Choosing the Right Evidence Software For Your Police Force

Evidence software is necessity of present-day law enforcement. But what elements are necessary and ideal for the software to meet public safety needs?

Software is the future. Organizations that have neglected the necessity of software deployment with their workforce have faced severe backlash in the present age. This goes for the domain of public safety and police forces as well.

Diving deeper into public safety, we find out that the sector of digital evidence handling and sharing requires dedicated software to be developed to cater to the specific needs of law enforcement. However, when choosing such digital evidence software for police and law enforcement individuals, there are several elements to consider.

This blog will briefly explore these elements to enlighten you with anything you might have missed in your research.

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Why Is It Necessary To Have Evidence Software For Police And Public Safety Organizations

Police or any law enforcement agency today require a more efficient way to store and work on digital evidence. Those days are far behind when most of the digital evidence was inadmissible in court. Today, CCTV footage and mobile camera recordings cover it all. Therefore, in investigations and court hearings, digital evidence is allowed and considerably necessary, if its integrity can be verified through the chain of custody.

Mission-critical environments, such as the 911 command and control, also demand digital evidence software for police departments to acquire and secure recorded calls, which are treated as evidence.

What Prerequisites Are Necessary For Management-Oriented Evidence Software For Police

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Every domain requires a set of predefined features to be present for a software tool to be adequate for use. The same goes for evidence software for police and law enforcement organizations, designated for the purpose of managing heaps of digital evidence. Some of these features are listed below:

  1. The ability to integrate with other software in use of the department, to allow for data migration and sharing, and other miscellaneous purposes.
  2. The platform should be agnostic to be able to ingest from multiple sources of digital evidence, to allow the police to gain the adequate data resources that might otherwise be wasted in physical collection of same.
  3. The most crucial factor when it comes to digital evidence is its credibility. Preventing any breaches in the system through the efforts of hackers who may attempt to tamper with digital evidence is what makes or breaks a deal for digital evidence software. Tamper detection, and security mechanisms for prevention, are necessary for keeping the integrity of evidence intact.
  4. Another element that makes evidence more credible and assists law enforcement officers with record keeping and documentation of digital evidence is a chain of custody, verifiable by the system itself.
  5. Nobody wants to do transcription and translations manually anymore, therefore the evidence software for police forces must be accommodated to have features for transcription and translation services, preferably with support for multiple languages.
  6. The feature to annotate critical, important or prioritized information in digital evidence files, particularly in video, to allow ease of quick access and retrieval.
  7. Redaction is a necessity to meet the growing privacy concerns presented by the public, and hence to be compliant with several laws made to protect the same. For the purpose, the tool must have an automatic redaction feature, or minimally a manual redaction element, for all forms of data ingested into the system.
  8. To limit uniform access to evidence files, users should be divided into various user roles and groups to segregate data access. Users must also go through a mechanism of authentication before being able to access any data.
  9. Advanced sharing options that allow the user to have control over shared elements is a key factor when it comes to secure online video evidence sharing.
  10. To prevent evidence misuse after disclosure in hearings, an evidence retention period is necessary to be specified by the system to have it purged from it.
  11. The tool must ensure that the processes involved, and the evidence stored meets necessary compliance requirements.
  12. The tool should have the flexibility to be deployed over cloud services, such as those with the most secure cloud providers – government cloud, as well as commercial cloud, as a SaaS solution, or on premise in a datacenter of your choice.

VIDIZMO As Evidence Software For Police Forces

We gave you an idea of what optimal evidence software for police should be like.

DEMS interface-Justice and law

Now let us tell you what VIDIZMO has to offer for such requirements with 20 years of video content management experience packed into a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS).

  • VIDIZMO DEMS can integrate with any Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), RMS or CMS with a wide range of SSO and IAM providers.
  • VIDIZMO allows ingestion of evidence through various options, such as CAD, body-worn cameras, CCTV, Dashcams, etc.
  • SHA cryptographic hash function in VIDIZMO DEMS allows you to detect any type of tampering with the evidence since the first time uploaded in the system.
  • VIDIZMO DEMS offers chain of custody providing trail of activity in detail related to the digital evidence.
  • Flagging of evidence is also allowed to have updates for any type of activities performed on the evidence to authorized individuals.
  • VIDIZMO DEMS has a very comprehensive tool which can translate and transcribe simultaneously. It can transcribe up to 40 languages and translate transcriptions in up to 52 different ones. Multilingual transcription is also available in VIDIZMO DEMS.
  • The audio/video can be synchronized with the transcription, which helps in searching the video for required segments.
  • If you find something important during any audio/ video that may be beneficial in future while watching it again then you can highlight (annotate) areas to have a better understanding. Other people can just jump on to that section while watching that media as it is marked.
  • VIDIZMO offers redaction with Artificial Intelligence which can automatically detect specific details and redact that in the whole media. You can redact faces, personal data, license plates or even bleep audio etc. before making it available to the public.
  • Administrator can configure evidence access control by authenticating and authorizing roles based on designation or the level of clearance to that you have to a certain case file.
  • VIDIZMO DEMS offers sharing of evidence securely on the same network.
  • Specific regional IP can be restricted for sharing of evidence files.
  • Blocking access to sharing outside of the premises/network is also available with VIDIZMO DEMS.
  • Option to turn on reason provision before a shared file is accessed.
  • Sharing restriction range from organizations, departments, groups, or a single link for all. Passwords can also be implemented for an additional layer of security.
  • VIDIZMO DEMS offers multiple link creation for single evidence and provides user the ability to revoke access any time on a certain link so that others are not disturbed.
  • In terms of evidence security and encryption, VIDIZMO has FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption to secure the evidence in any one of the three states, i.e., evidence at rest, in transit (using TLS 1.2/1.3) and in use. VIDIZMO also offers optional DRM support.
  • VIDIZMO provides a purge policy for evidence after they have been deleted. You can allocate a retention period to evidence and after its over the evidence is purged. This option allows you to retrieve any evidence that you may need after deleting it before the retention period is over.
  • The deployment options VIDIZMO offers includes on-premises, on cloud (focused with Azure and AWS) and Azure Gov. and AWS Gov. cloud providers.
  • The platform is designed to be compliant with FedRAMP, ITAR, EAR, etc. compliance.

Concluding our discussion, Digital Evidence Management is a requirement and a need for this era.

For that we would like you to try VIDIZMO DEMS on a 7-day trial and decide if you want to be the police using the latest of the technologies presented by the 21st century.


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