Turn Streaming Videos into Text: AI for Automatic Video Transcription!

Here's how you can automatically generate transcriptions for audio & video content, & these transcripts improve search, help meet compliances & save time!

Automatic transcription is valuable for organizations as it helps increase video accessibility and searchability across all digital mediums while utilizing fewer resources. While traditional automatic transcription tools were inaccurate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled new video transcription tools to transcribe audio and video with almost human-level expertise. But why invest in a AI-enabled transcriptions? What benefits does it have to offer? 

Video transcription, which involves the conversion of spoken audio to readable and indexable text, is gaining momentum among enterprises as digital data continues to increase in size and complexity. Closed captions or subtitles, which appear onscreen make streaming videos accessible to a wide audience.


Why transcribe and caption streaming videos?

The obvious question for most enterprise customers is if it is worth investing in automatic video transcription services for their digital content.

How transcribing videos affect views?

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Here’s why digital content should have video transcription and closed captions supporting audio and streaming video content:

Increase content searchability:

With organizations opting for unified content management portals, systems or learning management systems to store all their digital media, automatic audio and video transcription becomes necessary to improve indexing and search for such files – which would otherwise be extremely difficult to locate in a sea of digital media. This becomes even more important when data is stored on numerous servers or folders across disjointed platforms.

With video transcription, digital content becomes easily navigable across any platform where it is stored, so much so that users can scan an entire streaming video library for a specific keyword used in a video or even jump to an exact point in a video by simply clicking on a word in the transcript.

Increase content accessibility:

Video transcription and closed captioning increase your content’s reach and accessibility to a wide audience, regardless of disabilities such as hearing impairments. According to NIDCD, approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing, while varying estimates reflect that 70 million of the world’s population is profoundly deaf. Digital marketers, therefore, should take into account that not all internet users have the ability to easily hear or see their content, and make accommodations for a diversely abled customer base.

Adjust to changing user preferences:

According to a study by the United Kingdom’s Ofcom, 80% of television viewers used closed captions for reasons other than hearing loss, and captioning benefits a lot more individuals than just those who require them for accessibility.

Facilitate online learning environments:

In e-learning scenarios, video transcription allows viewers to access content from a video in multiple formats, depending on their needs or preference. This is vital from an accessibility point of view and provides students flexibility while engaging in e-learning courses, in line with universal design for learning (UDL). While some students prefer streaming videos, others might want to read or even download transcripts, depending on their learning style. The availability of transcripts also counters any internet connectivity issues on the user’s end.

Broaden marketing potential:

Digital marketers can also use video transcription to increase the SEO of their streaming videos regarding product demos, services, etc., which helps define their brand in more compelling ways. Such adaptations also help a business stand out from the noise and clutter in the digital landscape.

Evidence management efficiency:

With the surge of digital evidence in law enforcement, defense, insurance, public sector, and private sector, there are a lot of streaming video files captured, processed, and shared in these industries on a daily basis. Making such content shareable and presentation-ready for an audience, such as courtroom presentations, requires both, video transcription and subtitles to fulfill content-sharing needs or other procedural requirements.

Viewability in sound-sensitive settings:

The proliferation of handheld devices has created instances where audio needs to be muted in quiet spaces such as a workplace or even noisy public places, increasing user reliance on video transcriptions or closed captions in such surroundings.

Reach a global audience:

Closed captioning can also accommodate a multi-lingual audience as these transcripts can be translated automatically by VIDIZMO in multiple languages.  

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What video transcription services does VIDIZMO offer?

Automatic video transcription through AI

VIDIZMO's video transcription and closed captioning services

VIDIZMO offers automatic video transcription services using AI technology that recognizes the words in a conversation as well as a person does.

WCAG 2.0, guideline 1.2.2, Captions (Prerecorded) states “Captions are provided for all prerecorded audio content insynchronized media, except when the media is a media alternative for text and is clearly labeled as such”. VIDIZMO is compliant with this requirement for people with hearing disabilities offering features like closed captioning and transcriptions. 

Captioning is significant in terms of providing video accessibility in various ways. It aids deaf or people with impaired hearing to watch videos and helps them concentrate on and learn the information constructively. 

VIDIZMO’s video transcription feature helps you automatically transcript all streaming videos and audio so keywords can be searched to quickly jump to the required or relevant parts in the video. It saves numerous hours that would otherwise be spent scrambling through long videos, which can now be indexed with the help of auto-generated video transcriptions. Additionally, VIDIZMO enables video transcription editing to adjust minor errors. 

However, these are not the only features VIDIZMO provides, there are many more.

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