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From the Video Streaming Experts to You
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    The West Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides citizens with the powerful right to request information about the...

    ( 6 min read )

    Tags: Redaction, data protection, Regulatory Compliance, FOIA

    The insurance sector handles a significant volume of documents on a daily basis for seamless operations and effective customer...

    ( 8 min read )

    Tags: data privacy, Redaction, Insurance, data protection, Redaction Tool

    Privacy is a fundamental right that applies to all aspects of your life, including your health data. In today's technologically...

    ( 5 min read )

    Tags: Healthcare, data privacy, Redaction, data protection, Redaction Tool

    In today’s digital world, privacy is a major concern. With PII data such as license plate numbers widely available, solutions are...

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: Digital Evidence Management, object detection, data privacy, Law Enforcement, Evidence,

    According to the FBI, 1.31 million violent crimes occurred alone in 2021. So, police officers worldwide are constantly engaged in...

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: data privacy, Redaction, GDPR, data protection

    The modern way of policing includes gathering unlimited data from CCTV cameras, body-worn cameras, dashcams and whatnot!


    ( 3 min read )

    Tags: Digital Evidence Management, cloud based evidence software, data protection

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