body cameras, vehicle video systems, drones, robots, and fixed or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. 

Improved Evidence Collection 

Law enforcement agencies can enable officers to collect digital evidence from the field by using devices like police-worn body cameras and benefit from Artificial Intelligence features such as license plate readers. 

Reduced video storage costs 

Governmental organizations save money, reduce infrastructure sprawl, and improve the availability of complete, accurate information to all the related stakeholders, improve performance & efficiency. 

Integrated systems across agencies 

With VIDIZMO, public safety agencies can communicate and collaborate across jurisdictions during planned and unplanned large-scale events. 

Digitized Processes 

Using digital assets such as videos & images reduces paper-based processes, reducing data isolation and eliminating costly physical storage and transport requirements for case files. It also enables easy access across the law enforcement system. 

To know how VIDIZMO can empower public safety & justice

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