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Financial crimes are giving banks a run for their money. More security against financial loss means more installments of bank...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Redaction, CCTV Security, Financial Services

When dealing with content containing sensitive information such as digital evidence, privacy is of utmost importance. Whether ...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Video Platform Compliance, Redaction

As the data, whether structured or unstructured keeps mushrooming, the number of cybersecurity attacks by people who realize...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Video Platform Compliance, Redaction

How hard can it be to present video evidence in court? This statement is not referring to the difficulty to play the...

( 3 min read )

Tags: Digital Evidence Management, Automatic Transcription, Redaction, Securely share digital evidence files, Chain of Custody report,

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