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According to Carnegie Endowment it was found that 75 out of 176 countries in the study are actively using AI for video...

( 4 min read )

Tags: artificial intelligence, facial recognition, video surveillance, Video Platform Compliance

These past few decades have seen rapid changes in regulations and technology, leading to banking and financial services moving...

( 6 min read )

Tags: artificial intelligence, Video Marketing

Consumer goods companies are adopting new technology to establish a tighter grip and control on their business. They want to...

( 5 min read )

Tags: EVCM, artificial intelligence, Meeting Recordings, Retail

The insurance industry is being transformed quickly. New practices are reimagining the entire insurance business process....

( 7 min read )

Tags: EVCM, artificial intelligence, Meeting Recordings

Prison and security professionals in correctional facilities cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, monitoring inmates from...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, artificial intelligence, Industry Use Cases

As the volume of video content for businesses grow, the problem of how to find appropriate content within an ever-growing...

( 5 min read )

Tags: search inside videos, artificial intelligence

Enterprises are continuously searching for solutions that allow them to increase their workforce productivity, reduce manual...

( 3 min read )

Tags: EVCM, search inside videos, enterprise video solution, artificial intelligence, speaker recognition,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps organizations deliver greater value from their videos and automates processes, which helps...

( 1 min read )

Tags: EVCM, search inside videos, artificial intelligence, face detection, facial recognition

Automatic transcription is valuable for organizations as it helps increase video accessibility and searchability across all...

( 3 min read )

Tags: EVCM, artificial intelligence, Automatic Transcription

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