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Online training sessions. Live events. Virtual townhalls. There are endless enterprise use cases for live streaming. Live...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars

Hochladen, bearbeiten, teilen und verwalten Sie Ihre Videos | VIDIZMO

( 3 min read )

Tags: EVCM

Body-worn cameras have changed the idea of law implementation, and like video everywhere else, the innovation is changing how...

( 7 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Body-worn camera data, Police data storage, Challenges of data storage

The increase in computers and Internet usage in criminal justice has given rise to digital evidence. An increase in digital...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Law Enforcement Today

Hosting videos in China is one of the rising needs of the time. Chinese video viewers rose from 433 million in 2014 to 927...

( 6 min read )

Tags: EVCM, Video Hosting

Millions of users worldwide use SharePoint to collaborate on different files, and videos are no exception. If you are storing...

( 3 min read )

Tags: SharePoint

In police work, nearly every modern criminal investigation result in the accumulation of a large amount of electronic data....

( 7 min read )

Tags: Law Enforcement Technologies, cloud solutions, cloud adoption

Most enterprises use CCTV footage or video surveillance footage to view live video of the premises or review security...

( 4 min read )

Tags: video surveillance

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not only a well-known cloud-based storage provider but also has a media services platform called...

( 4 min read )

Tags: Amazon Web Service (AWS)

As 47% of Americans prefer Netflix over any other video streaming service, today video streaming is not only restricted to...

( 3 min read )

Tags: video streaming protocols

Wireless gadgets, evidence, along with apps on mobile are accelerating at a rapid pace. Since the advent of the...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Law Enforcement Technologies, Mobile, Administrative Tasks, Field Duty

Do your detectives have to log on to a dozen systems to collect evidence and manually search for connections in cases? Are...

( 9 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Evidence Software for Police, Evidence Management Software

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