FOIA Redaction Software for Handling FOIA Exemptions

A lack of understanding FOIA exemptions has grave consequences. Redaction software helps you tackle increasing FOIA requests with exempted information.

Understanding FOIA exemptions is essential for ensuring effective FOIA compliance. Federal departments and agencies receive numerous FOIA requests each year. These requests are thoroughly scrutinized to assess whether the information should be released or not. Determining what information cannot be released to the public is made possible through FOIA exemptions. 

In this blog, we will explore what FOIA is, 9 FOIA exemptions and their importance, and how effective automated redaction software can aid agencies in ensuring a healthy FOIA program. 

FOIA Overview 

What is FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) enables US citizens to get access to almost any information available to federal agencies. Since its enactment in 1966, FOIA has served as a bridge between the government and the public. As a torchbearer of ensuring information transparency and public accountability, FOIA continues to play a critical role. 

Why is FOIA Important

We live in a low-trust world. As far as the trust between the public and the government is concerned, it is abysmally low. FOIA can help the government regain the lost confidence citizens once had in the government. By providing information, FOIA empowers the public to hold the government accountable for its actions. 

Importance of Understanding FOIA Exemptions 

Of all FOIA requests received in 2022, a significant chunk was partially denied due to FOIA  exemptions. The following graph shows the number of FOIA requests partially denied by each federal department in FY22: 

FOIA requests partially denied due to 9 FOIA exemptions in 2022

FOIA Exemptions as a Balancing Tool

Decisions regarding what requests to grant or deny highly depend on FOIA exemptions. The 9 FOIA exemptions strike a balance of recognizing the public's right to know information while gatekeeping certain sensitive and critical information.  

FOIA exemptions help ensure that this balance is maintained. A poor understanding of FOIA exemptions can have the opposite effect. Not fully understanding them can cause severe damage, including penalties, imprisonment, and reputational damage.  

Exploring the 9 FOIA Exemptions 

9 FOIA Exemptions

Knowing what information is exempted from public disclosure under FOIA is a prerequisite to understanding FOIA exemptions. The 9 FOIA exemptions are as follows: 

Exemption 1: The first exemption applies to classified information that, if disclosed, could threaten and compromise national security. 

Exemption 2: The second exemption is all about information regarding internal personnel rules and the agency's practices in carrying out its activities. 

Exemption 3: If another law prohibits disclosing information of a specific nature, the third exemption must comply with the law. 

Exemption 4: The fourth exemption deals with trade secrets and other commercial or financial information obtained from a person that is privileged or confidential. 

Exemption 5: The fifth exemption includes privileged communications within or between agencies, including those protected by deliberative process privilege, attorney-work product privilege, and attorney-client privilege. 

Exemption 6: The sixth exemption encompasses all information that can cause an invasion of another individual's privacy upon disclosure. 

Exemption 7: The seventh exemption covers any information compiled for law enforcement purposes.  

Exemption 8: The eighth exemption prohibits information disclosure regarding some reports available within an agency responsible for regulating or supervising financial institutions. 

Exemption 9: The ninth exemption constitutes geological and geophysical information and data (including maps) of wells. 

How Federal Agencies Can Ensure a Healthy FOIA Program 

The Need for Advanced Redaction Software

It must be evident now that deciphering FOIA exemptions is integral to ensuring a healthy FOIA program. But the question is HOW? It is tedious to redact specific information manually in the face of increasing FOIA requests and massive amounts of data. However, advanced automated redaction software can significantly help agency personnel process FOIA requests. 

Workflow Automation

Automating the workflow can reduce your workload and relieve you from the stress of finding each piece of information that must be exempted from public disclosure. Automated redaction software comes with the capability of redacting personally identifiable information (PII).  

VIDIZMO Redactor for Healthy FOIA Program

Federal agencies can ensure a healthy FOIA program with VIDIZMO Redactor. VIDIZMO Redactor offers the following capabilities to help elevate the effectiveness of FOIA programs:

  • AI-powered redaction of videos, audio recordings, images, and documents
  • Pattern-based redaction for redacting PII, including social security numbers (SSNs), zip codes, phone numbers, etc.
  • Automated retention schedules for automatic deletion of records after a certain period
  • Audit logs for recording every single activity performed with the redacted file
  • Separate redaction copy to ensure that the original file remains preserved.

To learn more about VIDIZMO Redactor, click here

Bottom Line 

Ignoring FOIA exemptions is not an option. Getting familiar with FOIA exemptions is immensely important since the stakes are high. After all, whether unintentional or intentional, disclosing such information can harm an individual and even an entire nation. Agency personnel paying little to no heed to FOIA exemptions can land in hot waters. 

VIDIZMO can help your agency navigate increasing FOIA requests with VIDIZMO Redactor. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of VIDIZMO Redactor (no credit card required) or connect with us today to learn more about how VIDIZMO can help you manage FOIA requests effectively and boost the health bar of your FOIA management program. 

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