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How Enterprise Video Platforms Enhance eLearning

Discover how enterprises can enhance eLearning by leveraging an enterprise video platform for active on-boarding and learning and training purposes.

Creating corporate learning material such as onboarding lectures, compliance documents, and product documentations takes a lot of effort. Member of the Learning and Development (L&D) board must be able to deliver high quality learning material while efficiently utilizing time and resources. 

The best learning materials are usually those that are created cost effectively but still developed in such a way that they can serve the organization for an extended period of time. If the L&D board, for example, can create onboarding lectures that can be used for several years, it would save the organization a lot of time and money. 

To deliver this, the L&D team often needs the assistance from the corporate AV department to help with the recording and editing video. The AV team should have more experience handling the dedicated video equipment and software. The AV team may also be called upon to assist with converting and compressing recordings into different formats so that different recordings can be played on the user’s preferred device. However, this may be long and tedious process, contributing to time and resource inefficiencies.  A better alternative is to use an enterprise video streaming platform which can streamline processes while removing cost and resources inefficiencies involved in elearning material management. 


How does an enterprise video platform help? 

Essentially, the EVP is designed to streamline the video recording process. They are only used where there is a  need for very high quality videos, and when used properly, an enterprise video platform can streamline the video authoring process in the following ways:

Automatically transcode video for playback across multiple devices

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Transcoding is the process of converting video into different formats. This is very important in the modern day where people have a choice of several devices from which they can watch a video. While some still prefer the desktop, others now watch a majority of their videos on laptop and smartphones. Others even prefer to watch on tablets.

EVP are designed in such a way that any recorded video is automatically transcoded into multiple video formats. This way, whichever device the user picks, there is always a compatible video format for them to use.

Video search made easy

Searching video in a large library has always been a worry. Unlike text files which can be searched using keywords or keyword phrases, up to very recently, searching video was never possible. The only option was to search the video file and then watch selected portions of that video until you found what you were looking for.

Well, that’s no longer the case with EVPs. By making it possible to index every single word in a video recording, Enterprise Video Platforms have made it easy and convenient to search for specific sections of a particular video using keywords – just like you’d do with text files.

Edit recordings from anywhere, on any browser

Editing isn’t usually something you worry about much after recording a video. In any case, video editing involves nothing more than cutting out a few blurred portions of the recording, inserting a few new slides at the desired locations, and trimming the top and tail of the video.

This is exactly what EVP editors are designed for. They allow you to edit your videos with ease and without the help of professional editing software. But the best thing is that you can now edit your video from anywhere and from any browser.

Embed content from other eLearning authoring platforms

Interactivity has become very important especially with video material. Materials such as quizzes and polls help to capture the learner’s input which the organization can use in making certain decisions. Quizzes, for example, can be used to test a learner’s mastery of a topic while polls can be used to find out their opinion on a subject.

EVPs allow for smooth integration of such content into the recording. They support most of the popular eLearning authoring platforms such as Adobe Creative, Google Forms, and Articulate Storyline which means that you can easily embed material from these sources.

Easy integration of learning material into the LMS

Most organizations have a central Learning Management System (LMS) where all learning activities take place. Staff members who need to familiarize with the updated compliance policy can go to this LMS. New hires who want to watch onboarding videos also access them from the LMS. And staff members who are undergoing specialized training also use the LMS to access their learning materials.

The good news is that EVPs integrate seamlessly with the major LMS programs. In fact, EVP videos can be set to automatically publish on the LMS, eliminating the need to manually publish the material.

VIDIZMO can help

At VIDIZMO, we are experts in enterprise video. Our innovative EVPs are already being used by hundreds of organizations out there. And, all of them think choosing us is the best decision they have made in a long time.

We want to help you too. Contact us today and learn how, using quality videos, we can face-lift your corporate learning efforts. 

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