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Streaming Video: Bolstering Communication and Marketing within the Enterprise


Many enterprises today struggle to embrace a smooth transition to the digital workplace and evolving business technology; everything from pervasive mobile and streaming video trends to cloud computing and the Internet of Things. According to Gartner, a “digital workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”

Among other things, streaming video has made a bold expansion into the enterprise space, establishing itself as an essential constituent of the digital workplace. The use of streaming video today spans across a diverse range of enterprise use cases, including corporate communication, training, learning, knowledge sharing, sales, marketing, and more. Progressive organizations are quick to adapt and leverage video’s rapidly growing potential as a business tool but many enterprises are still slow to gear up to the video-powered revolution that is underway in the enterprise.

In the enterprise, video has moved past an experimental phase and established itself as an essential tool for increasing productivity, collaboration and business commutation across organizations. Moreover, many marketer now also employ video as integral part of their sales and content marketing strategies.

Enterprises are contributing substantially in terms of streaming video content production. According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, the streaming media services used by enterprises have observed a 250% growth in processed content volumes whereas a 100% growth in active users has been observed in 2014. This clearly indicates that video-driven engagement is not just gaining mass popularity, but enterprises are also adopting streaming video content at a stable pace.

Being an unchartered territory for most organizations, streaming video is perceived with a level of hesitation in terms of its adoption within the enterprise. However, with turnkey enterprise streaming video solutions that provide comprehensive live and on-demand video streaming and digital asset management service in a supremely secure and consolidated streaming video platform adapted to serve users on all devices, locations or bandwidth conditions. Streaming video platforms today provide the highest security, compliance, innovation and interoperability with a company’s existing enterprise applications and IT systems.

streaming video

How streaming videos add value to the enterprise

Enterprises that wish to nurture a video-centric growth strategy need to understand the value streaming videos can add to all aspects of marketing, communication, and learning.

Here is how organizations can utilize streaming video to improve various business functions and scenarios:

  • Personalize communication and boost engagement with employees, partners, customers, investors, and prospects. With heightened engagement levels, video also serves to promote employee motivation, collaboration, productivity, and eventually, business outcomes.
  • Circulate messages, news, and announcements to generate awareness amongst partners, customers and employees in the form of streaming videos to improve content reach and impact.
  • Improve and standardize training and learning workshops among all new hires and existing employees; visual training medium can also increase recall and retention of material covered.
  • Minimizing communication and training expenses by substantially reducing or even eliminating logistical costs associated with coordination of events or travelling expenses.


Streaming videos have evolved as an excellent tool for organizational training and learning needs. Video-based training not only serves to simplify and standardize the on-boarding process for new hires, it also helps companies saves significantly on training costs associated with dependency on human resource, trainer availability, possible travelling expenses as well as operational inefficiencies.

With streaming video training, trainers can be engaged remotely to conduct live training or on-demand training sessions recorded for self-paced viewing by the trainees. In such cases, streaming videos can be of immense benefit as the training material can be accessed from anywhere at any time convenient for the trainee. Moreover, video analytics from both live and on-demand videos can reflect user responsiveness with the content as well as the overall effectiveness of the content in engaging the audience.

Not only this, organization can also disseminate training videos to existing employees to provide them continuous learning or skill development opportunities to keep them apace with ever-evolving technological advancements, for instance.

Moreover, streaming video webcasting within enterprises can aid in all aspects of business workflows such as conducting broadcasts of executives, knowledge sharing, investor relations, internal communication, product demos and launches. Thus, the technology is not just being used during town hall meetings, events, etc., rather they are also becoming essential for departmental communication and collaboration.


Employees, partners, and customers demand an effective and responsive communication path to facilitate and strengthen relationships and compress work cycles. Strong communication within enterprises not only ensures employee and customer satisfaction but also helps in attaining success in the long and short term.

Videos can have a broad range of uses such as to express concepts and ideas, engage audience, endorse products and services, demonstrate processes, educate customers, employees and partners, and eventually aid in sales which is strategic to business processes. Additionally, collaboration enabled by streaming video can be used to complete simple tasks such as sharing of ideas and resources within or across the enterprise, which can eventually have profound results on employee performance and customer relationships.


The corporate world is more receptive and better enabled to embrace newer possibilities following the widespread popularity of modern technology such as mobile devices or wearables as well as growing adoption of cloud across all industry verticals.  Enterprises are now encouraging employees to make use of BYOD (bring you own device) in everyday business practices which further enhances employee productivity and overall connectedness and engagement among the workforce.

Using an enterprise streaming video solution further facilitates the BYOD environment, mobile device use and proliferation in the enterprise as well as cloud adoption – all of which are built in features and benefits offered by a streaming video platform. Such platforms transcode the streaming videos in multiple formats and with the help of adaptive bitrate streaming, the stream can reach an individual, regardless of their location, device or bandwidth conditions. Employees enjoy convenient and continuous access to high-definition live and on-demand streaming video in or outside the company’s firewall well under high security and compliance protocols.

Business leaders can also engage all employees with live streamed video broadcasts to communicate company’s mission, values, or even performance and goals that may be revised overtime. Live streams can also be recorded and made available for on-demand access, accommodating those who miss the live session or operate in a different time zone. Companies, especially large ones, can gain massive economies of scale by conducting such conferences or session for a large audience, all at one time. Moreover, streaming video solutions can offers detailed analytics of all live and on-demand video content to track and gauge the effectiveness and progress of all streaming video content. Thus, businesses can streamline their operations with the help of streaming videos and an enterprise streaming video solution that offers unmatched storage, management, security, analytics, and reporting to the local, remote or disbursed audience.

How streaming videos can add value to your sales and marketing strategies?

Video has drastically transformed conventional marketing. Many organizations have now integrated streaming videos as an essential constituent of their content strategy due to video’s profound impact on audience engagement, recall and decision-making.

Videos are not just being consumed on PCs; rather individuals prefer watching streaming videos on mobile devices, tablets, and even new age wearables. According to recent statistics by various streaming video streaming service providers, there has been a marked increase in consumption of streaming videos that are shorter than 10 minutes Thus, duration plays an important role in terms of outbound streaming videos.

Moreover, social media is readily being used to circulate video-based marketing campaigns. Marketers strive to make their content viral on social media and other online platforms, which encourages them to frequently roll out new, shorter, and more engaging marketing video fit for a digital audience. As a result, enterprises now require integration of social media platforms with an enterprise streaming video solution for analytics, lead capture, measurement, and quick dissemination of marketing streaming video content – all of which allows great lead generation as customers and prospects are more effectively captivated and engaged by streaming video content. Video analytics can help marketers further enhance their sales and marketing strategies depending on audience receptiveness and engagement levels – all of which help with improved audience targeting and sales nurturing.

So How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Digital Assets?

Historically, enterprises considered a streaming video platform to be a complex and rigid hardware installation that required high levels of maintenance and support. However, with increased technology sophistication, modern enterprise streaming video solutions are easy to purchase, install, maintain, and manage. Today, an enterprise streaming video solution requires little to no support and is a one-time investment that results in long-term fruitful results.

With VIDIZMO, powerful yet easy-to-use streaming video solution, your non-tech savvy employees can also upload, organize, and manage streaming video content in a secure environment with ease. VIDIZMO offers a secure and scalable platform that offers enterprises the required storage, bandwidth availability, analytics and measurement to deliver streaming video content within and outside the company’s firewall.

Contact us to know more about VIDIZMO streaming video solution or enterprise video content management system or sign up for our free 30-day trial to explore the platform today.

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