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Smart & Efficient Search in Enterprise Video Platforms


Naturally, employees do not have the patience or time to search through resources for the information they need to complete the job in a fast-paced work environment with short task times and multiple deadlines. Ideally, they should not have to spend hours on search within an enterprise library if the organization has an Enterprise Video Platform with advanced search functionality. 

Organizations in this age need an Enterprise Video Platform because it is difficult to manage video content. Video content takes up large amounts of storage capacity and requires compatibility with different players, file formats and browsers to ensure a smooth playback experience while also posing streaming challenges due to bandwidth and network constraints, especially for companies with a large and diverse user base spread across the globe. 

While an enterprise video platform solves the many growing problems that come with the growth and expansion of every organization, it does require an advanced search functionality to ensure ease of access to all the video data in the organization’s library.

Why search is crucial in an Enterprise Video Platform 

Millennials, who are the modern workforce, are a ‘Google generation.’ They are used to finding what they need with a few simple clicks on a search engine. Search is not just limited to phones or computers. Users can search from a variety of devices such as watches, Bluetooth speaker assistants, smart glasses, and even kitchen appliances. 

“The Consumer Journey” 

When a user starts a search, they are starting a journey. The “Consumer Journey,” a marketing reference of a user’s journey from the inception of their task to the completion, begins from the user’s first search – and most of these journeys start with a thought. 

The consumer journey is gradually playing a more significant role in search during the past decade. Originally depicted as a funnel wherein users move from awareness to consideration to purchase, this old consumer journey has become outdated.  

Facing the need to go Digital 

Going Digital with media, mainly videos, available and accessible to employees, is crucial to boosting company efficiency. With business videos, however, assigning the right title and tags to make the video searchable is not enough. Packed with information from various sources and people, new business videos are long, and users mostly do not need them in the entirety of their duration. Employees need to have the ability to search within videos to find specific pointers or sections they need for referencing or learning.  

Additionally, with growing video use, it has become increasingly vital for organizations to adopt advanced artificial intelligence video technologies to utilize video optimally in a time and cost-efficient manner.  

Boosting employee productivity 

By implementing an enterprise video platform solution, organizations can minimize the time and effort that employees have to put in searching for information. Documents and processes are adequately preserved with no fear of losing them over time and ensuring no repetition.  

Enterprise search provides a platform for engagement and collaboration for an organization’s employees and has long-term benefits. The company needs to choose the right enterprise video platform with advanced, up-to-date search functionality after understanding its search needs.  

With the right enterprise video platform, an organization can make enterprise search yield high dividends for the company’s future.

VIDIZMO’s smart and efficient search 

Search is at the front and center of what VIDIZMO does. Now with the expansion of digital media in the enterprise, the time employees spend searching is expected to surge. The extensive use of enterprise video across organizations, therefore, means that an immense amount of business-related information is stored in the form of the video for employees to extract insights and knowledge. 

For a search functionality to provide the most efficient and optimal results, it should have the ability to employ smart search technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), automatic speech recognition (ASR), facial recognition and more, to quickly and easily extract insights from video using artificial intelligence. Using the VIDIZMO’s ability to index stored content’s metadata thoroughly, search works globally across the platform to get all videos across all Portals within an Account or when performing a search within a specific Portal. VIDIZMO search works on all metadata, including titles, tags, description, long description, category, the author as well as any in-video content that is indexed and searchable. 

VIDIZMO’s automatic machine transcription and closed captioning as well as automatic audio and text translation are both examples of such smart technologies that boost video effectiveness for a wide range of user groups. 

More ways to search with VIDIZMO 

Searching for videos by their traditional metadata, such as title, duration, etc. do not give users what they are looking for. The metadata does not always reflect specifics of what the video may contain, and hence if an employee does not find what they are searching for, the employee does not benefit from an existing resource. With many employees going through the same problem, the company eventually is at risk to face considerable losses in its efficiency.

With the right enterprise video platform, employees can search using a variety of metadata extracted from the videos in the company’s library: 


VIDIZMO extracts all metadata from videos uploaded to the portal, such as name, user, tags, length, dimensions, quality, bit-rate, transcripts of conversations and text descriptions of its scenes, location, format and more. By acquiring all the information from videos, VIDIZMO allows the users to search against any specific metadata and achieve the refined search result that was wanted. 

While it can provide the ability to add relevant metadata to videos as they are uploaded automatically, VIDIZMO also supports search within video using closed captioning, metadata, and tags. Search results can even take the user to the spoken word within a video. 

