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10 ways to use video for your company's internal communications

Video is a powerful medium for organization-wide communication, training, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Using enterprise video in your corporate communications is a highly personalized way to reach out to your employees, partners, investors, customers, and other stakeholder groups. From CEO announcements to health and safety training to public relations activities, video will reinforce your company’s brand, mission, values, employee bonding, and help build the company’s image and relationship with employees and other stakeholder groups.

6 ways to bolster your company's external communications using video

Technology, new media, and video communications have all changed the face of external communications in the enterprise. With a widening scope for corporate communications, organizations are increasingly adopting new and innovative video technologies to reach out to various stakeholder groups.

Why your organization needs an enterprise video platform for corporate communications

The role of corporate communications has expanded significantly in a radically transforming enterprise digital landscape. The ongoing technological developments have had a profound impact on how organizations communicate and engage with all their stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, investors, media and the public.

How to Avoid a Live Streaming Video Failure

How often have you sat in on a corporate live streaming video or webcast that buffered, froze or worse, didn’t work at all -- leaving hundreds in the audience annoyed with a choppy broadcast, wasted time, and an inability to hear a supposedly important message?

Streaming Video: Bolstering Communication and Marketing within the Enterprise

Many enterprises today struggle to embrace a smooth transition to the digital workplace and evolving business technology; everything from pervasive mobile and streaming video trends to cloud computing and the Internet of Things. According to Gartner, a “digital workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”

How Enterprise Video Platforms Assist Organizations Deliver Better Employee Training

Employee training is a necessity in all organizations. But in others, it’s a major need. While in some industries training is mainly done to help a new employee better understand their role or to sharpen the skills of current employees, in selected industries, training can be the difference between health and illness. It can even be the difference between life and death.

How to Use Video in Product and Service Promotion, Demonstration, Training, Infomercials

There is no doubt about it; video is fast becoming the preferred mode of communication. The old methods of conveying information, educating an audience, and getting your message across are getting supplanted by video.

Video Content Management System: Revolutionizing Employee Onboarding

Most organizations face difficulties in onboarding new employees. Mostly, training is not customized in a manner that can target individual, organizational roles. Moreover, trainers need to be physically present which becomes a barrier when engaging remote workers. This eventually makes employee onboarding process rather expensive and cumbersome.

Here’s How You Can Improve Business Communication Through Videos

Effective business communication is essential for organizations to thrive. Those organizations who adopt good business practices are the ones who escalate to the top. When organizations communicate effectively, all the employees and customers are closely knit to one another which can directly impact sales. According to Warren Buffet, by communicating better, an individual’s value could increase by 50%.


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