VIDIZMO: An Alternative to Genetec

Comparing two top-notch contenders of the digital evidence management system market, VIDIZMO and Genetec, on a feature by feature analysis.

With an ever-increasing amount of digital evidence, the market of systems designed to handle, manage, store, and share this critical form of data has expanded, especially in the past few decades. Several contenders have stepped forward in the market with their own specialized solutions to counteract the problems faced by various law enforcement organizations when it comes down to digital evidence.

Contenders in the IDC MarketScape 2020

The IDC MarketScape 2020 has recognized a select few solutions amongst these that provide diverse and complete solutions for digital evidence management needs. Today, we will be conducting an analysis of two solutions that go head-to-head amongst the mentions of the IDC MarketScape – VIDIZMO DEMS and Genetec Clearance.

Recognized in IDC MarketScape*, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines the process of securing, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing ever-increasing digital evidence.

Both products are designed to distinctly fill the gap in the field of law enforcement and digital evidence management. Let’s explore them further on a comparative, thorough analysis to better understand their current standing in the domain.

A Feature Based Comparative Analysis

AI-Based Features

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Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, wrote an essay over a decade ago addressing “Why Software Is Eating The World?” And today, we see that happening faster than ever, as Artificial Intelligence becomes the pinnacle of modern-day technology. All software providers working with the latest technologies look to automize the solution they offer with the power of a computer’s synthetic cognitive capabilities.

The same applies to digital evidence management solutions. Both VIDIZMO and Genetec make use of AI to automate their existing processes and add in a multitude of new features for better efficiency of the tool altogether.

VIDIZMO makes use of AI to automate its redaction process through on-demand face detection, alongside manual redaction. This increases the efficiency of the redaction process while decreasing the time frame necessary to complete the task. VIDIZMO also offers automatic transcription and translation for audio and video-based uploads, which redaction is available for audio, video, and images.

Like VIDIZMO, Genetec too provides a redaction feature which employs both manual and automatic redaction simultaneously. However, Genetec does not incorporate any kind of transcription, translation, or speech-to-text conversion feature in their products. They do, however, have text-to-speech in a product called Sipelia, a corporate communications management system.

Deployment Options

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VIDIZMO offers versatile options when it comes to deployment of any of their solutions. Be it as SaaS, in a government cloud or commercial cloud, through a tenant in Azure, or even on-premises in a private data center of your choice and preference, VIDIZMO can deploy itself anywhere.

Learn more about VIDIZMO Deployment Models.

Genetec does not offer this flexibility as they are more oriented towards deployment of Genetec Clearance as a cloud-based digital evidence management solution. However, Genetec offers many other products under its umbrella which includes Genetec Security Center well. Several of these are not cloud-based solutions.

Diversity Of Features

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VIDIZMO DEMS carries a large array of features dedicated to making evidence handling and other law enforcement processes easier and more efficient. We will talk a bit more on the full list of features later in this blog.

Genetec provides several features in Genetec Clearance that are dedicated to evidence management. However, when compared to VIDIZMO, Genetec falls short in terms of what it has to offer.

A Complete Solution

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System is a complete tool dedicated to bringing ease and efficiency when it comes down to law enforcement processes, in particular evidence management. All features are integrated within a single platform, with certain features such as the redaction tool also available as a standalone solution.

Genetec, however, is a very segmented solution provider. While Genetec Clearance may be their evidence management system for evidence handling and management, Genetec has several key features spread across their other products such as Genetec Security Center and Genetec Omnicast.

Market Scope

law enforcement public safety

VIDIZMO have been experts in everything video for around two decades and established a strong understanding of the topic, working around solutions for every potential problem that may be presented from clients and current market demands. This stems from their enterprise video content management platform, EnterpriseTube, and thus gives them the expertise to handle digital evidence as well using their Digital Evidence Management System.

