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7 Ways Webinars Can Be Used In Employee Training

7 Ways Webinars Can Be Used In Employee Training.jpg

Enterprises are competing in a highly volatile global market where they are constantly coming up with ways to minimize cost, streamline operations and increase productivity. The competition in the corporate sector is cutting edge where enterprises have to battle it out to sustain and thrive. Training of employees is extremely important but in most cases conducting training sessions becomes a hassle due to its high cost and time constraints. By making use of a webinar, companies can save time and costs involved in traveling while ensuring that the collaborative benefits of training remain intact.

A webinar is a seminar taking place over the Internet. Through a webinar, enterprises share knowledge, information, and resources amongst participants. Today, enterprises are not comfortable in conducting in-person meetings, events, training, demonstrations, etc. since they are not cost and time efficient. However, with a webinar, enterprises can curb on costs and use time effectively and intrigue a broader audience.

With the help of an enterprise video platform, enterprises can conduct live streaming training sessions which can also be stored on-demand. This makes training a one-time expense where participants and employees can leverage the content as per need.


Here are a few ways webinars can be helpful in training employees:

Empowers employees to try new endeavors

Many times employees are reluctant to try new things since there are high chances of mishaps and blunders. However, with webinars, employees can be encouraged to try new things under the supervision and guidance of a trainer.

Wholesome training experience

Webinars make training and learning faster since trainers can involve several employees at once. Virtual product demonstrations, motivational sessions, etc. can be given to a potentially larger audience for more profound results. Moreover, it is easier to transfer knowledge via webinars since information can be broken down into bite-sized, digestible chunks.

Employee participation

Employees tend to get inspired by the reactions of their colleagues. Good enterprise video platforms enable participants to submit questions, polls, surveys to garner feedback and answer questions in real-time. When a peer asks questions, others get comfortable with their concerns and curiosities and are more likely to participate. Moreover, employees are more likely to raise their concerns virtually instead of a physical audience.

Involve your workforce

With webinars, all employees, be it remote, disbursed or in-premise can take advantage of the training. Moreover, the content can be stored on an enterprise video platform which can be later accessed on-demand whenever required. In such a scenario, travel costs go down substantially, and the funds can be used for other productive activities

Regulated flow of information

With webinars, trainers can target specific departments by customizing the content in compliance with their needs to improve productivity. This ensures that only relevant information surfaces to the concerned party.

Improve employee relationships

Many times, employees feel disconnected with the top executives. However, webinars can strengthen their relations with the management. Roundtable sessions, meetings, educational sessions help minimize employee turnover and increase loyalty.

Storage on-demand

By storing content on-demand, you can train a generation of employees. Employees can go through previous training sessions as if they were present.

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