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NICE vs. VIDIZMO: Comparison for Digital Evidence Management

This article will compare NICE DEMS with its alternative and competitor VIDIZMO DEMS based on certain distinguishing features.

Are you curious to know the alternatives for a Digital Evidence Management System?

Here is the comparison of VIDIZMO and NICE Investigate, one of the best options for a Digital Evidence Management System.

VIDIZMO offers a secure, device-agnostic Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) that enables law enforcement agencies and other organizations to store, manage, analyze, and share a vast amount of digital evidence.

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a CJIS compliant platform to ingest digital evidence from multiple sources like body-worn cameras, CCTV, drone cams, etc. Its remarkable features include AI-based automatic multilingual transcription and translation of digital evidence, automatic detection, and redaction of personally identifiable information, role-based access control, and flexible deployment options with the highest level of security.

On the other hand, NICE provides Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software that automates the process of investigation and digital evidence management through the collection, analysis, and secure sharing of digital evidence.

NICE helps you to gather digital evidence by integrating and connecting with multiple systems such as CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management Systems), Video cameras (CCTV, Body-worn) etc., in a time-efficient manner.

This article will compare NICE Digital Evidence Management Software with VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS).  

Comparing NICE Evidence Management with Its Alternative

So, we will compare both based on certain distinguishing features.

Digital Evidence Sharing

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

With VIDIZMO DEMS, you can share evidence with internal and external portal users with limited or controlled access. It allows only authorized users to view evidence files and add notes to them. You can block the download option for some users as well. Along with that, you can restrict access to specific domain IP addresses.

VIDIZMO DEMS provides a limited sharing feature to share digital evidence with external viewers by emailing a link. You can assign a password to the evidence. You can share evidence with a specific number of users or groups. You can generate multiple links for each file as well. 

NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

Digital evidence is stored and organized by creating virtual case folders. Then it is uploaded on the Portal.

With NICE Investigation and Digital Evidence Tracking System, investigators can share evidence with prosecutors by emailing a link to a digital case file in a time-efficient and secure manner.

Annotating Critical Information in Digital Evidence

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a feature to add annotations or highlight any essential information in Digital Evidence relevant to the case. These annotations are searchable as well.

In this way, you can speed up the entire investigation process, mark important points and collaborate with other officers.

image showing annotation


NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

There is not enough information available on the website regarding the annotation of digital files.

Authorized users may annotate and organize information in case folders but that does not clarify the actual process of annotating Digital Evidence files. These annotations are not searchable as well.

AI-Based Transcription and Translation

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS presents an extensive feature of AI-powered multilingual transcription and translation.

It allows you to search within the digital evidence through spoken words or phrases and quickly reach the relevant part in the digital evidence instead of watching the entire evidence videos.

VIDIZMO DEMS is capable of transcribing digital evidence files in up to 40 languages and translating them into more than 50 languages.

image showing transcription feature of VIDIZMO


NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

NICE DEMS offers an optional transcription feature that creates a transcript of the audio file and allows you to search for phrases or words within the audio files.

However, NICE DEMS cannot transcribe spoken words in videos into text form.

There is not enough information on the website that can clarify whether NICE software can translate digital evidence files or not.

Automatic Audio and Video Redaction

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS can automatically detect faces, people, objects, license plates, and other PII data in digital files, and redact them in a few clicks.

With VIDIZMO DEMS, you can redact sensitive personal information in both audio recordings and videos.

It offers an automatic redaction feature with a simultaneous manual redaction option for accurate results.

You can even redact multiple digital Evidence files simultaneously, saving time and human effort. You can mute specific audio clips and blur objects in images.

image showing automatic redaction feature


NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

NICE software can redact multiple audio segments containing sensitive information before exporting any Evidence file.

Its built-in redaction tool can also manually hide information in video files, but it does not offer automatic video redaction – or disclose much information on that matter.

Chain of custody

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS maintains the integrity of evidence through the chain of custody which provides complete documentation of activities performed on digital evidence. You can track all activities and take any suitable actions whenever needed to ensure that digital evidence has been handled properly.  

This helps extract crucial information such as reassignment of digital evidence to a previous officer or transfer of access to another officer with limited viewing rights into a consolidated chain of custody report.

Audit logs of all those accessing the system are maintained and support the chain of custody requirements.

image showing chain of custody report


NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

NICE offers Evidence Tracking Software, which can automatically track case Evidence files, e.g., who has accessed files or when accessed, ensuring evidence integrity, and maintaining chain of custody.

Role-Based Access Control

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a robust authentication and authorization process that ensures that only authorized users have access to Digital Evidence.

Authorized users can get access to digital evidence based on six roles such as administrator, manager, moderator, contributor, viewer, and anonymous with preset permissions within the application for each role.

The administrator is the main portal owner. As an administrator, you can choose the roles you wish to give to each user. He has full control over the portal.

NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

Case Evidence files are accessible to users with specific assigned roles. For example, the lead investigator can access the case evidence as the case owner with full access. Other users can access the Case Evidence file as contributors with full access or view-only option. 

Security Features and Compliances

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS ensures an elevated level of security and protection with FIPS Compliant, AES 256 Encryption at rest and in transit. Detect any alterations in digital evidence with the SHA cryptographic hash function.

It is designed to meet the security requirements of CJIS, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPPA and other compliances.

NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

NICE is CJIS Compliant and offers security features that include ISO/IEC Certification, AES Encryption at rest, FIPS 140-2 at transit, Antivirus protection, Secure hashing for maintaining Evidence integrity, and 2-factor authentications.

Deployment Options

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a flexible range of deployment options.

You can deploy VIDIZMO DEMS on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid infrastructure. It can be deployed in Azure Government and AWS Clouds.

NICE Investigate and Digital Evidence Management Software

AWS is rapidly growing in the public sector, there are more chances that any agency will prefer AWS in storing digital evidence. Unfortunately, NICE DEMS cannot be deployed on AWS Cloud.


An evidence locker

So, what makes the difference?

It can take ages to decide and go for a digital evidence management system so one should clearly understand the showstopper add Ons. Over that time, you must determine your budget and decide what features will address your pain points.

Fortunately, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is recognized in IDC MarketScape powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It simplifies and streamlines ever-increasing digital evidence by providing a robust platform for digital evidence ingestion, storage, management, and secure sharing in a centralized repository while ensuring the highest level of security and meeting compliances like CJIS. VIDIZMO DEMS can be deployed on-premises, on the cloud (Azure Government/Commercial), or in a hybrid infrastructure. 

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