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From the Video Streaming Experts to You
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    There are several ways to increase your global audience and reach. Huge giants like Netflix and YouTube use closed captions and...

    ( 3 min read )

    Tags: accessibility, Automatic Transcription, Section 508, multilingual transcription

    Our dedicated law enforcement departments spend a massive amount of time working in emergency response systems, such as by...

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: digital asset management, Automatic Transcription, dems technology, multilingual transcription

    If you stumbled your way on this page, we expect you are an individual holding some knowledge on the topic of transcription. In...

    ( 6 min read )

    Tags: artificial intelligence, Automatic Transcription, multilingual transcription

    Video is a part of our daily life now. Whether you are a millennial, a kid or a baby boomer, chances are you watch videos every...

    ( 5 min read )

    Tags: Automatic Transcription

    Transcribing video and audio evidence into legal transcripts is an essential task in the criminal justice process. From...

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Automatic Transcription, Video Platform Compliance

    Transcription or speech to text, has been around since long before even the word itself came into use. It dates back to 3400 BCE,...

    ( 5 min read )

    Tags: Video use cases, Automatic Transcription, On-premise Video Streaming

    Evidence transcriptions are an essential part of the legal proceedings. From presenting evidence in court to clarifying important...

    ( 3 min read )

    Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Automatic Transcription, Law Enforcement Today

    Training through video lectures is much more different than giving a lecture in-person. How do you know if your learners are...

    ( 2 min read )

    Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars, video training and learning platform, Automatic Transcription

    Need a software that helps you automatically transcribe and translate video transcriptions into multiple languages? Through...

    ( 7 min read )

    Tags: video translation, search inside videos, Automatic Transcription

    Automatic transcription is valuable for organizations as it helps increase video accessibility and searchability across all...

    ( 3 min read )

    Tags: EVCM, artificial intelligence, Automatic Transcription

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