Grow Your Prospects with Video for Sales – A Short Guide

Learn how video for sales is an important means for your brand and how VIDIZMO works as video for sales platform

Want to know why video selling is a powerful tool in your arsenal? That is because video for sales is the key. Customers often look on contextually by viewing videos first, leading to a smooth buying decision and experience. The secret recipe behind the success of ever-growing sales businesses is that they keep their marketing and sales aligned. According to a study, 32% of organizations use video for sales.

Since the pandemic and today’s remote world, video for sales has been flourishing rather than meeting in person. With the right online platform such as VIDIZMO, video can also bring in prospects and be monitored at every stage of the sales cycle.

So, in this blog, we have listed down its benefits, how video helps in the sales process and how you can optimize your marketing videos for sales. Furthermore, we will be discussing the need for a video for sales strategy and how platforms like VIDIZMO can boost your sales.

Benefits of Using Video for Sales

Why does video bring in more prospects? Here are the benefits of using video for sales

  • Video is more engaging and interactive, as people watch an average of 16 hour of online video per week.
  • Video is much more memorable; Viewers can retain 95% of the message when they watch a video.
  • Video for sales increases brand awareness. 86% of people would like to see more videos from brands.
  • Save the time of your sales reps by using on-demand videos of product briefs and demos.
  • Social media loves video; video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. 

Video In the Sales Process

Video tends to boost higher conversion rates. It excels all the tiers of the sales cycle from the top of the funnel to the bottom while guiding deals to closure. Here is how video plays a part in the sales process.

  • Grab Attention

First and foremost, catch the attention of the prospect. Emails containing videos are more likely to be clicked with a captivating thumbnail. Since human attention span lasts 8 seconds, it is important to use video in an appealing way. You can also add some branding elements to the video such as by using your logo, using a slogan maker for an attractive brand voice, etc.

  • Value prop

Once you are successful in grabbing attention, explain your unique selling point and value proposition with the help of engaging visuals rather than explaining via a lengthy paragraph or PDF. Give a brief overview of your product and explain the reason behind reaching out.

  • Follow up

Follow up and walk through the previous iterations to make sure the deal is very much alive, and the prospect is still interested in the product or service.

  • Close the deal

By the time you are going to close the deal, the prospect will grow accustomed to your face and brand. Have them come on a live stream or show them some on-demand videos keeping them clear and concise. If you are at the end of the sales tier, you will likely close the deal.

In short, when things need explanation, the video makes it simple and easy.


What Type of Marketing Video Will help the Sales Team?

  • Product Video

You can tell a story, show off your product or show a pain point you addressed with the help of your product video. An engaging product video may help shorten the sales process. If the product has new features, ask your sales team to share those features directly with the prospects. See how VIDIZMO does it

A girl explaining a product

We at VIDIZMO, also use video to explain our product to prospects.
Find out how we effectively use videos for product brief

  • Webinars

Webinars have been widely used since the pandemic. The dealings with customers on webinars are recorded and embedded on the brands’ websites. The recordings can be attached to an email and sent out, tracked, and later followed up by the sales team.

Guy attending a webinar

  • Customer Stories

Buyers always search for a review, feedback, customer stories or case studies in order to validate the product, which eventually plays a vital role in customers’ buying decisions. With video as a medium for customer stories, it’s not only words, but people’s sentiments portrayed visually. Your sales team can share the video with the prospect to further guide the customers.


Video For Sales Needs a Sales Strategy

For the most part, sale strategy is about the strategy of experimenting and making the successful one the best practice. For example, sending an email with a catchy thumbnail to potential prospects according to their time zone gets a great response. The whole team will keep this in account when sending the next email.

While experimenting strategy can be effective, keeping track and analyzing them with the help of analytics can make the difference. A salesperson should always know the click-through rate, average response rate, and what tactic is giving the desired results. This can be shared with the rest of the team, thus reducing team efforts and making the process fast.

VIDIZMO As a Video for Sales Platform

Why not let an enterprise video content platform for sales and marketing do it for you? After all you have to tell a story before you can sell a story - Beth Comstock.

Why not do it with our solution VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube. Wait.....! What is an EnterpriseTube? What's a better way that explaining it to you through a video 😀


VIDIZMO, a Gartner recognized video platform, helps you upload and stream videos to generate leads, manage every prospect, conduct webinars to showcase your product and shorten your sales cycle.        

You can integrate your existing CRM with VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube, stay notified on the in-video form submission and collect information through data tracking. Keep your customers updated on the latest features you are rolling out, different offers or any other information that will keep your audience engage by conducting webinars or live streams. Even let the attendees connect with a sales rep on the go.

You can have your marketing videos interactive by adding quizzes, forms and surveys. This will increase engagement. The engagement can be tracked through analytics and user-activity reports. This will help you keep up with buyers’ journey and therefore shorten the sales cycle.

Well, that’s not the only thing VIDIZMO provides. You can do much more with our platform, upload, store, manage and stream videos live and on-demand for all end-to-end business use cases for external and internal audiences. 

Learn today and make the most of our free trial.

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Posted by Bareerah Shoukat

Bareerah is a product strategist at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming technologies. She helps businesses create marketing content that connects with their audience.

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