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Achieve Robust Security & Compliance with VIDIZMO Audit Log

With Audit Logs, VIDIZMO users can minimize the risk of data breaches and efficiently comply with regulatory policies.

In a rapidly evolving world, where security and data privacy are an increasing concern for everyone from the users to the regulatory authorities, it is crucial for organizations to ensure their enterprise video platform is fully protected.

This is because the video platform is the hub of all the important content often dealing with sensitive data; if it is lost, misused or not handled efficiently then it can pose a significant threat to the company.

An audit log for videos assists in minimizing the risk of any breaches, to say the least. But before we go on, we can almost hear some of you asking ‘what is an audit log?’

What is an Audit Log?

An audit log is the chronological record of data, which registers the sequence of operations performed on the portal by any user. The operation could range from the tiniest activities to the grand scale changes in the system; everything is recorded automatically.

The audit log provides the trail of all security-relevant data. A user with Administrator or Manager user roles has access to track and monitor the activity of other users. Some of the data that is often recorded through audit logs includes IP addresses, timestamps, user details, and the action that was performed.

In video audit logs, some of the events that can be monitored are details of the content viewed, addition or deletion of new media or users, formation of collections and creation of a new portal, among many more details.

Audit Log in VIDIZMO

The audit log system in VIDIZMO records every activity that is performed on the system. Users with Administrator and Manager roles can keep an eye on the video audit logs.

Plus, they can download and export the entire table of logs and add, modify, edit, or delete data based on their preferences, which gives the administrators and managers the flexibility to view them offline and use these logs for various reports.


The logs in VIDIZMO document a range of details related to each event that occurs in the system. It records the following variables:

  1. Event: Any action performed by the user which affects the functionality of the Portal. Such as uploading a video, viewing, commenting, and so on and so forth.
  2. IP Address:  Address of the machine which was used to trigger the specific event. 
  3. User: Name of the person whose account was used to perform the event. 
  4. Subject Type: The scope of the event that has been triggered for better understanding and review.
  5. Description: A brief summary of the outcome of the performed action. 
  6. Date & Time: The date and time of the particular event that was triggered and the chronological sequence of events.  
  7. Details: Additional information that triggered the event.

In addition to the range of information, VIDIZMO also offers filters. This helps in quickly finding the most relevant information.

Administrators, Managers and Moderators can track activity performed by a particular user or from a particular IP address, or a specific event, and so on. The sleek user interface of the VIDIZMO portal organizes the information in an easily readable form.

Audit logs are just one of many data governance features provided by VIDIZMO to ensure broad coverage of all major industry and regional compliances.

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Why Video Audit Logs Are Important?

Audit logs could be of great significance for various industries as it ensures maximum security. It assists in the provision of the baseline data required for performance analysis, measuring efficiency, or data collection for investigative purposes.

The importance of audit trails varies from organization to organization, but generally, the data acquired through the logs can help with resource utilization, planning and strategizing future workflows, risk management, employee policy compliance or criminal investigation.

Some of the many uses of VIDIZMO Audit Logs can be categorized as follows: 

User Accountability

Monitoring all the users at all times is not an easy task. With an audit log system in place, companies can safely choose to be risk-averse. An audit log provides the complete trail that no user can bypass.

Every activity is recorded; therefore, compliance with the policy is easier and, in case of non-compliance, the administrator has hard numbers for proof. Everything becomes transparent for the administrator as well as the users.

Problem Identification

Mistakes are inevitable. However, finding their source and correcting them can take up a lot of time. A video audit log that is both comprehensive and readily accessible can be examined very easily for troubleshooting purposes.

Intrusion Detection

In the same manner, if there is suspicious activity recorded on VIDIZMO, it can be traced with just a few clicks. It is convenient to notice vulnerabilities and protect the system from security breaches. It can also help in monitoring any emerging threat that could be detrimental to the security of the organization or its data.

Regulatory Compliance

Not only is audit logging essential for businesses and their productivity but also for some industries, it is mandatory by the government to incorporate it into their content management systems.  VIDIZMO offers robust security along with compliance for various regulatory authorities, such as HIPAA, FINRA, and the SEC.  

For Health Industry

According to HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), every organization that deals with patient’s data including hospitals, healthcare providers, health insurance companies or any business that has access to “protected health information (PHI)” of the patient have to ensure that the CMS they are using has audit log feature.

HIPAA compliance is important for any organization in the health industry as they deal with sensitive data of the patients. VIDIZMO's HIPAA-compliant video platform helps you avoid leakage or misuse with video audit logs that enforce a mechanism of accountability.

For Enterprises & Financial Institutions

Much like the health industry, the Finance Industry has its own set of rules that promotes audit logs.

According to FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), all equity trading businesses should submit a plan which should contain details of the implementation of an audit log system.

VIDIZMO’s video audit log system is built with these details in mind so that companies can deploy it without having to worry about these issues.

VIDIZMO Understands Industry Standards 

Almost all enterprises rely on audit logs with varying degrees for security, compliance, and efficient content management through enterprise video platforms. A primary reason for this is to comply with government regulations, as it is mandatory for various internal and external audits.

A video audit log is a crucial tool to timely identify and defend against any breach. There are numerous benefits for organizations that deal with critically sensitive data. Essentially, the following industries must implement an effective audit log system in their enterprise video platform:

  • Finance  
  • Health 
  • Education 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Manufacturing & Design 
  • Insurance 
  • Government Agencies 

An accurate audit log brings clarity and transparency to the workflow, as everyone is held accountable, and there is minimal risk of any intrusion, subsequently leading to a unified and secure video CMS that keeps everyone on the same page without having to worry about security or regulatory compliance.

For a detailed exploration of modern-day Enterprise Video Platform read A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.


If you would like to know how VIDIZMO can address your company’s  Enterprise Video Content Management and Platform challenges, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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