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Why Is It Essential to Restrict Downloads for a Video?

Restricting downloads is critical to support private streaming of confidential content. This blog shares the most reliable way of doing so.
by Javeria Hasan Updated on November 17, 2022

When uploading videos on any platform, security is of the utmost importance to organizations.

Imagine you are an instructor and have moved to online teaching, but your lectures are easily downloaded despite you putting in restrictions, resulting in your knowledge being shared without due reward. Thus, ensuring that these videos are securely shared online is crucial.

However, downloading videos and sharing them by unlawful means is very common nowadays. It violates the owner's rights and damages the credibility of the platform on which the video is published. Disclosure of such critical data can also lead to financial loss.

For instance, disclosure of your corporate training sessions or confidential meetings related to a product launch can risk your new campaigns. It can make your opponent aware of the changes your organization will bring. Also, it can damage the reputation of your organization.

Applicable law for copyright issuesSource: U.S. Copyright Office

Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to choose a private YouTube-like platform that keeps proprietary content secure and free from unauthorized downloads and copyright infringement.

Ways to Restrict Downloads for a Video

Restricting downloads for a video is an essential feature that all enterprise video platforms should provide to prevent data leakage supporting better platform adoption by building user trust through enterprise-grade security capabilities.

Encryption and DRM

To stop downloading, encryption is the primary feature that every platform must facilitate. Enterprise solutions must protect video at every stage, meaning content should be encrypted at rest and in transit, like in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, which is a YouTube-like video platform supporting enterprise video streaming and management use cases while keeping video dates protected at every state with content protected:

  • At Rest with AES-256-bit encryption.

  • In Transit using TLS in transit, with an additional AES-128 bit encryption to render the data unusable if intercepted.

In-Use as content can only be decrypted using the VIDIZMO player, which renders it unusable if accessed otherwise.

Private YouTube-like Enterprise Video Platform Preventing Downloads

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VIDIZMO also provides API authentication and encryption to ensure a secure pathway for the transmission of information between the enterprise solution and existing IT systems. It also helps to block video downloads from the video player as content stored in VIDIZMO can only be deciphered using the VIDIZMO player, which leaves it useless if retrieved in any other way. Read more to understand how encryption works in VIDIZMO.

However, to restrict downloads for a video, you can opt for a more efficient and secure way, that is to implement DRM-protected video streaming through a secure platform like VIDIZMO.

VIDIZMO allows you to specify access policies for a video in the DRM license so that only authorized users can purchase the license and get access to the video. You can choose several industry-standard DRM tools, involving Microsoft’s PlayReady, Google’s Widevine, and Apple’s Fairplay.

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Restrict Sharing and Control

Enterprise solutions should be able to limit user access to content and the actions performed on them using role-based access controls.

Through Role-Based Access Controls, VIDIZMO’s platform allows you to restrict user activities of various logged-in users by allocating them to one of the six pre-defined roles. Hence, certain roles can be restricted from being permitted to download any content asset on the portal. This is separate from the download option being enabled or disabled for a media.

VIDIZMO platform even goes one step ahead by supporting secure limited sharing of content with tokenized URLs to set boundaries like limited viewing and content availability time.


Overall, for private streaming, it is always recommended to use an enterprise solution like VIDIZMO that provides content access management capabilities where you can specify, for every published video on the platform, access permissions.

You can choose to have your media accessible publicly or restricted to logged-in authenticated users. Or have this even more restricted to certain users or groups from defined departments. Plus, you can set expiry time for videos, and limit views which in turn can prevent video downloads.

You can also control access to your portal through the active directory, ensuring that only authenticated users have access to your portal and your uploaded videos.

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Hash Checks and Security Policy

Using hash checks is a great way to restrict downloads for a video as data is confirmed at various points to ensure there is no fabrication of the original content, making it difficult for people to download content.

The video-sharing method in an enterprise solution should be simple and accessible but secure, where you can publish content in bulk and password-protect your media or share them through links or email. In VIDIZMO, you can create different links to share with different people.

Moreover, you can generate tokenized links, allowing you to expire the shared link whenever you want. Furthermore, you can define a specific time period after which logged-in users will be automatically logged out of the platform. Secure sharing and custom login timeout in VIDIZMO decrease the probability of downloads as it increases security.

VIDIZMO lets you decide your cloud provider and data center location, or you can also opt to store videos on-premises. Azure and AWS include robust at-rest data encryption and facilitate compliance and exceptional security that you can use.

Learn More About Security in VIDIZMO

To stop downloading videos, an enterprise video platform should be able to keep a check on its audience and its activities. For example, in VIDIZMO, you can get complete user activity tracking, through the audit log feature, for the entire portal or particular videos and users, with every action recorded, time-stamped, with their user email address and IP address stated.

However, these are not the only features VIDIZMO provides, there are many more.

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Security checks to protect your content



Restricting downloads is extremely important to maintain organizational reputation and employee privacy. Having user trust your video platform is critical to increasing its adoption and effectiveness and prevents compliance and financial loss.

Mentioned above are a few ways to restrict downloads for a video. VIDIZMO, as an enterprise video content management solution, is the perfect choice for a reliable platform to upload confidential videos as it fulfills the required security standards, helping you meet critical compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, CJIS, and many more.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure enterprise solution to share your content with authenticated users and avoid violating privacy compliances, then contact the VIDIZMO team to get a free product demo.

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Posted by Javeria Hasan

Javeria is a Product Marketing Analyst at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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