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From the Video Streaming Experts to You
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    In today’s world, video plays a vital role across various industries worldwide. For example, in law enforcement, video evidence...

    ( 5 min read )

    Tags: Video Cloud Storage, FOIA, Automatic Redaction, Sensitive Information, PII Redaction,

    TLDR; You can simply upload your videos on Google Drive or OneDrive and share them. But you won't get a YouTube-like playback...

    ( 10 min read )

    Tags: security, Video Cloud Storage, Video sharing

    The police forces of the United States, and the world in general, have improved over the past several years. This is attributed...

    ( 5 min read )

    Tags: artificial intelligence, object detection, Evidence Mapping, defense and intelligence, Video Cloud Storage,

    Videos are rich media assets – it would be a shame for them to be forgotten in storage. Organizations utilizing video be it for...

    ( 2 min read )

    Tags: Video Cloud Storage

    In order to improve efficiency and cost, businesses go under transformation by migrating their existing systems over the cloud....

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: Video Cloud Storage

    As video becomes one of the most preferred method of business communication, the number of videos are also exponentially piling...

    ( 4 min read )

    Tags: enterprise video streaming, Video Cloud Storage, Large video files

    Video data collected from surveillance is exponentially increasing by the day. Although actual numbers are difficult to quantify,...

    ( 7 min read )

    Tags: EVCM, video surveillance, Video Cloud Storage

    Sharing or transferring large video files is not an easy feat to accomplish.

    It is estimated that an hour-long 4K video...

    ( 7 min read )

    Tags: Video Cloud Storage, Video sharing, Large video files

    1 minute of video = 1.8 million words - according to Dr. James McQuivey, VP, Principal Analyst of Forrester Researcher. 


    ( 8 min read )

    Tags: Video Cloud Storage

    Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing, and using it for video data is no exception. According to the Flexera 2021 State of the...

    ( 8 min read )

    Tags: EVCM, Retail, Oil and Gas, Video Cloud Storage, Section 508,

    Looking to set up an on-premise video streaming server? Or are you considering cloud server video hosting for streaming your...

    ( 8 min read )

    Tags: Live Streaming, Webcasting, Webinars, EVCM, Deployment Models, Video Cloud Storage, On-premise Video Streaming

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