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Multilingual Support with Artificial Intelligence


In this ever-expanding globalized world, corporations are spanning over multiple countries, even continents. With franchises, regional offices, and branches all over the world, one of the significant challenges that arise is the language barrier within the corporations’ employees. How is a common ground established throughout?

While it is evident that hiring translators is neither feasible nor efficient, the only choice that remains is to be able to intelligently translate all the communication and announcements to cater to a global audience, geographically dispersed teams, ethnically diverse user groups, or differently-abled employees and customers. VIDIZMO achieves this through its smart multilingual search powered by the latest in artificial intelligence

Enterprise Video Platform with multilingual features 

An ideal Enterprise Video Platform is one that packs translation capability and the ability to search in a language of choice. Many organizations today are using enterprise video platforms with multilingual support to bridge the gap between the top management and dispersed employees, standardize training, personalize communication and learning efforts across the organization – as well as conserve costs and time.  

Sometimes, even if the audience speaks or understands the dominant language medium, by localizing messages to their liking or preferred language, there is a more significant impact as well as a sense of comfort in the reader. The same applies to customers, other external groups, or business stakeholders.

For most companies, the solution is time-intensive and cost-prohibitive as they rely on manual transcription and close captioning for all their videos or create multiple versions of the same video in different languages, depending on their user requirement. As such manual processes not only require many different resources, time expenditure and high cost but are also impractical as video use grows in the organization. When video consumption reaches unprecedented heights in the enterprise, it may become impossible to accomplish such tasks manually. 

The many benefits of A.I providing multilingual features in an enterprise video platform: 

Following are the key business benefits that can be achieved with an Enterprise Video Platform possessing multilingual video transcription, translation, and search features through artificial intelligence

  • Significantly increase time and cost efficiencies with automatic video transcription and translation, removing the need for manual effort or assigning the translation to third-party service providers – incurring long turnaround times and exorbitant costs. 
  • Reach global employees with videos in their local languages, enabling them to view the videos (subtitles or audio) in their preferred language, helping increase comprehension and understanding of the content. 
  • Empower employees or users to look for videos across the library with a powerful search tool which allows search with spoken words inside a video – all in the language of their choice, consequently increasing search relevancy and reducing search times. 
  • Improve overall video content understanding and accessibility for employees with language barriers and for employees with any hearing, vision, or other physical disabilities for which they require subtitles to access the videos’ information. 
  • Reduce the time it takes to deliver video content to users. With automatic transcription or subtitle translation, content can be available to segments of an employee base without the need to wait for days or even weeks. 
  • Maintain compliance with various industry regulations that require all videos to be supported by transcripts and subtitles to ensure high content accessible throughout the segments of the audience. 
  • One integrated multilingual enterprise video platform for all video storage, capture, transcription, management, translation, and search.

Easing overseas sales 

The stakes are even higher for sales and marketing. If customers cannot be reached with a message that they relate to or even understand, then it is highly unlikely that expansion is those markets is possible. While catering a varying demographics in a growing enterprise is beneficial, it is even more so accessible for users with disabilities or physical impairments that prevent them from making full use of videos unless subtitles or transcribed text files support it. 

When the potential client calls, there is a high chance they would feel most comfortable with conveying their needs in a language native to them and which they can fluently speak. When it comes to satisfaction, offering everything in a customer’s language will lift their mood and give them the ease of communication. Studies and reports show that: 

  • 71.5% of customer service leaders claim that support in a native’s language increases satisfaction. 
  • 74% of customers are more likely to repurchase or use services again when after-sales care is available in their language. 

To achieve this level of convenience, business videos need specific essential capabilities that make them accessible and understandable to all audience, regardless of their socio-cultural backgrounds or any physical limitations. 

Breaking the multilingual barriers with VIDIZMO 

VIDIZMO supports a broad and extensive range of languages for transcription and translation, including but not limited to all forms of English, Spanish, Chinese, as well as French, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and many more. VIDIZMO can automatically transcribe and translate videos to these and more languages. These are some of the multilingual features offered by VIDIZMO to ease an enterprise’s internal and external communication and usage: 

1. Auto-transcribe all videos 

VIDIZMO automatically transcribes any given video and its audio to text with the help of its cutting-edge artificial intelligence to produce a transcript of the entire audio. The video playback can be played directly alongside the transcript. The transcript is also editable for achieving higher accuracy. 

2. Assign subtitles or closed captions to all videos 

Closed captions or subtitles that play on-screen are assigned as all videos are automatically transcribed after upload. Each video is, hence, supported by the text that is displayed of every spoken word across all videos in the library.

3. Provide multilingual video translation for all closed captions 

VIDIZMO, as a multilingual software, automatically translates the transcribed text to different languages using artificial intelligence so the user can view the transcript or the on-screen closed captions in the language of their choice.

4. Translate video speech/audio in various languages 

Along with reading text in other languages, VIDIZMO uses artificial intelligence to translate speech into various languages, so videos recorded in one language will be available with translated audio in other languages. All achieved seamlessly through VIDIZMO's smart A.I. 

5. Enable multilingual search in the user’s preferred language 

VIDIZMO allows searching of videos in the language of choice throughout the platform, i.e., they can search for videos across the library or search for content inside videos in the language of choosing which speeds up the search while also increasing the search relevancy.

Choosing the best enterprise video platform to help achieve goals in a multi-cultured employee base is beneficial to both an enterprise’s efficiency as well as communication. By smartly and effectively using artificial intelligence, VIDIZMO helps bridge the gap when an enterprise is diverse and spans over multiple countries or continents.  

For a detailed exploration of modern-day Enterprise Video Platform also referred to as Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCM), read  A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.

To know how VIDIZMO can address your company’s Enterprise Video Content Management and Platform challenges, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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