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Why YouTube Is Not Enough For Your Enterprise


YouTube is known as the uncrowned king of the video sharing fraternity. The platform has maintained its dominance for many years on the Internet. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that the platform has completely revolutionized the way Internet users search and communicate information with one another. Millennials are now an important part of the workforce who are also known as the “YouTube Generation”. To facilitate and encourage knowledge sharing amongst millennials, many enterprises are striving hard to offer a YouTube-like experience to their employees.

Enterprises are gradually developing an interest in video as a medium for collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication. However, enterprises are well aware that the YouTube level functionalities are not enough for enterprises to ensure a swift work mechanism. Organizations now require an enterprise video solution that boasts of high-end video tools that are far beyond the offerings made by publicly accessible video platform such as YouTube.

An enterprise video solution is the right choice for video sharing since it aids in all aspects of organizational learning and collaboration in a highly secure environment. Such platforms have a strong impact, are an effective communication tool, offer better search engine optimization, aids in lead generation, and eventually results in greater conversion. 

Here are a few reasons why YouTube is not the right choice for your enterprise:


A major barrier related to video consumption amongst enterprises is network congestion and bandwidth. Even the largest enterprises at times do not have enough network capacity for smooth video playback. Many times, organizations require their employees to watch a stream of video at the same time. In such scenarios, YouTube fails since it cannot optimize the network infrastructure intelligently.

On the other hand, an enterprise video solution can perform the network optimization task with ease through smart content routing, adaptive bitrate streaming and enterprise content delivery networks (eCDN). Thus, the bandwidth consumption gets reduced substantially, and the video can be streamed on a variety of devices simultaneously.


Sharing video content on YouTube is extremely simple. However, the primary issue with a publicly accessible video platform is that enterprises cannot control who can view the content. This can leave the enterprise in a vulnerable position for their sensitive video content. Many times, enterprises need to communicate sensitive information to a restricted audience, without putting the security of the content in jeopardy. Moreover, enterprises also desire to administer who can access and download the video content.

With an enterprise video solution, enterprises get immense control over video accessibility via user access rights, login security methods such as Single Sign On (SSO), Active Directory, etc., encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

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Enterprises are struggling to offer a sense of community with a publicly accessible video platform. Consumers need to be constantly reinforced about the enterprise, product or service to increase engagement and retention. YouTube does not offer a tailor made experience and offers other distractions in the form of recommendations and advertisements that can confuse your customer. However, an enterprise video solution such as a custom made templates, logos, call-to-actions, social media sharing, interactive feeds etc. will not only help your company to intrigue prospects but retain them in the long run.

Moreover, an enterprise video solution offers high-end video tools for managing and organizing content such as video channels that enable you to control the way information is presented to your workforce. High impact videos such as motivational training or CEO webcasts need to organized sophisticatedly which YouTube does not offer. But with an enterprise video solution, enterprises can also brand and manage every channel independently for each department or product giving managers ability to segregate content.


Enterprises are gradually integrating their video content silos in a centralized repository to make knowledge sharing simpler. To make this possible, an enterprise video solution can integrate with your company’s business portal so that the video viewing experience is seamless for the customer and employee. However, enterprises who are using YouTube for video sharing have to copy and paste video links with no integration with the business mechanism whatsoever.


Since YouTube has a plethora of video content, it becomes difficult to find the right video. The search algorithm and metadata of YouTube videos is inconsistent which makes searching of videos frustrating. On the contrary an enterprise video solution has a sophisticated search algorithm with the ability to speech search allowing users to search via the audio of each video minimizing the metadata inconsistency. Moreover, by using the right keyword, viewers can reach the particular section of the video they needed.

Hence in a nutshell, YouTube is a great tool for video sharing but enterprises need a lot more than just a platform. The high-end functionalities along with a holistic, video experience to employees and customers can take your business a long way. By investing in the right technology, your ROI can increase substantially.

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