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How to Securely Share Digital Evidence Files Online

By Maham Zaidi
How to Securely Share Digital Evidence Files Online

With most of the evidence being digital, secure online file sharing has become necessary for criminal justice and law enforcement agencies. Evidence management is undergoing a digital transformation that will improve the way evidence is captured, stored and shared. The main threat to law enforcement is evidence data not being securely stored and shared; we can see various cyber threats and crimes increasing every hour. That's why law enforcement and criminal justice agencies need a reliable digital evidence management system through which they can securely share files online without any risks.

The proper administration of evidence is vital to organizations accountable for proof that they create formal standards for managing, administering, and handling evidence. The failure to operate suitable measures to process appropriately can result in a severe critique of an organization.



Secure Digital Evidence Sharing is the Backbone!

The purpose of secure online files or evidence sharing is to keep the security risks low and protect sensitive data for law enforcement agencies. It gives a permanent, authentic and easily accessible record of the crime that has taken place, thus also provides a memory with a flashback to officers and witnesses of crucial details that would otherwise be forgotten. It helps preserve evidence safely as transportation could be lost, stolen, or destroyed in any other physical form, but online and digital methods save us from the trouble.

Three distinct groups involved in public safety and justice will each benefit from a cohesive digital evidence management solution for securely sharing evidence files online:

  • Law enforcement investigators are responsible for collecting, sorting and evaluating digital evidence every day.
  • The criminal justice attorneys are responsible for using the evidence as they adjudicate their caseload.
  • The citizens within a community. Comprehensive, integrated digital evidence management solutions provide numerous advantages over the traditional methods, as described below:



Digital Evidence Management with Law Enforcement

Online secure evidence file sharing has become very vital for law enforcement agencies. The days of law enforcement officers copying digital evidence files onto DVDs, thumb drives or disks and hand-delivering them to the District Attorney's office are coming to a halt. Powerful, integrated digital evidence management systems are promptly becoming the way of the future. Secure online file sharing has become the armor for law enforcement agencies.

As we all know, the digital era has taken steps ahead, making everything online regarding evidence. So, security in terms of evidence sharing within the agencies and respective digital evidence management system people is high profile and dire need, saving us from the calamity that could slow down the justice process or any suffering. Law enforcement agencies, comprising officers, records clerks and investigators, profit from digital evidence management using a universal, secure system. Every user can access only those files applicable to their position and responsibility, with security characteristics restricting visibility to everything else. A cloud-based, safe environment makes it much simpler for people to add, organize, share, track, amend, redact and analyze footage from infinite sources. Irrespective of the original format of the footage, a well-designed solution will guarantee that all file types are open and all video footage can be played through a particular program. Individuals can competently utilize the multitude of data sources that have become commonplace, including cell phone footage, gunshot detection systems, license plate reader data, body-worn and in-car cameras, city-owned cameras and even footage from privately-owned cameras.

Digital evidence management solutions likewise make cross-jurisdictional organization sharing a ton simpler for criminal examiners. Without a strong and secure cloud-facilitated digital evidence management system, the law implementation workforce invests an unreasonable measure of energy, burning discs or replicating thumb drives to convey to the DA's office. It considers close to consistent information and proof sharing with different offices, yet with outside associations inside the criminal equity framework.


Digital Evidence Sharing with Criminal Justice System



The criminal justice system has advantages because data can now be shared securely and immediately with the power for law enforcement to easily add supplementary digital files to a case and for attorneys to be notified at any time new or updated information is added. Hand-delivered digital evidence files often necessitate numerous specific digital players to view each file. Also, hand-delivered media is not protected and does not offer any chain of custody. Once evidence is accessible on a DVD or thumb drive, there is no way to hunt down who viewed the evidence or track the physical media, which could effortlessly be misplaced, misfiled or lost. Physical files are expensive, time-consuming to share, insecure and limited to a moment in time that may immediately become irrelevant.

Digital evidence management solutions allow each authorized staff member to profile within a DA or Public Defender's Office. Each login identifies the case files and evidence within each case that a person has permission to view. Secure file access, including allowing users to delete, edit, download or share the information with others, is built into the digital evidence management system. Every physical method of file sharing introduces significant privacy risks.


