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VIDIZMO Application Deployment: Let’s Talk Implementation & Timeframes

Find out VIDIZMO's video platform's deployment options including SaaS, cloud, on-premise, and hybrid as well as the implementation details and timeframes.

VIDIZMO offers one of the industry’s fastest on-premises and cloud deployments, along with the flexibility of a hybrid implementation where some application components are installed on-premises and the rest on the cloud. VIDIZMO allows customers to choose from several deployment options to suit each customer’s unique business, technical and compliance requirements. Following is a breakdown of each deployment model:

SaaS – Shared Cloud

VIDIZMO application can be deployed in a SaaS model in our shared cloud within 30 seconds. Customer pays a single price including Base Software, User CALs, and limited Storage, Encoding, Streaming under a single subscription of one or more tenants in VIDIZMO Software hosted and managed in a multi-tenant environment. However, if a shared SaaS cloud environment does not meet the compliance and security requirements for a customer, a dedicated deployment may be preferred.

Customer-Provided Cloud

In a ‘Bring-your-own-cloud’ model, we can host and deploy VIDIZMO video platform in any cloud service provider of a customer’s choice. This could be any cloud provider, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google, among others. The customer pays only for VIDIZMO software and professional services to install and manage the solution, negotiating directly with their cloud provider of choice (Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and more) for cloud consumption costs (storage, streaming, encoding, etc.). Using their own cloud, the customer retains the ability to enforce their preferred security and compliance policies.

VIDIZMO-Provided Cloud

VIDIZMO provides and manages a dedicated cloud and is responsible for both the solution and cloud consumption. VIDIZMO can enforce any specific policies on the environment on the customers’ behalf.

Private Cloud, Data Center Implementation

Customer purchases VIDIZMO software and Client Access Licenses (CAL) and manages installation and configuration on their own. VIDIZMO professional services team can be engaged to install the software, but the customer retains full control over deployment

On-Premises Implementation

When an organization works with sensitive data and has strict compliance requirements, or when the enterprise solution must integrate with other applications that are not exposed to the internet, an on-premises implementation may be preferred. Just as with the Private Cloud implementation, customer purchases VIDIZMO software and CAL and deploys the solution as they see fit.

How Long Does a Dedicated Deployment Take?

VIDIZMO shared cloud deployments can be performed by the customer themselves in just 30 seconds with our self-installable approach, while dedicated deployments could take anywhere from 4 hours to months, depending on how customers manage the project and align it with internal corporate structure. VIDIZMO deployment process itself is designed to be completed in 4 hours.

Before beginning the deployment phase, VIDIZMO conducts (with Managed Implementation) a thorough analysis of customer requirements and infrastructure and creates an implementation plan with time estimates. The estimates can vary widely based on the customer’s internal corporate structure and agility of project management approach.

The installation timeline can be divided in two distinct groups:

  • Time taken to install VIDIZMO software
  • Time taken for the organization to request and access resources required to complete installation

In a standard dedicated deployment, VIDIZMO can be deployed within 4 hours. However, the actual time taken for implementation in an organization can vary widely based on how ownership of various IT systems, required for VIDIZMO implementation, are distributed across various teams, and how these teams collaborate.

We have analyzed some of our most complex dedicated deployments to identify the following factors that add to implementation time:

  1. Deployment Scope
  2. Access Rights and Permissions
  3. Customizations
  4. Stakeholder Buy-In on Project Scope
  5. Internal Corporate Structure and Processes
  6. Deploying on an Isolated Network

VIDIZMO’s approach to implementation is to make it so simple that anyone can use the installation wizard and look at available documentation on our support site to deploy the solution themselves within a couple of days, whether it’s on the cloud, on-premises, or both.

Our recommendations for streamlining VIDIZMO deployments in a Managed Pilot are as follows:

  1. Validate scope, establish desired outcomes
  2. Conduct current state analysis
  3. Identify key constraints, risks and gaps
  4. Identify improvements
  5. Define implementation scope and project cost

If you would like to explore details about the above-mentioned factors that determine deployment timelines and implementation scope, read our whitepaper VIDIZMO Video Platform Deployment: Installation Models, Implementations, and Timelines or contact us today to discuss your company’s specific deployment requirements and specifications. 


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