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VIDIZMO: A Competitor and an Alternative to Omnigo

VIDIZMO DEMS a better option than Omnigo ICMS and Courts. Here's a complete comparison between VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management and Omnigo.

Are you looking for Alternatives for a Digital Evidence Management System? Here is a comparison of Omnigo (ICMS and Courts) and VIDIZMO; both of which were recently positioned as major players in the 2020 IDC MarketScape.  

VIDIZMO offers a vendor-agnostic solution for Digital Evidence Management. With features like Redaction, A.I., and multiple partnerships with cloud providers, it has been positioned as a major player in the IDC MarketScape for Digital Evidence Management. VIDIZMO stands out compared to Omnigo when it comes to the details of its features. 

For instance, if we talk about the chain of custody of evidence, VIDIZMO's features are more extensive than Omnigo (even logs I.P. addresses in the report). But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and it gets better as you read more about VIDIZMO. 

Recognized in IDC MarketScape*, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines the process of securing, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing ever-increasing digital evidence.

Omnigo, on the other hand, is a name of a good clientele-based DEMS vendor with products for different industries like public safety, education, corporate, courts and others. Omnigo provides management systems for digital as well as physical evidence. 

Let us get a bit technical now and dig into specifics for a better understanding, 

VIDIZMO and Omnigo When it Comes to Key Evidence Management Features 


  • VIDIZMO can integrate with almost any CMS, RMS, or CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and a range of SSO and IAM providers.  
  • Omnigo provides integration with existing RMS and Azure ADFS.  

Ingestion of Evidence

  • VIDIZMO provides a variety of possibilities for ingestion, such as CAD, body-worn cameras. CCTV, Dashcams etc. 
  • Omnigo offers ingestion of evidence through CMS, cloud storage and Courts software.  

Tamper Detection

Digital Evidence Management is incomplete without a tamper detection system.  

  • VIDIZMO provides in-depth security for evidence with a standard SHA cryptographic hash function to detect any tampering of uploaded evidence in the management system. 


  • Omnigo has a feature where users can make a copy of the evidence they can access, and the software will detect who made a copy to show it in the audit trail of the chain of custody.  

Chain of Custody

  • VIDIZMO offers a chain of custody that provides a detailed trail of activity performed on the digital evidence.  
    • It involves information like re-assigning evidence to an officer or transferring access to someone with limited viewing rights.
    • An audit log report is prepared for everyone accessing the system and easily downloaded. This chain of custody will help track the activities related to all case evidence and take suitable action if needed.  
    • Users can also flag evidence, and the system will send all updates of related activities on that specific piece of evidence to all selected authorized individuals.  
  • Omnigo also offers a chain of custody to ensure tracking of the evidence journey and ensure protection of the case evidence. However, it's not as detailed as you'd get in VIDIZMO. 

Transcription & Translation

  • VIDIZMO offers a very comprehensive feature in this domain in which it can translate the transcription simultaneously.  
    • It can transcribe up to 40 languages and translate transcriptions in up to 52.  
    • The transcription process works even if there is a multilingual aspect in the media e.g., a video with both Hindi and German language can be easily transcribed as well as translated into a third language (e.g., for the audience in the U.S. to read).  
    • VIDIZMO makes It possible to synchronize the transcription with the audio/video file to save time searching for a specific segment in evidence.  
  • Omnigo has a feature for transcription of audio and video, but as per our research, there isn't much information available to understand the depth of what they offer. 

Annotating Critical Information in Evidence

  • VIDIZMO allows you to annotate specifics in any evidence, which in other words means that users can highlight items in any video/audio for other people to view and jump to specifics.  


  • On the other hand, what Omnigo calls annotating is adding metadata to any evidence that has been uploaded, which also includes description and notes. 



This feature is provided by VIDIZMO, which can automatically detect any specific detail with the help of artificial intelligence and redact it in the whole or a part of the digital evidence.

For example, if you want to redact out personal data, faces, license plates, and weapons such as pistols and rifles as well as bleep or mute audio segments. This feature can be helpful for sensitive videos where privacy or censorship is mandatory before making it available to the public.  

Role-Based Access

  • With robust authentication and authorization processes for an elevated level of security, VIDIZMO provides role-based access control so that users can access sensitive information depending on their rights or the level of clearance to the evidence. For instance, you can assign the chief of police a manager role, police officers a contributor role, and so on. 
  • Omnigo with its technology also provides role-based access where the administrator or the court officer can manage user accesses and limit privileges as per their level of seniority or relativity to the case. 


  • VIDIZMO offers a range of features when it comes to sharing evidence files: 
    • It provides a secure option to share evidence with other officials inside the same network or specific/regional I.P. of another organization. VIDIZMO also gives the option to organizations to block access for sharing evidence outside the network/premises. 
    • VIDIZMO provides options such as reason provisioning when evidence is accessed. 
    • Users can restrict evidence Sharing to a user, a group, a department, an organization, or anyone with a link.  
    • Whatever evidence is shared can be restricted by the number of views or the duration of its availability to view. Any sharing can be revoked anytime. 
    • Users can create multiple links for the same evidence and expire any when needed. This feature will help in revoking rights to someone without the need to change links for others. 
    • For an additional layer of security, users can protect evidence with a password of choice. 
    • Users can reupload evidence without the need to change the sharing links or any accesses. 
  • Omnigo provides sharing via phone (SMS) and email which they refer to as virtual room  
    • Users can share evidence with a date and time limitation for the viewable term.  
    • A pin number goes out on SMS or Email, which must be put in before viewing the evidence. 
    • Omnigo provides the option to delete the shared link and the access is revoked for all the people viewing. 

Security and Encryption

  • VIDIZMO uses FIPS-compliant AES 256 encryption to protect the evidence in one of the three states, i.e., evidence at rest, in transit (TLS 1.2/1.3) and in use. 
  • In Omnigo, evidence is encrypted with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2.  

Evidence Retention Period

  • VIDIZMO has the option of a purge policy for the deleted evidence if a retention period is provided. This way, the evidence can be restored during the retention period and get deleted automatically after this period is completed. 
  • There is no information related to the retention period or a recycle Bin being provided by Omnigo.  

Geospatial Mapping & Geo-Fencing

  • VIDIZMO provides Geo-Spatial mapping for UAV footage of any area to help teams get a deeper understanding.  
  • Omnigo provides features with Geo-Fencing for law enforcement agencies to capture evidence areas.  


  • VIDIZMO offers deployment in cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, which can be made compliant with FedRAMP, ITAR, EAR etc. On the application level, VIDIZMO offers security features to help organizations meet compliance. Read more on data governance features in VIDIZMO DEMS 
  • Omnigo is available with the AWS platform and compliant with all AWS's security regulations. 

Deployment Options

  • VIDIZMO provides you with the option to host a Digital Evidence Management solution on-premise and is also available with platforms such as Azure and AWS or any cloud of preference. 
    • For government and law enforcement customers, VIDIZMO offers the option to leverage Azure Government and AWS Government platforms.  
  • Omnigo, on the other hand, is the only AWS platform to offer or otherwise on-premise solution.  

Try and Decide

Try and experience VIDIZMO to make a better decision for your organization for managing digital evidence.  

Click below to start your 7-day free trial today. 

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