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Flexible Deployment Options in Enterprise Video CMS

VIDIZMO’s streaming video platform is now available for direct purchase and deployment from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

VIDIZMO’s streaming video platform is now available for direct purchase and deployment from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Within minutes, you can launch VIDIZMO product(s) onto your machines, using your pre-existing Microsoft Azure subscription, under a low rate for CPU, storage, encoding, and bandwidth from Microsoft.

To set up VIDIZMO virtual machine(s), you can access Microsoft Azure Portal through your Microsoft Azure Account or via VIDIZMO’s public listing on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Purchasing and deploying the VIDIZMO virtual machine only requires a 5-step process for software licensing and purchase, and a few more simple clicks to complete virtual infrastructure deployment, after which you are directed to VIDIZMO platform’s login page.

Once the VM is deployed, you can access VIDIZMO Helpdesk for additional resources or VIDIZMO team can provide direct support services for the configuration of any additional capabilities.

For a complete video guide and documentation for VIDIZMO VM purchase and deployment on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, refer to VIDIZMO VM Purchase And Deployment Documentation.

With Microsoft Azure Marketplace, you get access to all four VIDIZMO enterprise products and solutions that have been certified and optimized to run on Azure. This helps you in streaming video within your Azure environment. Moreover, deploying VIDIZMO virtual machines from Azure Marketplace grants you the confidence for a reliable, secure, scalable, and end-to-end implementation of VIDIZMO software within a few minutes – ensuring a seamless experience of deploying and using our software in Azure.

Those who do not have an Azure subscription can still access Azure Marketplace and try out VIDIZMO’s application by leveraging Azure Marketplace Test Drive – a ready-to-go environment that allows you to experience VIDIZMO’s software for free, without needing an Azure subscription. Another benefit offered by Test Drive is that it is pre-provisioned so you don’t have to download, set up or configure the product and can instead spend your time on evaluating the user experience, key features, and benefits of the product.

If you already have an Azure subscription, you can simply utilize it to deploy VIDIZMO virtual machines(s) from Azure Marketplace within minutes. Further, all Azure Cloud consumption charges incurred as a result of VIDIZMO’s usage of storage, bandwidth, encoding, and CPU are billed directly to your Microsoft Azure account.Cloud vs. On-Premise Whitepaper

Using Azure Marketplace also grants you architectural guidance and implementation from Microsoft for key enterprise integrations with VIDIZMO as we provide direct and seamless integration with all Microsoft Office 365 products and other Microsoft business and IT systems. Additionally, as a Microsoft Gold, Cloud, and Applications Partner, VIDIZMO offers native deployment in Microsoft Azure Cloud and Azure Government while also utilizing Microsoft Azure Media Services such as machine transcription, audio and video redaction, facial and emotion recognition, hyperlapse, and many more features that provide innovative video and digital media functionalities.

For more information on deploying VIDIZMO Virtual Machines from Microsoft Azure Marketplace, take a look at How to use VIDIZMO Preconfigured Virtual Environments.

For details on a custom deployment based on your specific requirements, see How to Prepare a New Application Server for VIDIZMO and for an on-premises deployment, check How to Install VIDIZMO On-Premises/Private Cloud.

VIDIZMO’s solution is also available in IaaS and PaaS model for those interested in downloading and customizing it, or a pre-packaged SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud. For details, visit VIDIZMO website.

For more information on VIDIZMO, a named Challenger in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management [1], contact us today or visit our website for details. You can also request a free 30-day trial for any VIDIZMO products to explore the platform, its features, and functionalities.

VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

[1] Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management” by Whit Andrews, Adam Preset, November, 2016


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