Genetec on the other hand, despite being a major player in the digital evidence management domain, faces a setback due to their extremely diverse nature. Genetec are primarily experts in the department of public safety, covering domains of a broad range, such as transportation and retail. They do not particularly specialize when it comes to dealing with video content.

Case Mapping

Case mapping is a feature in which case folders, that have been given a location attribute, are mapped as cases on a virtual map. This is especially useful for law enforcement who try to study regional data to determine the rise (and fall) of certain types or trends in crime in a particular region.

Genetec has this feature integrated into their systems. VIDIZMO, on the other hand, does not have it integrated yet but plans to release it soon.

Software User Experience

VIDIZMO DEMS, despite being a detailed complete solution with a large array of features, is simple in terms of its user interface. This makes the tool less complex to use and adds to a user-friendly experience.

Genetec on the other hand, has a simple user-interface. However, at first glance, Genetec Clearance’s user interface gives the idea of it carrying a limited number of features. Even when explored, we find that certain features surrounding digital evidence are not to be found in Clearance but rather in Security Center or some other Genetec product.

Information Disclosure

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VIDIZMO is excellent at putting out word regarding the products they take pride in. Through several channels, including the website, blogs, help site, social media channels, press releases, newsletters, and much more, VIDIZMO shares up to date intel about their feature releases, developments, and other advancements.

Genetec maintains a well-established website of theirs along with a blog and certain other channels of pushing out information to the public. However, one flaw observed is that Genetec does not allow the general public to have access to detailed feature-based information available on certain channels, restricting it to only existing customers or people holding a Genetec account. While on one hand it may seem like a security measure, in reality it backfires for Genetec in terms of their marketing.

People don’t buy something like a DEM system before they feel like they know everything there is to know.

Concluding Our Analysis

With our thorough comparison of the two products done, we can pen down a conclusion in terms of choosing a digital evidence management solution. If your organization is looking for a solution that works in the vast domain of public safety and is not particularly inclined towards specialized features dedicated to digital evidence management, then the products Genetec has to offer may meet your requirements. However, since Genetec is not specialized for providing you with a complete digital evidence management system, you should opt for an option which offers both completeness and specialization as experts in the field.

Wait! Before you even think of switching out of the tab, let us let you know that the perfect solution awaits you right here!

VIDIZMO DEMS is a complete solution packed with features that are dedicated to solving the issues law enforcers face when working with digital evidence data, handling it, security in terms of its storage and sharing and much more!

“Consolidate and Manage All Digital Evidence in One System 

Here is a brief list entailing the features VIDIZMO DEMS has to offer – alongside what we have already discussed above.

  • A solution powered by AI to provide you the state-of-the-art solutions for automatic redaction, automatic monolingual and multilingual transcription, translation, meta data tagging and more.
  • Flexibility in terms of deployment over the cloud, commercial or government, as a SaaS solution, or in a datacenter of your choice as an on-premises solution.
  • Excellent secure video hosting by providing security of files stored in both transit and at rest through integration of AES-256 encryption, as well as optional DRM support.
  • Integration of SHA protocol to provide law enforcement with tamper detection of evidence files.
  • A proper audit trail maintained through chain of custody, as well as separate user-based access, role-based access and special permissions to eliminate unauthorized access of evidence files.
  • Advanced search-inside video through the use of annotations, closed captions and meta data present in video.
  • Integrations with an existing RMS, CMS and other systems through widgets or API based integration.
  • Allow for ingestion from multiple sources of media such as CCTVs, dashcams, body cams, mobile phones, and more.
  • Coverts proprietary codecs and file types and transcodes them into playable formats and multiple qualities to allow smooth playback on all devices.
  • A system that meets the compliance requirements set by legal frameworks such as the CJIS, FedRAMP, GDPR, CRoC, HIPAA, and others.
  • Secure sharing of evidence with multiple access restriction options available such as shareable link generation with a predefined expiry.

Do you wish to dive into further details? Be sure to check out our Digital Evidence Management feature page by clicking here.

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