Digital Evidence Sharing Benefiting the Public

Never give safety a day off! Society relies on this, and public safety is the priority for law enforcement agencies. Inhabitants inside a local area regularly are the primary asset for law authorization with regards to settling cases. Additional evidence gathering platforms and agencies have come around with several tools to protect evidence sharing and making the process swift. Different portals for the public have been made for fast and secure evidence sharing and rapid justice. Essentially, every individual can catch photographs, video, and recordings progressively, yet residents often don't have the foggiest idea of imparting their records to the law implementation workforce.

Furthermore, personal entrepreneurs, particularly service stations, general stores, and retailers, have surveillance cameras in and around their property and need promising approaches to share the recording they catch when violations happen. Law enforcement agencies that don't utilize an online computerized proof assortment device are trying to furnish residents with an advantageous, secure (and whenever wanted, unknown) approach to share private video films or photographs of any episode they may have caught on their wireless. In any case, with a very planned, cloud-facilitated computerized proof administration framework, anybody locally can immediately impart any document to law implementation. The organization has an advantageous interaction and the foundation to deal with all record types and sizes.

Footage shared by general society can be submitted namelessly whenever liked, contingent upon the sharing guidelines characterized by the law implementation office, which makes it simpler for individuals who may find some way or another be hesitant can share what might be valuable film. Drawing in general, society works on an assortment of important information. A computerized proof administration framework that makes sharing simple, less bogus captures and more exact arraignments can result in opening an overburdened criminal equity framework.



Don't be a fool - use the VIDIZMO tool!

All the citizens relied on Superman to save the day, but VIDIZMO has the cape and is ready to secure the community here for Law enforcement. VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) allows you to give investigators, officers, lawyers, courts, and other officials in the criminal justice system to gain access to evidence and data and shield it from any unauthorized handling. VIDIZMO offers various features to secure online evidence sharing, including single storage, evidence triage, and audit trails scalability and reliability. It allows us to instantly share evidence with relevant parties in multiple ways in a secure manner. You can also operate various security controls further to characterize the protection and privacy of your content. Certifying data privacy and making it available for only selective individuals is vital when it comes to evidence. VIDIZMO DEMS cures that by empowering between the organization and intra-office secure proof sharing while at the same time furnishing you with broad highlights to control how sharing happens.

Learn More: Secure Evidence Sharing To Only Authorized Stakeholders

VIDIZMO offers four different types of portals to make data sharing easy, secure and swift.

  1. Public portal: Gather evidence from the public and allow the community to participate in the investigation process. It enables officers to submit requests to citizens for evidence submission, reduces security risks, and simplifies sharing.
  2. Prosecutors' portal: Permits prosecutors to assemble and share digital evidence quickly and easily for solving cases quicker and streamlines the discovery procedure for prosecutors.
  3. Public defenders' portal: It authorizes public defenders to quickly receive and manage evidence from prosecutors in a single location and instantaneously receive and operate evidence in a single area.
  4. Internal affairs portal: Defend the credibility of the law enforcement by covertly investigating allegations and scrutinizing officer activities, and avoid unlawful commotion within the agency.


VIDIZMO deals with different evidence sharing and managing portals according to the requirements of various agencies. It gives agencies the key features of limited time and view sharing controlling the access to sensitive evidence and data shared. VIDIZMO also offers a desktop application to view evidence offline and systematize uploading. The mobile version makes it easy to capture, upload, manage and share evidence from your smartphone producing evidence sharing quickly and more manageable.

The key features that VIDIZMO offers are limited-time and view sharing, which keeps an eye on user access and reduces the risk of unauthorized entrance. End-to-end encryption ensures secure evidence sharing with FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption. The various portals present for evidence sharing mentioned above and the chain of custody records share a chronological list of documents for all user activity. Evidence in volume can be shared quickly and rapidly through the VIDIZMO Digital management system (DEMS).



Robust and well-engineered digital evidence management systems hold the promise of changing how each participant interacts with evidence for the better. Simplifying a tedious task like online secure file sharing for all parties involved, from law enforcement officials and criminal justice personnel to every citizen – digital evidence management is a solution worth investing in.

Posted by Maham Zaidi

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