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User Perspective on Enterprise Video Content Management

Explore enterprise video content management features and how they help support the growing video and digital media needs of enterprises.

In any organizational environment today, employees use a broad range of rich media assets, including videos, audios, graphics, presentation slides, and of course textual documents. However, managing your company’s growing digital media collateral is more challenging than ever.

The use of rich media has skyrocketed and the most popular among all – video – poses the greatest of concerns. Not only does video need massive storage space but it also requires specialized technology to capture, stream (live or on-demand), search, manage, and share to a scalable audience in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner.

To resolve these challenges, modern-day organizations need enterprise video content management to support their video and digital media use for CEO town halls, on-demand training videos, user-generated content, live events coverage, organizational collaboration, and much more.

Centralized and consolidated media management

VIDIZMO provides centralized media management capabilities with end-to-end functionalities for media capture, upload, processing (e.g., transcoding, transcription), streaming (live and on-demand), playback, storage, organization, management, search, sharing, and archival. Within this process, we offer:

  1. Support for all media assets: including videos, audios, images, graphics, SCORM, slides, spreadsheets, documents in all file formats. Videos from all file formats are encoded into multiple renditions to allow playback on all devices, browsers, and players.
  2. Ability to upload and process videos and digital assets: as single or bulk files along with the ability to define metadata and other publishing details/ policies for single or multiple videos at the same time. 
  3. Ability to define media publishing policies: by simply enabling/ disabling various video publishing and sharing options such as social sharing, embedding, downloading, comments, comment moderation, video completion criteria, publishing media to library or keeping media hidden (only allow URL sharing/ embedding), publishing media to featured media on homepage, setting media availability/ expiration time, etc.  
  4. Ability to define media access rights and permission: (in a single click) to enable/ disable viewing for all viewers, portal viewers, specific groups, anonymous access, etc. with the option to set password-protection for each video for added security. A video uploader or portal admin can also share media with users individually or collectively to groups, with the option to add time restricted sharing.  
  5. A centralized media repository: with all digital media content available for viewing, depending on media access right assigned to users.
  6. Ability to organize, bundle, and manage: media into playlists (of multiple videos and/ or audios) or collections (of different digital assets). Detailed metadata, custom attributes, and tags are used to organize media by topics or categories.
  7. User-level organization of media: in a ‘My Media’ folder with all favorited or bookmarked content along with any media shared or assigned to you for viewing.

Content search and discovery

VIDIZMO offers the most competitive content search and discovery tools of all video platforms in the EVCM market. To make any video content accessible to you within seconds, we have incorporated:

  1. Metadata (keyword) search: uses a broad range of metadata categories to locate content relevant to your searched keywords quickly. Users can also assign custom attributes to a media to further expand the search criteria using custom fields.
  2. Tags: organize media under similar or related topics, which simplifies search through a set of easily navigable and searchable tags in a tag cloud on VIDIZMO homepage.
  3. Faceted search: provides Amazon-like search filters to narrow down the search to the most accurate and relevant results using multiple metadata filters and categories.
  4. Smart in-video search: involves searching through automatically generated video transcripts and closed captions to locate all timestamped parts where the searched keywords were spoken in a video. Other artificial intelligence-based search features include object search, facial search, voice search as well as searching for characters that appear in a video (OCR).
  5. Multilingual search: allows the user to search for media in their preferred language as all media content is indexed in the translated language while increases search relevancy and productivity.
  6. Related videos: help users quickly navigate to recommended media based on their past search activity, viewing history, content engagement, etc.
  7. Thumbnail preview: helps users hover across a video timeline to see a preview of the points or segments of a video, based on their searched keywords.
  8. Timestamped video comments: help the user quickly navigate and play a video from the timestamped moment.

Video playback, interactivity, and sharing

To deliver high quality, engaging video experience to a large audience, VIDIZMO offers a variety of features for live and on-demand video.

On-demand playback

VIDIZMO on-demand video playback is characterized by a simple, YouTube-like interface with the option to:

 Like/ dislike videos, or favorite/ bookmark them to add to your ‘My Media’ page.

 Comment on videos, tag people in comments or timestamp comments to certain parts of video – all of which can be moderated before becoming viewable.

 Add interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys to videos or incorporate SCORM content.

 Share media to social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., or share via email or link sharing.

 Embed videos and digital media to external web pages or other business applications using a simple embed code integration. For private content, VIDIZMO enables secure embedding with single sign-on authentication to control who can see your embedded media.

 Enable auto-generated (but editable) machine transcripts and closed captions for improved content accessibility. A user can also upload existing transcripts and captions files in multiple languages.

 Allow users to download videos, report media to moderators, view stats for total video views, navigate to related videos on the right, speed up/down video playback, resume playback from the last-watched portion, preview thumbnails across video timeline and much more.

Live video playback

For live videos, you can:

 Make live video interactive by adding live polls and surveys, live chat (discussion), live Q&A (moderated), FAQs, chat archiving, live session recording, comments (moderated or unmoderated)

 Share live videos to social channels or share via email or link

 Integrate live Twitter or Yammer feed with the live playback

 Smoothly play live videos from any device, browser, or player in variable bandwidth or network conditions.

 Schedule a live session to a future date/ time and distribute the link to viewers in advance, who can add the event to their calendar and view a countdown timer in a virtual waiting room until the session begins.

 Track user engagement and video performance stats in real time with live analytics

 Provide live video access to internal viewers and external viewers with anonymous access

 Automatically publish live stream recording right after the live session


To explore enterprise video content management in detail, read our whitepaper A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.

To know more about VIDIZMO, contact us today or visit our website for details.


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