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Enterprise CDN in Enterprise Video Content Management System

Enterprise video content delivery enables organisations to use videos without straining their local network bandwidth.

Technology enhancements are invading the corporate sector at a rampant pace where enterprises are forced to upgrade their networks for the adoption of video and cloud technology successfully. However, they consider it a tedious and expensive task to upgrade its legacy network to an entirely new infrastructure which in most cases is not even necessary or may not have significant cost implication.

It is becoming important for enterprises to use their corporate networks wisely to ensure greater productivity. Videos make it difficult for enterprises to use their network effectively since it taxes the network bandwidth.  However, through an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), companies can optimize and accelerate the delivery of video content. Such systems ensure the secure, high-end on-demand and live streaming delivery across various devices.

An enterprise content delivery network or ECDN can assist in alleviating some of the issues faced by networks on a daily basis. Companies can now invest in an ECDN which will require the same budget friendly network maintenance offering various benefits which the contemporary infrastructure failed to provide.

What will the future of the corporate sector be like?

In the coming decade, technology will completely transform how enterprises communicate with one another. This will create the need for a strong connection between office space. The concept of in-person meetings for internal communication is likely to become obsolete, and employees will be expected to learn on the go.

It is believed that videos will become an essential part of the technology overhaul for transmitting information. Instead of asking employees to disrupt their work regimes and gather for meetings, training, events, or news announcements, they will rather look for a video to learn.

However, one issue with videos is that it puts a strain on networks. So if your employees are facing a tough time with network accessibility, then the video revolution might just add to your misery. In case it does not, then the individual receiving the video at the other end might experience long buffering times which will consequently hamper the impact of the video.

It is a common observation that when companies decide to implement new technology to ensure connectivity, they embrace more difficulties. Thus, it is not advisable to spend a fortune on a completely new infrastructure rather they can implement an enterprise video delivery network (ECDN) that will enable the delivery of video content smoothly. Moreover, it will leave the valuable bandwidth for the consumption of applications.

Why is there a need for Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN)?

ECDN are said to have numerous horizontal benefits where using it can have positive effects on your business operations. The key features of an ECDN are that it reroutes video data so that the bandwidth can be used for other routine regimes instead of being consumed for just streaming.VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management


Network congestion is a primary concern for enterprises who wish to incorporate videos for learning, marketing, communication-related activities. An enterprise video delivery network overcomes the issue at hand since a single stream downloaded can be sufficiently surfaced to all employees within the premise. Thus, the bandwidth for daily operations does not get affected.

Enterprises wait until the last minute to invest in upgrading their infrastructure. By opting for this upgrade, the burden is not that massive and the innate purpose to safely reroute video content is achieved. Hence, if you wish to ensure network reliability and ensure that whatever business trends the company adopts next will be supported then an ECDN is a right choice for you

So what can an Enterprise Video Delivery Network (ECDN) offer?

Smooth Network Traffic

Through an ECDN, a network gets enhanced and the dynamic streaming cache ability that assists in optimizing your corporate network. Thus, video content is delivered smoothly without hampering the network bandwidth.


An ECDN can determine a cache hit, so in case a data does not match with what is already secured on the origin server (for instance, upgraded video content) then the user has directed again to the server to pull the new content. Moreover, the cache is updated on timely basis where new content is pulled from the server.

Delivery of Live and on-demand videos

An ECDN works with the on-premise and cloud offerings of an enterprise video solution. The content is thus delivered in varying bandwidths through adaptive bitrate technology and multiple video formats on various devices to the workforce.

Saving Costs and Minimizing Load

An ECDN pre-positions the video stream by maintaining a single stream on Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) for live streaming and webcasts. This not only saves costs in terms of network consumption but reduces the load on the network.



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