Video Streaming for Business Use

Cloud vs. On-Premises: The Tangible and Intangible Costs

Businesses are increasingly relocating their critical operations, workflows, and applications to the cloud. Worldwide spending on public cloud...

April 7, 2017   
Why Your Enterprise Needs a Video Content Management System

Video is difficult to manage for a variety of reasons. Its sheer size takes up substantial space on storage servers and puts unprecedented strains on...

April 4, 2017   
Uncover Revolutionary Video Possibilities in the Cloud

A video revolution awaits us. The current enterprise use cases for video as a communication and marketing tool are only a forerunner to an impending...

March 31, 2017   
Resolving Law Enforcement's Video Processing Dilemmas

Law enforcement agencies today are faced with increasing digital evidence which often comes in the form of video captured as evidence for legal...

March 29, 2017   
Tackling Sheer Abundance of Digital File Formats

Present-day digital evidence comes from a host of sources, all in disparate formats that can seem difficult to consolidate into a set of...

March 17, 2017   
Turn Videos Into Text: Let’s Talk Transcription!

With the burgeoning popularity of video in all enterprise domains, organizations are looking to increase video accessibility and searchability...

March 10, 2017   
Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Webcast

Enterprises are gradually realizing the power of webcasts as core elements for communication, marketing, strategic planning, training, etc. Webcasts...

March 8, 2017   
Policing in the 21st Century: Managing all Things Video

Contemporary digital evidence can be a nuisance to manage if attempted without the right technological tools.  

February 28, 2017   
Why Law Enforcement Agencies Need a Digital Evidence...

Evidence management is one of law enforcement’s most critical tasks. With a fast-growing mass of digital evidence penetrating the legal space,...

February 6, 2017   
How to Avoid a Live Streaming Video Failure

How often have you sat in on a corporate live webcast that buffered, froze or worse, didn’t work at all -- leaving hundreds in the audience annoyed...

February 2, 2017   
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