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10 Ways a CCTV Can Enhance Public & Commercial Security

CCTV Security and data storage are essential for commercial security and to enhance its public safety features. CCTV keeps community secure at its best.

Whenever we think of the security of our house, we think of the watchman(men) standing guard at the entrance to the housing society in which we live. Immediately after that is the vision of the watchman dozing off or leaving their post to run an errand for some elderly woman in the building. This scenario doesn’t paint a picture of reassurance. Even though we have faith in the human element regarding our security, being solely dependent on it can be unwise. Hence, investing in a CCTV system for the housing society is a good idea.

Installing a modern surveillance system is crucial now more than ever, with crime increasing and burglaries happening as a common occurrence. Beyond breaking-and-entering, some customers can even resort to theft or mask themselves as gangs of thieves that can cause costly problems for your business. All the evidence and data related to crimes is crucial for law enforcement agencies. Their storage ways, formats, and software to make data storage reliable and easy is something to ponder.


The 10 Ways You Can Ensure Your Safety

10 ways to ensure safety

A CCTV camera is a fundamental tool that keeps your property secure, along with maintaining the well-fare of your community. It promotes the safety of the space, reduces crime rates, and deters potential smash-and-grabbers from damaging society.

Let us look at the ways: why CCTV is important for the safety of our society.

1. Identifies Potential Hazards:

potentiol hazards

A video surveillance system can help monitor the surroundings and society. You can detect changes in conditions and get alerts for potential problems.

It could help in accidental issues, traffic problems, burglary, or any other sort of mishap that has taken place amongst a group of people in which identifying the culprit or the course of actions from the start is difficult manually. Still, a CCTV can help create ease in that. Also, for the workplace, for example, in areas where multiple personnel works, each may execute the same task differently. In this case, they can expose themselves to a unique set of risks. Reviewing CCTV footage can help you identify these hazards. Then, you can put systems in place to manage and strengthen workplace safety. Acts as a deterrent, the moment a troublemaker- someone as harmless as a vandal looking to spray graffiti on the society compound wall to someone as malicious as a robber- sees that the society uses CCTV cameras, they are deterred from creating a nuisance for fear of being caught.

2. Protects Residents and the Neighborhood:


CCTV cameras can record instances of abuse or harassment. It can also monitor visitors who come into the building and the neighborhood, helping keep track of any suspicious activity. Additionally, cameras installed within the perimeter can document trespassers who enter to vandalize or steal any valuables. Once a visitor enters the building, the watchman can keep an eye on the movements of the visitor till they reach the apartment. This ensures that the visitor doesn’t lie and deceive the watchman of their intentions.

Ultimately, the cameras can act as a deterrent against crime. When criminals see a CCTV system or workplaces, employees know cameras are in place. They would think twice before carrying out any illegal activity. This helps protect the community from possible criminal activities or offenses that compromise residents’ safety and security.

3. Ensures Compliance:


When we talk about a society that includes our industrial sector, video surveillance provides a way to ensure your employees follow procedures and adhere to company policies. This enables you to better control workplace safety by acting on critical situations, whether a change in the processes or equipment replacement.

For instance, if your business handles hazardous machinery, installing an integrated CCTV system with access control technology can help verify that the equipment is only being operated by authorized staff. This enhances employee compliance, which contributes to workplace safety. This could also imply to law enforcement and other criminal justice departments.

4. Aids in Investigation:


The use of video surveillance cameras can provide vital information for accident investigations. If an incident occurs, the footage can be reviewed to provide insight into what transpired during the event. The recorded images and videos can then help you determine what can be changed to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Advanced network cameras with video analytics can analyze video feeds to a degree impossible for human eyes to process. The software is programmed to look at an entire image and break it down into sections pixel by pixel, allowing for even the slightest changes in the footage to be picked up and analyzed.

Since the CCTV cameras are linked to a limited number of output devices such as the residents’ mobile phones, there is a slight chance of it being hacked and programmed to stop functioning. This means that you can rely on the footage of the CCTV cameras in case anything goes wrong.

This camera technology makes it possible to develop accurate alternatives to existing processes to boost productivity and ensure commercial safety.

