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How Can an Online Training Delivery Platform Assist Organizations

An online video training delivery platform being explained.

Employee training is a necessity in all organizations. But in others, it’s a major need. While in some industries training is mainly done to help a new employee better understand their role or to sharpen the skills of current employees, in selected industries, training can be the difference between health and illness. Take the mining industry for example. Miners need to master their art first time. There is usually no room for mistake at all. Even small lapses in concentration can cause instant deaths.

The same applies to energy and chemical industries. Employees need to master their new roles from the word go. Otherwise an energy or chemical spill might occur which can potentially harm not only that employee but several of their colleagues as well.

In such industries, therefore, employee trainings shouldn’t just be done as a routine. The trainings need to be special.  That’s why high-risk organizations need to start using an online video training delivery platform.


EVPs are Important in Safety and Compliance Training

Safety and compliance training is a must in high risk industries. In fact, all employers in all sectors are required by the government to train their employees on safety and compliance. The only difference with industries such as the chemicals industry is that the need for safety and compliance training is greater.

Each employee needs to understand how to keep themselves and the workplace safe. They are supposed to learn what they can do safely and what things might be dangerous. They also need to understand that their actions or inactions can result in a lawsuit where both the individual and the organization may be held responsible. 

In the past, employees were taught these safety and compliance regulations through in-class sessions. Everyone would be asked to attend a lecture session where a compliance officer would addressed the class and answer questions. Attendance sheets would then be used to determine who attended the compliance lessons and who didn’t.

However, both of these methods fall short where they are most needed. For example, classroom lectures have never been able to replicate real world experiences. Even employees who appear to have mastered a subject in class might still struggle with it in real life. As for attendance sheets, there is usually the strong possibility that the documents can be overlooked or wrongfully completed. 

Videos are a better way to deliver trainings to employees for two main reasons;

Videos are More Effective and More Convenient

In the past, most organizations shied away from video as a corporate leading tool because the whole idea of video learning was very expensive. Even creating a proper video required the intervention of a skilled AV team. Hiring the AV team was considered an unnecessary cost by most organizations.

However, with the advent of technology, there is no longer the need for a specialized AV team. Today, any organization that has an Enterprise Video Platform has all the power it needs to fully educate its employees throughout. Through VIDIZMO's Virtual Academy, employees can live stream training videos and make them available as video on-demand to the employees.

And since everyone usually has a smartphone in their pocket, the videos can be watched almost immediately. This, in some situations, can be life-saving.

If an employee who is preparing for a project feels that he or she needs to revisit a section of the safety document right before starting the job, she can do so with ease. If she would like to access and go through the compliance policy at their own time, then she'd also have the power to do so.

Preserving the Expertise of Outgoing Employees

In many organizations, compliance suddenly becomes a major worry when a significant portion of the skilled workforce is retiring.  When people who’ve been with the organization for several years have to go, new personnel are usually hired.

The difference between the outgoing employees and the newcomers is the gap in their knowledge about the organization’s operations. The first group knows possibly everything about the company. They’ve been with the company so long that they can recite the basic compliance requirements without checking their compliance documents. The second group, on the other hand, knows nearly nothing about the company.

Under such circumstances, high-risk companies can again turn to EVPs. The outgoing employee or group of employees can be requested to record videos for the new recruits. The best news is that they don’t need any special software or equipment to record high quality videos. As long as the organization has an EVP, even the laptop camcorder can be used to record and present high quality videos and deliver such training through the platform.

After the videos are recorded, they can then be stored in a central location. Since online training delivery platforms allow for videos to be accessed from any device, anywhere, the incoming employees only need to be informed about the videos. They can watch them even back at home or during the weekend at their own free time. Even better, such recordings can be used over and over again.

Do you Need Help with High-risk Employee Training?

VIDIZMO can help. With several years of experience under the belt, VIDZIMO has become the preferred video training partner for hundreds of organizations. We help these organizations record, share, store online and conveniently deliver all types of corporate learning videos. 

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