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How Are Enterprise Video Portals Helpful?

Videos have successfully become one of the most popular communication tools in the enterprise sector.  According to Forbes, 59% of the executives are comfortable in watching a video than reading text. With the rampant popularity of videos in enterprises, organizations are looking to invest on a centralized repository in the form of an enterprise video portal to organize, manage, and store video content.

Videos To Reign Over The Internet By 2020; Here’s Why Enterprises Need To Gear Up

According to a recent report on videos by L2, a digital research company, almost 80% of the global Internet traffic will be governed by videos by 2020.

How Can Businesses Use Videos To Assist In Consumer Retention?

Companies can only survive in a highly competitive corporate world by its ability to retain customers. According to research conducted by Gartner Group, if an organization can improve its customer retention rate by 5% then it is speculated that the business profits will increase between 25% to 125% on an average. Thus, it is believed that an existing customer has higher lifetime value for an organization.

Online Videos Driving The Future Of Content Marketing

Online videos have become a need of time where organizations are now scaling their resources to optimize results. According to a study conducted by Marketing Land, videos are the second most used content marketing tactic.

Why all modern-day organizations need digital asset management

A digital asset management (DAM) is a centralized source where organizations can secure, manage,  store, and organize digital assets. In today’s time, enterprises require high-end security and privacy having a digital asset management system can provide a repository that can be assessed by the enterprise employees and customers at their discretion.

A Buyers Guide To Enterprise Video Platforms

Videos are becoming an essential communication medium in our daily lives. According to a study conducted by YouTube, “the number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% y/y since March 2014.” Considering the major growth opportunity in video communication, businesses are now striving hard to understand this technology better.  Moreover, organizations are also spending to capitalize on this technology.

Business and Enterprises have started to incorporate video into their corporate strategy. For instance, IBM makes use of video to conduct annual compliance, new employee onboarding, job specific training, and leadership training to employees across the globe. Big Blue observed a significant change in employee performance after deploying videos since employees learned 5x more material at 1/3 of the cost spent on training earlier.

Enterprise Video Platforms Building A Culture Of Purpose In The Corporate Sector

Employees are the asset for any progressive organization. Organizations are constantly making changes to their structure and deploying new strategies to gain maximum benefit of their human resource. Progressive organizations are constantly investing on the growth of their human resource to increase productivity.

7 Ways Video Platforms Are Becoming A Niche In The Finance Sector

The financial sector has evolved significantly over the past couple of years where automated trading has become the norm of the industry. This has made the finance market fast paced and active round the clock.


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