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VIDIZMO as a Platform-Based Solution

VIDIZMO is an Enterprise Video Content Management platform that solves various challenges for its users involving hosting, managing, streaming and sharing of video and other media assets. We don't provide a cookie-cutter system to our customers that is same for everyone. Rather, we provide you the flexibility of configuring and customizing VIDIZMO according to your organizational needs, and based on your requirements, you can use VIDIZMO as a platform or a full-fledged product. 

Helping Government Agencies Manage Digital Evidence

Burgeoning surveillance prowess across government institutions has led to a staggering rise of digital evidence gathered by public and private sector entities. Of even more concern for agencies collecting tremendous volumes of surveillance video and other digital evidence is its storage, processing, analysis, and distribution that ultimately enable it to be used as evidentiary data for social, legal, and criminal justice investigations.

Resolving Law Enforcement's Digital Evidence Management Dilemmas

Contemporary law enforcement agencies deal with an increasing number and types of digital evidence, which often comes in the form of video evidence or other digital media captured as part of legal investigations.

Tackling Sheer Abundance of Video File Formats

Present-day digital media and digital evidence comes from a host of sources, all in disparate media and video file formats that can seem difficult to consolidate into a set of standardized formats. 

Policing in the 21st Century: Managing All Things Video

Contemporary digital evidence can be a nuisance to manage if attempted without the right technological tools.  

Why Law Enforcement Agencies Need a Digital Evidence Management Portal

Evidence management is one of law enforcement’s most critical tasks. With a fast-growing mass of digital evidence penetrating the legal space, prosecution and law enforcement agencies now face an ever-increasing challenge to store, manage and analyze an overwhelming amount of digital records.


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