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5 Ways Videos Can Improve Healthcare

Learn about how hospitals and paramedical staff use videos and enterprise video platforms for communication, management, and training purposes.

Healthcare has evolved over the past decade where technology is an essential tool for improving efficiency, minimizing costs, and getting favourable outcomes, etc. The healthcare professionals such as doctors, paramedical staff, and pharmacists, etc. consider communication to be of utmost importance are finding that the benefits of staying up to date with technological enhancements.

The sector has been relatively fast when it comes to adopting mobile access, wireless functionality, analytics and cloud storage. Moreover, the doctors and patients are making use of video-driven remote interactions for diagnosis, remote treatment, and prescribing medicines.  On the other hand, hospitals are using videos to govern their business operations. Thus, video-based content has become an invaluable asset for the healthcare fraternity; it assists in offering optimum care to remote patients globally.


Employee Training

Training is extremely important in the healthcare sector since treatments, diagnosis and technology are constantly evolving; healthcare professionals need to be well equipped to stay ahead of the curve. Hospitals have difficulty in conducting training sessions for its employees since doctors and other professionals are mostly busy to draw time out of their busy schedules to attend such courses.

By creating an online video portal for training, employees can access content as per their convenience. With the help of videos, large training sessions can be conducted on diversified topics as per the needs of healthcare professionals.VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

Patient Follow-Ups

Doctors find it extremely difficult to offer the same care once a patient has been discharged. Many times, patients require being reminded about prescribed medicines, therapy or care. Moreover, patients with mobility issues can also not afford to be transported to the hospital frequently. Patients suffering from medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s could particularly benefit from visual stimulations that helps them deal with their conditions better 

With videos, doctors can ensure that the patients are complying with the treatment. Doctors can upload videos on an enterprise video portal and patients can access information about the treatment, precautions, etc.

Seamless Internal Communication

They are fewer chances of collaboration at healthcare facilities in contrast to workplaces. This underscores the need for an Enterprise YouTube solution to strengthen internal communication. Departments are generally working in isolation where one employee has no contact with the other.

Bolstering employee communication with the help of an employee video portal can assist in knowledge sharing and collaboration. Sharing knowledge through videos minimizes the chances of misinterpretation and facilitates productive outcomes.

Streamlining Resources

Healthcare professionals are required to collaborate with another specialist for diagnosis and treatment several times. It becomes extremely hard for patients to transfer to and fro It is equally harder for doctors to communicate on the fly when wanting a second opinion or to better understand a particular diagnosis. Using Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems allows them to essentially  . By making use of videos, healthcare providers can record the relevant details and get feedback from other specialists on the subject. Other consultants do not have to physically visit the patient but can simply give their input saving cost and time.

Saves Cost

One of the most important factors to take into consideration for the healthcare fraternity is the cost reduction they will benefit from. Doctors can see images of their patients at anytime from anywhere and can collaborate with the in-house team for further treatment.

This minimizes the cost involved in travelling. As mentioned earlier, video training also saves cost since employees can be at diverse locations but still can leverage the resources. Moreover, hospitals can also play their part in lowering the carbon footprint significantly while saving in tangible monetary costs in addition.

Enterprise video portals are making their way in the healthcare sector and VIDIZMO provides an out-of-the-box video solution to ensure a smooth video experience. Doctors can upload video content and can track patient’s activity with the help of advanced analytics whereas hospitals can ensure swift work mechanism via video training and smooth internal communication. At the same time, VIDIZMO offers HIPAA compliant video platform to ensure sensitive patient data is not breached.

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