5. Helps Prevents Accidents:



Strategically placed cameras are also useful in the prevention and investigation of any fatal injuries. For instance, if a burglar shoots someone or some guy is trying to steal a car from the neighborhood or causes any damage to a person or property or at a workplace if a particular piece of equipment has the potential to cause an accident, a CCTV system can help determine if there is a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed, or there should be safety measures taken to secure the neighborhood further.

With crimes against children on an unfortunate rise, it is paramount that we ensure their safety. When children play in the society compound or even wait for their school bus to pick them up from the society gate, there is a chance of a potential antisocial element harming the child. When you have a CCTV camera for society, you can check on the children and alert the authorities or act yourself when there is any suspicious activity like a stranger lurking around the society.

The footage can also aid in evaluating if an incident has something to do with operator/management error. If such is the case, the video will serve as a confirmation that safety training is necessary. Essentially, this will help reduce the risks of occupational hazards.

6. Provides Insight on Safety Training:

Safety Training


Seeing an actual video of an event gone wrong can be more effective than reading a manual on community safety. For example, if an accident happened, the footage could help pinpoint its cause. It can serve as a reference when developing interventions to ensure the same incident won’t happen again.

The video can also help provide insights on how to train management/security guards/ the police or law enforcement to ensure safety. Accidents could happen due to security guards, the management or the police not following procedures or being adequately trained. This information can help you in coming up with a well-designed training program to keep society secure.

7. Promotes Positive Society Behavior:

positive behavior


When residents/people see that there are cameras on the premises, they tend to behave appropriately. In this sense, CCTV cameras provide the proper nudge that prompts positive community behavior. The people will become aware that if they engage in illicit activities, they cannot talk their way out of video evidence proving such acts. For the elderly living alone, the CCTV camera system acts to ensure that they are safe. Family of the elderly can check the live feed on their phone to know if their elderly relative has reached home safe or not, or has left from home safe or not, taking care of your beloved in this manner.

Society is the lifeblood of any city, and adverse behavior of individuals can be detrimental to community safety and the country’s long-term stability and safety. Strategically installed CCTV cameras help protect such a culture by ensuring individuals exhibit appropriate conduct.

8. Reduce Insurance Costs Help Reinforce Safety and Security:

insurance costs

Although the regulations vary by provider, many insurance companies offer reduced premiums to businesses/Societies/ Retail Stores/ Apartments etc., that have an effective burglar alarm in place, with discounts usually running between 5% to 20%. If your property is equipped with a CCTV system, you’ll be able to file fewer claims, which could mean lower insurance costs for you.

Reduced premiums encourage businesses/Societies/ Retail Stores/ Apartments to install an alarm system on site. But apart from insurance cost savings, CCTV plays a more crucial role by upholding safety and security within your perimeters.

9. Allows You to Keep Up with Standard Safety Protocols:

safety protocol

When it comes to liability claims, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by addressing disputes with residents or individuals using video footage. If someone fakes an accident or reports a harassment incident, you can use video footage to counter their allegation. This provides an opportunity for you to make sure your processes promote community safety by ensuring they keep up with society's standard protocols.

10. Prevent Nighttime Break-Ins | Know Who’s at the Door

night time breakins

The CCTV camera for housing society should be installed at strategic locations such as the entrances, exits, lobby, secluded compound zone. The line crossing detection or intrusion detection mechanism of the CCTV cameras will alert the authorities and you if anyone is trying to cross the compound wall or enter the building after a certain time.

The CCTV camera for housing society price is not as high as believed. The advantage of the relatively low cost of, let’s say, certain products is that the housing society can afford to install as many as required. If there is one installed at the entrance to every flat or covering the length of the whole floor, the resident can remotely check the live feed from the CCTV camera of their floor to know who is at the door before opening it. This will ensure that nobody asks for the door to be opened under pretenses.

Thinking About Data Storage? VIDIZMO is Here!

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Learn more about the cloud.

The Way Forward:

Technological advances will continue to enhance our ability to monitor public spaces. By extension, technology will continue to aid efforts to prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

CCTV in public safety currently presents a huge but largely untapped opportunity for public safety agencies—not only to detect crime but to drive the advance towards a more preventative role in protecting the public. It’s time to realize its potential. The ten ways above can help them do it. And make the society safe for the people to live.

Having a CCTV network of cameras installed in and around your community premises reinforces security within the perimeters. Likewise, it protects the safety of your residents, keeping them protected from potential accidents and threats.

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