7 Ways Using Webinars Help Create Effective Employee Training Content

Educate your employees by webinars for training while eliminating costs involved in in-person training. Read to know more benefits of webinar trainings.

In this day and age, organizations that do not have employee training and growth at the forefront of their corporate objectives are left miles behind their competition. A McKinsey Global Institute’s research showed that, by 2030, the prevalence of AI and automation would force an estimated 375 million employees to either change their occupation or learn new skills. ​ Hence, organizations should train these knowledge workers to reskill or upskill to take over more analytical roles that require a greater degree of human thought-process. Employees usually view training as a dull lesson in which the instructor drones on and on. Organizations must make the employee training process more engaging and accessible. This is where webinars come in. Organizations that use webinars for training can engage more employees while also reducing their expenses and saving trainers’ time.

Enterprises can use webinars for training to share knowledge, information, and resources with their workforces. Additionally. with the help of an enterprise video streaming platform, VIDIZMO, organizations can conduct live webinar training sessions. These can also be recorded and stored as an on-demand video for secure playback, after the webinar ends. This makes training a one-time expense where employees and other participants can leverage the content as per their need.

Need more reasons why your organizations should use webinars for employee training? Here are 7 critical reasons:

  • Use webinar training for greater employee participation

Employees tend to get easily influenced by the reactions of their colleagues. A good enterprise video streaming platform will enable participants to submit questions, polls, surveys to garner feedback and answer questions in real-time. When a peer asks questions, others are also encouraged to freely share their concerns and queries. Moreover, employees sometimes feel more comfortable in raising their concerns virtually.

  • Use webinars to make training content accessible for all employees

With webinars, all employees, be it remote, dispersed or on-premises, can take advantage of the training. In such a scenario, travel costs go down substantially, and the funds can be used for other productive activities. Moreover, the content can be stored on an enterprise video streaming platform to be accessed on-demand whenever required. It will also provide an option for the webinar to be automatically transcribed and the transcription to be translated into different languages. So, the training can truly be consumed by diverse employees worldwide.

  • Use webinars to conduct more relevant employee trainings

Trainers can use webinars to target specific departments by customizing the training content according to their needs. This ensures that only relevant information reaches each individual employee. This will automatically increase employees’ engagement in the training as it will be addressing their specific needs and giving them more value.

  • Use webinars to create collections of trainings for organizational knowledge management

On an enterprise video streaming platform, organizations can use webinars to create collections of recorded webinar training collections based on the main topics discussed in them or the department they are catering to. This will create a more personalized and seamless experience for all employees who can easily access this platform to view the relevant collections at their own time. It will also provide a central knowledge library that all employees can swiftly refer whenever they require help.

  • Continuously motivate employees with regular webinar trainings

    An employee looking energized and motivated while attending a webinar training

With the use of webinars for training eliminating the need of holding in-person training, organizations can create a practice of conducting regular webinars for continuous employee learning and growth. This practice will help the company create a culture of learning and instill growth mindset in all employees. These training sessions can also be used to bring together the whole organization and build a sense of community.

  • Webinar training improves collaborations between employees of different departments

Webinars are held virtually and, hence, can accommodate a greater number of employees within each session. Rather than splitting employees into different groups, all employees can freely choose the training they require and equally benefit from each training session rather than feeling left out. This also allows employees of different departments to interact with each other and collaborate for different activities in the webinars.

  • Use of webinar trainings will help employees interact with the higher management

Many times, employees feel disconnected from the top executives of their organizations. However, webinars can strengthen their relations with the management. Roundtable sessions, meetings, and educational sessions help minimize employee turnover, increase loyalty, and make employees feel valued.



With the above reasons, it must be apparent why the use of webinars for employee training is so valuable and why organizations should not be left behind in utilizing their potential. Amazon has taken on the initiative to retrain 100,000 employees by 2025. The scale of their initiative shows how truly important employee training is. Start conducting webinar training today to quickly improve your employees’ productivity. VIDIZMO, an enterprise video streaming platform, will help you amplify this success by allowing you to conduct, record, store, and manage these webinars in a highly secure and compliant environment. It will also give employees advanced searchability options through titles, manual and auto-tags, meta descriptions, and search within video through speech, face, and objects to easily find the relevant webinar training. By storing webinar training as on-demand content, you can train a generation of employees. Employees can go through previous webinar training sessions as if they were present.


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Posted by Sabika Tasneem

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