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Knowledge Management Products – Comparison of 3 Different Types

By Bareerah Shoukat
Employees Sharing Knowledge Amongst Themselves

Reading a piece of article or watching videos on a particular topic can be the means of gaining knowledge. A business environment with evolving work culture increases the masses of knowledge. Knowledge management has become a key to drive sales and bring innovation in all industry sectors.

Knowledge management products are ones that aid organizations to collect, share and manage information within the organization. 74 percent of businesses estimate that efficient knowledge management disciplines increase company productivity by 10-40 percent. There are many companies that provide knowledge management products for knowledge sharing inside the organization and we’ll go over three types in this blog.

In this blog, we’ll first discuss what knowledge management products and their benefits are. Then, we will compare the top knowledge management products that your organization can opt for.

What Are Knowledge Management Products?

Knowledge Management is the process of structuring, defining, retaining and sharing the knowledge and experience of workers within an organization. So, what are the knowledge management products? Knowledge management products are the tools that enable your organization’s employees to create, organize, share and quickly find information within the organization.

Here are three types of knowledge management solutions that are trending these days:

A Screenshot of VIDIZMO Knowledge Management Solution

A video content management system lets you centrally manage, share and stream videos in your organization’s own YouTube-like portal. It has a searchable online video library for your content where data is segregated on a granular level. Hosting your video files in a central location makes storage and organization easier, furthermore, distribution of your videos live and on-demand channels is made easy. Organizations can use the power of video combined with Video CMS for knowledge management among workforces.

  • Customer Relationship Management

These systems help document and share knowledge regarding sales, marketing and customer service. 40% of customer interaction happens on the internet. By using a CRM, you can fetch the information regarding prospects and understand their lifecycle. Interactions of your sales team with your prospects can be tracked and stored. All the customer data in a knowledge management product increases productivity and enables your entire team to understand the sales and customer relationship context.

  • Learning Management System

Videos are an effective means of training and learning. According to a survey, 74% of trainers said they use video learning for training delivery. Many enterprises use LMS where they can upload learning material like slides, PDFs and text to deliver training courses and programs. With a corporate LMS, you can eradicate business interruptions associated with traditional learning because your employees will be able to study and train online at their own pace.            

Benefits of Knowledge Management Products

  • You can easily edit, delete or update the information.
  • Accuracy and consistency throughout the system.
  • You can swiftly find the necessary information through smart search; therefore, it saves a lot of time.
  • It helps in training new employees.

Since you are fully aware of what knowledge management is and what products can be considered knowledge management products, let’s get to the comparison.



The Comparison



Empower your employees with VIDIZMO’s video knowledge base solution where you can make the most from videos. Upload, manage and stream videos hassle-free within one platform. It consolidates organizational knowledge to speed up work. Institutional knowledge such as training and learning or keeping industrial knowledge and records of employees or use it for social learning, VIDIZMO knowledge base online video library is the one to opt for. It is mobile friendly and has AI-enabled smart search making collaboration smooth. There are more features to it

  • Content management in an online video library
  • Define access to your videos and who gets to see them on a granular level
  • Desktop application for offline viewing
  • Restrict sharing, block downloads, define a limited number of views or availability period. 
  • Embed your videos just by one click embed.
  • Integration with all social platforms.
    We Offer Much More!  Learn About All Features
  • Document 360

document 360 logo


First on our list is Document 360, which is a web-based platform. It enables you to create a self-service knowledge base for customers and internal users. Document 360 comes up with an AI-enabled smart search that instantly gives you the desired information. It contains multiple knowledge bases within itself and has a markdown editor for efficient and structured writing. Moreover, third-party integration is possible. However, the price plan starts at $49, which can be expensive. According to the reviews, it is not economical for smaller businesses.



Next on the list, we have Zoho Desk from Zoho Corporation. This is a context-aware help desk that helps you manage all the customer support activities. Zoho Desk suits for small and mid-size businesses. It has agent, manager and customer-specific features, making them productive, impactful and empowered, respectively. It is a customizable application with a ticketing system. Furthermore, it offers support teams with multiple support channels and task automation to provide quick and responsive support.   



Freshdesk, by its name, is a cloud-based help desk solution and online customer support software that focuses on cross-functional team collaboration. The vendor is Freshworks that delivers exceptional customer support and services. Suitable for small and mid-size businesses, it helps in streamlining data from multiple channels while giving you the option to integrate it into one platform. With overrating of 4.4 on G2, some drawbacks include formatting and not enough fonts with question and ticket response may take ages. 


proprofs logo

The company being the ProProfs itself, have the following features

  • Cataloging/Categorization
  • Collaboration
  • Content Management
  • Decision Tree
  • Discussion Boards
  • Full-Text Search
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Self Service Portal

Apart from that, ProProfs Knowledge Base offers you effective features and networks; it also has some drawbacks. According to the reviews, managing the landing pages and finding their access is difficult while many features are not labeled. Navigating through the workflow is hard, but the overall experience is good.



Choosing the right knowledge management product can be slightly difficult. There are so many things to keep in consideration including your organization's requirements. Why not try VIDIZMO by signing up for our free trial and explore the platform yourself.

Free Trial

Posted by Bareerah Shoukat

Bareerah is a product strategist at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming technologies. She helps businesses create marketing content that connects with their audience.

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