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Solving Enterprise Video Challenges with Video CMS

A brief overview of some of the challenges you need to consider when choosing an enterprise video solution for your organization

 Enterprise video is a reality that most Corporate environments have begun to move towards en masse since the beginning of this decade as higher bandwidth & media consumption requirements as well as the need to have a specific solution to cater to an organization’s often varied requirements. A well-positioned solution is key to reap maximum benefits from advancements in technology while limiting any backlash front adopting solutions that may not be suited to a company’s use. It is, therefore crucial that one makes an informed decision when choosing an Enterprise Video Solution. The need for an informed decision is expected to be increasingly relevant to in-house solutions developed by enterprises as well as corporate-tier solutions for broadcasting.

The Need for Video Streaming Solutions:VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

According to Cisco, more than 55% of total mobile traffic alone was driven by video. This further underscores the fact that more than two-thirds of the mobile traffic being consumed by the end of this decade will be video-based, something many institutions are attempting to address with varying levels of success. With most publishers as well as content platforms already aggressively moving into video, one can essentially expect it to be a dominant force simply because it is the most powerful medium of communications between both end users as well as corporate entities. Video as a mode of communication is essentially the future, and one would wish to stay ahead of the curve by making a calculated move ahead of the
pack when it comes to adopting it as a standard.

Here are a few challenges that one faces when choosing an ideal solution to meet their needs, both short and long term. These can also serve as a litmus test for what is suitable in a business decision that could have an impact for decades to enterprises:#


  • Cost: It is crucial to understand one’s needs when deploying an Enterprise Video Solution. One must, therefore, be able to pick up a solution that is not only flexible regarding its offerings but also cost effective to one’s organization. If you are trying out new solutions, try to find a plan that fits your bill but has an annual option or subscription. Researching existing feedback from consumers is always a good idea as there may be hidden costs applicable to certain platforms such as extra charges for support, miscellaneous charges as well as future costs if the software is structured as a “Black Box”, making future changes an expensive ordeal.


  • Scalability: A lot of the decision-making process depends on whether the tools one selects for his company are suitable for different scales of operation. A realistic check would be to see if an existing offering can scale along with a business’s needs and requirements over time. Therefore, one should not consider factors that apply to his/her organization today, but should be planning for the future. An ideal solution offers you a choice; it can normally can be run on an organization’s on-premises servers as well as online, cloud-based servers. The former allows significantly more amounts of control and customization to suit your needs. The latter adds flexibility, increased processing power on demand as well as lower fixed costs, to boot. Organizations should also be able to ask for a “hybrid” that suits their needs. More importantly, one should look for a software solution that has low overhead in terms of processing power and bandwidth required in addition to high compatibility with user platforms and easy deployment should one ever need to resize or expand their needs to better suit their organization.


  • Compatibility: Compatibility is a key factor when choosing an enterprise video solution even as the industry moves towards integrating existing solutions into their enterprise software solutions. The ideal software solution should be able to work with the bulk of existing formats for video as well as end-user platforms. Using software solutions such as Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is key to allow a seamless, uniform experience to your organization while conserving bandwidth and resources for example. The software, once deployed should be able to not only run on all current-generation hardware and operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and MacOS but also on legacy operating systems and web browsers. Software such as Vidizmo has built-in support for a variety of OSes, browsers, and hardware, limiting the need for custom solutions for your organization.

We at Vidizmo firmly believe that Enterprise Video is a powerful tool that needs to be exploited by organizations to its fullest as corporations continue to grow increasingly connected with their employees and vice versa. With platforms that encompass small and media enterprises as well as 100,000s of users simultaneously, we strongly believe we can build a cutting edge solution to cater to your needs as an organization backed by industry-leading support solutions.

If you have any questions, please feel free communicate via live chat with our sales team.

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