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Achieve Robust Security & Compliance with VIDIZMO Audit Log

In a rapidly evolving world, where security and compliance are a primary concern of everyone from the users to the regulatory authorities, it is crucial for organizations to ensure their enterprise video platform is fully protected. This is because the video platform is the hub of all the important content often dealing with sensitive data; if it is lost, misused or not handled efficiently then it can pose a significant threat to the company.  Audit log is the solution that can assist in minimizing the risk of any breaches, but that is not where it all ends. 

Benefits of VIDIZMO Multi-Tenancy Platform: Autonomous Portals with Separate Guidelines and Policies

At first glance, the largest Fortune 500 enterprises in healthcare, financial services, automobile, retail, manufacturing, among others seem to have nothing in common. They operate in disparate industries with distinct business challenges. Yet, structurally, they are very much alike. They all comprise of sizeable multi-unit or multi-divisional departments that make up the enterprise.

These departments -- often defined based on their function, product/ service focus, or location -- operate independently of one another and may even be dispersed across geographical boundaries, especially in the case of large organizations. 


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