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How to set up Video Portals?

What is a video portal and why do we need one. And more importantly, how VIDIZMO can be used to set up one for yourself today at a great price.

No doubt video is one of the powerful yet persuasive mediums. An average person spends 3.7 hours a day on mobile devices watching videos. But there's this one thing about videos, where people prefer to browse and watch them in a Netflix or YouTube-style application. Or you could say, people prefer a video portal. 

Did you know? 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and half of it is video content.

Documents can be opened and edited through ordinary file-sharing systems like OneDrive, SharePoint, or Google Drive. But to effectively consume videos, your audience would prefer an application with appealing thumbnails, video search, recommendations, etc.

And when we talk about optimizing video for playback, that's another story. The crux of the matter is that you want your audience to be able to watch videos on any device, browser, with minimal or no buffering - just like they do on YouTube 😀.

To solve these challenges, you have specialized web applications or systems called video portals. And here's a picture of how one looks for if created for education using VIDIZMO.

A Screenshot of Video portal created for education

Interested in Creating a Video Portal?

Here's an example of one for an enterprise, which you can go and explore yourself.

This blog will give you a rundown of what is a video portal, its use cases and the different types. We also discuss our solution VIDIZMO, which can create a Private YouTube-like video portal for your organization in minutes. Even on the Cloud, or on-premise. So, let’s get to it.

What is a Video Portal?

So, what is a video portal? Let’s put this simply

“A video portal is a video content management system that provides access to various video sources with an interactive UI to upload and stream videos. The most familiar example would be YouTube."

In the same application content creators can upload, edit, organize and maintain videos. Viewers (logged in or anonymous) can then watch videos through a Netflix-type UI. They get video-specific features such as closed captions, preview thumbnails, video quality options, recommendations and more. 

A screenshot of the Video Playback page in VIDIZMO


Video Portal Use Cases - How Does it Help?

The most obvious use for one is that you can set up a Netflix-style application to stream movies and TV shows to your audience. But there's even more than you can do. 

Organizations can use a video portal to train their employees, share important announcements, or share recorded meetings. 

NEC Japan uses VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube to Make Recorded Meetings Available On-Demand in a Centralized Portal - Read More on This Story

Here are a few video portal use cases:

Types of Video Portals

Based on our research, we found that video portals essentially fall into two broad categories. These are external portals and internal portals.

  • External portals

External video portals are mainly used for sharing and distribution to public audiences.

Organizations can use these to share videos such as product demos or brand awareness videos that people worldwide can watch directly or via links shared on socials. However, external video portals are not secure as compared to internal because anyone with the link to view the video can access it. 

Examples include YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo.

  • Internal Video Portals

Here, users have to log in and only then they can view video content. One step further, for every video, owners can define which specific person or group can view it.

These are great if you need to share trade secrets (like the recipe for your amazing beverage), or employee training, etc. 

An example includes VIDIZMO.

You can explore yourself by going to https://jtacademy.jp.vidizmo.com/login. This is a portal we created for a fictitious enterprise in Japan. Log in using the email (websales@vidizmo.com) and password (Gs*!dS82).

Self-Serve Demo of a Private Video Portal

Learn more in our blog on the comparison of private video hosting portals.

VIDIZMO - Easily Set Up Your Video Portal

If you have explored the demo above, you're probably excited and want to create one for yourself 😱. If you haven't explored the demo, we'd recommend going back and doing so 👆.

In any case, you might be wondering how you can create a portal for your organization? And what do you get in one?

The answer to the first question is simple. You can get a free trial from our website to get started today. The lowest package includes 50 users, so you can upload and share videos securely with employees in your small organization. You can also get packages for 1000s of users as well.

Screenshot of VIDIZMO Video Portal

Learn More About VIDIZMO Video Portal

In terms of what you get, here's a rundown of the various features included.

White-label Platform

VIDIZMO offers a highly customizable video platform, where you can:

  • Use your colors, logo, background, thesaurus, and even customize using CSS.
  • Host the portal on your domain or our subdomain/directory.
  • Customize the player and layout.
  • Use the portal in 40 supported languages.

Learn More About VIDIZMO White-Label Video Platform

Compliance and Security

VIDIZMO allows you to manage videos securely, with the permissions and parameters as you need them. This helps in meeting compliance or security requirements. You can benefit from the following features:

  • Integrate with SSO, IAM and Directory services for secure access management and user provisioning.
  • Define for every video as to who can see them. These can be a few users, groups, the entire organization or even the public (if needed).
  • Define permissions as to what users can do once they have access. For instance, block downloads.
  • Role-based access, where you can have users as contributors, viewers only, admins, or managers.
  • Define admin-level permissions, where contributors can be prevented from sharing any video outside the organization.
  • Lastly, you have flexible deployment options such as Azure, AWS, or any other cloud, on-premise, as a hybrid model or go for a simple SaaS application.

One System for Multiple Portals – Multitenancy

With VIDIZMO, you can create multiple autonomous portals for separate departments or sectors under a single organization. As an IT administrator, you want to ensure security and privacy across multiple video systems. Using a centralized video platform with multiple autonomous video portals is an effective way to go about it.

multitenancy video portal

Organized Video Content Library

Create and manage a centralized video library to give your video a home among massive data. Manage it in a structured way right away! You can create playlists, collections or narrow it down through categories, metadata such as “Department ID,” even custom fields. You can prevent your online video library from filing up by moderating the content and removing spam. All can be done through a YouTube-like library that is easy to use.



Artificial Intelligence

As AI being the latest technology helps organizations in cost reductions and revenue increases. VIDIZMO with the help of AI offers a powerful search – searchable videos and transcripts so that users can jump to the relevant parts of a video or quickly find that one video amongst thousands. More AI services includes automatic closed captions in around 50 languages, facial and object detection, sentiment analysis, people’s timeline, AI for redaction and others.


The need for a video portal is simple, video content is growing rapidly as an enterprise content type and traditional video portals are not enough. Having a video portal that provides you with the ability to manage videos but offers much more is the one to opt for. For both internal and external audiences, try VIDIZIMO and take full advantage of our free trial.


Learn More About VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Platform

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