Faceted Search

While general search relies heavily on metadata, faceted search in enterprise video content management uses a wide range of video aspects to better index content. A search function can achieve efficient and optimal results by employing  faceted features such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), optical character recognition (OCR), and facial recognition. Consequently, this results in quick and easy extraction of insights from video using artificial intelligence.   

Multilingual Search

An ideal Enterprise Video Platform is one that packs translation capability and the ability to search in a language of choice. Many organizations today are using enterprise video platforms with multilingual support to bridge the gap between the top management and dispersed employees, personalize communication, and standardize training and learning efforts across the organization – all while conserving costs and time.   

Choosing the best enterprise video platform to help achieve goals in a multi-cultured employee base is beneficial to both an enterprise’s efficiency as well as communication. VIDIZMO helps bridge the gap when an enterprise is diverse and spans over multiple countries or continents. 

Artificial Intelligence

Keeping up with the rapidly advancing technology, VIDIZMO is optimizing search and discovery by indexing all metadata insights captured from audiovisual content. Hence, allowing users to search the required data by faces, speakers, objects, keywords, topics, sentiments, text, and many other insights. Moreover, content accessibility is also increased by auto-transcribing audios and videos and translating their transcripts into multiple languages. 

The many ways VIDIZMO uses A.I to optimize search include Face Detection, Object, Scene and Activity Detection, Celebrity Recognition, Speech-to-text Conversion, Speaker Recognition,Audio Effects, Keyword Extraction, Brand Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Topics Identification, Emotion Detection, Detailed Video Analysis, Visual Text Recognition (OCR),Language Identification, Translation, Noise Reduction. 


 VIDIZMO packs the capability to extract geolocation along with other metadata from videos, making it easy to map videos and to search within the video library for specific locations.  

If the uploaded video is recorded on a camera with GPS, VIDIZMO recognizes the geolocation metadata and gives users the capability to search against it. However, VIDIZMO can determine the location of footage that was not recorded with a GPS-fitted camera by reading any on-screen text in the video where the location is mentioned, using its efficient built-in OCR.  


Since the past decade, more and more aerial footage recorded with drones is uploaded on the internet. While most of these drones come fitted with GPS for navigation, autopilot as well as knowing where the footage is shot, an enterprise video platform must be able to extract the information through the drone’s encoder, which VIDIZMO cruises through with ease.  

Videos shot from drones that have GPS fitted in them contain location metadata that VIDIZMO extracts to provide even more refined search results. Location, coupled with VIDIZMO’s advanced faceted search provides search ability as precise as it can get.  

Object Detection

With VIDIZMO’s search, users can search the library for specific objects, buildings, shapes, signboards, and any known object. Object Detection identifies shape, size, and color, and each of these attributes can be used to search. 

While this helps narrow down the search for a user, VIDIZMO also works smartly to provide the ability to facet the attributes of such objects for ease of later search and use.  All universally recognized objects are detected and made searchable with VIDIZMO. 

The many ways VIDIZMO’s search cures growing enterprise pains 

Enterprise video platform’s advanced search enables access to data quickly. Bulks of data can be efficiently sorted and made search-friendly as sorting paperwork and logs is now becoming obsolete with the unstoppable digital takeover of the world. With the help of VIDIZMO, organizations take quicker decisions and boost efficiency. 

Saving time with Parallel Threads

With scores of customers, many employees spread across the globe and all uploading videos to the portal, there are times when more processing power is needed for VIDIZMO to extract metadata from the encoder. From the upload until processing, VIDIZMO’s parallel threads give control over how many threads can be allotted to each browser.  

Saving time, having more control over processing rates and the time it takes to extract results and metadata much faster is possible with VIDIZMO’s vast capabilities that include parallel threads.   

Better customer service

For external stakeholders such as customers, a search system can serve as an enabler to a better quality of service. When a customer browses a company website for information, it is always a much better option to search through a search system rather than manually look through various online pages. Since they can find information on their own, making the calling process obsolete to contact the company. It reduces the chances of sending emails as well. Thereby it increases customer satisfaction as information is more easily accessible, and it also saves the company’s efforts. 

Improved cost-effectiveness

Although there is a cost associated with the implementation of enterprise search, it does yield benefits in the long run. Once the employees have learned to use it, enterprise search can make up for the expenditure on its costs and training in approximately a year. The timeline can vary according to the system being deployed and the size of the company. When used correctly, this system saves time and effort and increases the productivity of an organization, leading to better financial returns.  

For a detailed exploration of modern-day Enterprise Video Platform also referred to as Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCM), read  A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.

To know how VIDIZMO can address your company’s Enterprise Video Content Management and Platform challenges, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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