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10 Ways to Harness Video Steaming in Healthcare

The healthcare industry stands to benefit momentously from the digital connectedness and innovation offered by contemporary technologies such as enterprise video. As an industry that has undergone numerous technological advancements in recent years, video streaming in healthcare is brimming with possibilities to transform the channels and effectiveness of communication between caregivers and patients, while also modernizing internal training activities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among care teams.

Why Present-Day Care Teams Need a Healthcare Video Platform

From the pervading use of digital devices to an accelerated move to cloud computing, the proliferation of new technology in healthcare is exploding.

Cloud Video Strategy: Is the Future Hybrid?

Some companies tend to think of hybrid cloud as a transitionary state. However, with hybrid technologies offering consistent end user, IT management & security, and application development and hosting experience across public and private cloud as well as on-premises infrastructure, this cannot be further from the truth.

According to Gartner Inc., a massive shift to hybrid architecture is underway as they predict 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management by 2020.

Why some Companies need an On-Premises Video Portal

Organizations around the world are adopting cloud to harness its potential for scalability, agility, cost savings, and innovation. Cloud computing offers new ways to implement ready-made IT infrastructure and services flexibly availed on an on-demand basis -- saving businesses time and money spent to build costly datacenters and hiring IT teams to manage it. In addition, cloud offers scalable data storage capacities, global accessibility, reliability of backup and disaster recovery, specialized media services and business intelligence solutions as well as highly sophisticated security and compliance standards.

How VIDIZMO Optimizes Video Delivery in the Cloud

The increasing reliance on live and on-demand video streaming for enterprise communication and learning has become a key driver in making video one of the fastest-growing data in the cloud.   

Helping Government Agencies Manage Mounting Surveillance Video Evidence

With burgeoning surveillance prowess across government institutions, there is a staggering rise of video footage gathered by public and private sector entities that carry out surveillance activities on a regular basis. Of even more concern for agencies collecting tremendous volumes of surveillance data are its storage, processing, analysis, and distribution that ultimately enable it to be used as evidentiary data for social, legal, and criminal justice investigations.

Is Video Straining Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure?

As video continues to increase in prominence across the enterprise, business and IT leaders feel the soaring burden of video straining IT systems like never before.

Cloud vs. On-Premises: The Tangible and Intangible Costs of Enterprise Video Streaming

Businesses are increasingly relocating their critical operations, workflows, and applications to the cloud. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to double from almost $70 billion in 2015 to over $141 billion in 2019, according to research firm IDC. The shift is driven by a range of factors stemming from rising demands for storage, scalability, security, mobility, innovation, and more.

Why Your Enterprise Needs a Video Content Management System

Video is difficult to manage for a variety of reasons. Its sheer size takes up substantial space on storage servers and puts unprecedented strains on capacity planning ; on-demand streaming uses up too much bandwidth and live streaming is riddled with latency pains; video files come in one too many formats and encoding can be painfully slow; video sharing and distribution has its unique challenges, and top it all off, video now needs to be optimized for playback on a range of digital devices to reach users in varying locations and bandwidth conditions.  

Uncover Revolutionary Video Possibilities in the Cloud

A video revolution awaits us. The current enterprise use cases for video as a communication and marketing tool are only a forerunner to an impending video wave that is still waiting to be realized. Businesses adopting video not only reap its benefits of improved communication and learning across organizations, but are also setting themselves up for success in the long run.

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