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VIDIZMO as Alternative to Quetel TraQ for Digital Evidence Management

Which One is Better VIDIZMO DEMS or Quetel DEMS? This Article Compare Both Alternatives and Competitors in Terms of their Key Features.

If you are keen to know about one of the top-notch alternatives for Quetel TraQ in the market, you are in the right place.

VIDIZMO presents a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), that ingests digital evidence from a variety of sources such as body-worn cameras, drones, CCTV footage etc.

It provides features including automatic multilingual transcription and translation of digital evidence, automatic detection, and redaction of personal sensitive information, role-based access control, secure sharing of digital evidence, tamper detection, chain of custody and more.

VIDIZMO DEMS is deployable on-premises, on the Government cloud (Azure, AWS or Commercial cloud, or in the hybrid infrastructure and adheres to compliances such as CJIS, FOIA GDPR and more.

On the other hand, Quetel TraQ offers a CJIS compliant Digital Evidence Management System that helps to upload all kinds of digital evidence in the form of documents, images, audios, and videos in one portal.

Its features include easy search and sharing of files, evidence analysis, ensuring evidence integrity through tamper detection and chain of custody reports, automatic transcription of notes, interviews, etc.

Which One is Better? VIDZIMO DEMS or Quetel TraQ DEMS?

This blog will compare both in terms of their key features.

Annotation of Critical Information in Digital Evidence


VIDIZMO can add annotations to digital files. You can highlight or mark any critical information, for example highlighting a person in a video and marking him as a suspect. In this way, you can collaborate and share information that is relevant to the case with other officers quickly.

image showing annotation feature of vidizmo

Quetel TraQ DEMS

While Quetel TraQ DEMS offers a considerably basic file annotation feature, there is not enough information available on their website regarding file annotation.

AI-Based Multilingual Transcription and Translation


VIDIZMO DEMS offers a comprehensive feature of multilingual transcription of digital evidence using artificial intelligence services. This feature allows users to quickly search within digital evidence through spoken words or phrases.

With VIDIZMO DEMS, you can transcribe digital evidence in up to 40 languages and translate them into 50+ languages. A single video or audio can be transcribed and translated into 4 languages simultaneously.

Quetel TraQ DEMS

It allows users to automatically transcribe interviews or officer notes into a form that can be edited as the text of case reports. But much of the information is not available on their website about multilingual transcription or translation. 

They are probably not capable of automatically transcribing and translating digital recordings into different languages other than English. 

Automatic Detection and Redaction of PII


VIDIZMO DEMS can automatically detect and redact faces, bodies, license plates and other personal identifiers in video files before sharing them in public. You can specifically mute an audio clip containing sensitive information in audio recordings. You can redact multiple files simultaneously. 

With automatic detection and redaction capabilities, it offers a manual redaction option with automatic redaction for more accuracy and efficiency. 

Quetel TraQ DEMS

Quetel TraQ DEMS can redact confidential information in digital files. Its redaction tool can analyze video frames to change colors and provide blurring, embossing and edge detection options. It can integrate with photoshop and adobe premiere as well. 

Role-based Access Control


VIDIZMO provides users with a remarkable feature of role-based access control and ensures the privacy of digital evidence at all levels. 

Users can access the portal with six authorized roles such as administrator, contributor, moderator, viewer etc. with default access permissions. The Administrator is the portal owner and can block the download option for some users and change access permissions whenever needed. 

image showing user roles in VIDIZMO DEMS Portal


Quetel TraQ DEMS

It provides role-based access to the application. For example, granting access permission to the prosecutor to view the digital evidence but does not clarify much about that feature in detail. 

Final Verdict

Finding competent vendor-agnostic DEM software and adopting best practices for handling and managing digital evidence can be overwhelming most of the time.

However, VIDIZMO offers IDC Marketspace recognized Digital Evidence Management System with a wide range of features.

Image of VIDIZMO DEMS Portal

It provides the following features:

  • Collection of digital evidence from various sources such as body cams, dash cams, CCTV, aerial vehicles such as drones etc.
  • Unlimited digital evidence uploading from any device and creation of multiple case folders for all forms of digital evidence including videos, audios, images and documents.
  • Assign custom attributes such as case no, docket no or relevant agency tags for quick search within the digital evidence.
  • Generate automatic tags to each evidence file using artificial intelligence.
  • A-I powered automatic detection of faces, bodies, weapons including guns & rifles and custom objects, inmate tracking, and video redaction of all personal identifiers adhere with the compliances like GDPR, HIPPA, CJIS, FOIA.
  • Mute or bleep personally identifiable information in an audio recording before disclosure with third parties.
  • Highlight areas of interest or critical information with annotations and comments.
  • Ensure evidence is original and not being tampered with through the determination of cryptographic hash values.
  • Secure handling and sharing of digital evidence with end-to-end encryption, encryption at rest or in transit.
  • Automatic multilingual transcription and translation of digital evidence.
  • Flexible deployment options: on the commercial cloud, Government cloud (Azure, AWS), on-premises or in a hybrid infrastructure.

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