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The Benefits of Using 360° Videos for Corporate Trainings

360° Videos can help your audience have an immersive experience. Learn more on how you can record and stream them to your audiences.

360° videos have captured the global video industry by a storm. These videos have the capacity to be used on video channels, social media platforms, training, and industries, etc.  Such videos give the viewers an enriching experience of spherical, high definition videos which are extremely compelling. 360° videos have the potential to lure audiences like never before.


What is a 360° video?

Primarily, a 360° video are real world panorama video recordings, where the camera records the view of all directions simultaneously. Such videos are generally shot using a collection of cameras or an omnidirectional camera.  This gives the viewer the ability to control the viewing direction. A 360° video has striking resemblance with a VR video. However, you do not need any special equipment to view these videos.VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

How to record a 360° Video?

With the popularity of 360° videos, several cameras are now available in the market such as Bublcam, GoPro Cameras, Nokia OZO, Kodak SP360, etc.  Generally, professionals use the GoPro Cameras to record such videos which consist of 6 cameras that can shoot 170° each. This together offers a complete 360° view along with a 180° vertical view. All the cameras are placed at different angles so that every shot is covered and no data is lost. Recorder needs to ensure that all the cameras have the same settings and are switched on before the recording commences.

Here’s how 360° videos are being used in organizations:

Corbin Ball, a renowned meeting technology consultant, believes that immersive videos are now being used by organizations and have tremendous potential, particularly for VR meetings.

Today, many big brands are using 360° videos to conduct product demonstrations. For instance, Samsung used the technology to show holiday destinations; the video game industry is using immersive videos to endorse games, and the trailer of Conjuring 2 was launched in 360° to give viewers a nerve wrecking experience.

Here’s how 360° videos can be used for corporate training:

Despite the fact that 360° video technology is not new, but the corporate sector has started to realized its worth in conducting training. The technology can offer viewers with an engaging and immersive experience at a relatively low cost. Here are a few ways to use 360° in corporate training:

  • The United States armed forces are known for conducting the safe training of tactics that are only possible to execute on the field, or in the safe environment of immersive videos. Moreover, VR technology is also used by navy to conduct interpersonal skills training.
  • Surgical education training in the medicine field can be governed via immersive videos. The trainee doctors can experience a surgical run down with a 360° view of the complete procedure.
  • Sportsmen need constant training. By recording their immersive videos in action, they can review themselves, see where they went wrong, what were their strongpoints and improve
  • 360° videos are being used in real estate to give a virtual tour of the construction site, property, etc.

Thus, immersive videos can be used for any form of training without the need of the trainer to be physically presents. This technology can prove beneficial for online training that requires an instructor.

New recruits can also be given a virtual tour of the office premise via 360° videos. Moreover, product demonstrations can also benefit substantially from this technology. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that immersive videos offer endless possibilities and have significant weightage in terms of corporate training.

Here are a few advantages of 360° videos:

  • Immersive videos give a sense of physical presence to learners. A surround view can help learners to experience the depth of details.
  • A learner can actually experience the scenario.
  • It breaks the clutter and monotony offered by flat 2D videos.
  • A majority of 360° video cameras have the ability to stream video live across locations.
  • Learners can focus on various aspects simultaneously.
  • The retention rate of immersive videos is higher since they are put the learner in a real life practical situation.
  • Learners tend to get deeply involved in the content.

In order to manage, store and organize 360° video content, organizations need an enterprise video portal. VIDIZMO renders support for 360° videos. In order to stay ahead of the curve, record your immersive videos and store it on a video content management system for your organization to reap its benefits.

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