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5 Private Video Hosting Platforms for Businesses to Stream Videos

If you are looking for a platform to privately host videos, like a secure YouTube where only logged-in users can access them, you are at the right place.
by Sabika Tasneem Updated on December 20, 2023

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, videos are not only used as a marketing medium. Nowadays, organizations are leveraging video content for a variety of purposes.

According to a report, apart from marketing, businesses use videos to boost sales, deliver messages, manage human resources, lead the organization, and do more.

However, most organizations are struggling to protect their exclusive video content and digital media in an era where data breaches are at an all-time high.

One thing remains clear. Public video hosting platforms, like YouTube, are not the ultimate solution.

What you must have is a highly secure private video hosting platform requiring users to log in before accessing your content through a YouTube-like video library. These platforms have stringent security and access control measures, securing your videos from any external threats.

This blog analyzes what exactly private video hosting is and provides you with a list of the 5 best private video hosting platforms.

What is Private Video Hosting?

Private video hosting is when you upload a video and share it will a restricted audience in a secure way. Through video encryption technologies such as AES, SSL or DRM, you ensure that videos are not accessible to external parties and hackers, and only those who are authorized can see them. 

It goes one step ahead and involves assigning access for every video - who gets to view it and who doesn't. 


Organizations may need to share videos privately as these may contain Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Classified Information, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If unauthorized parties access these, it may lead to a breach of compliance, loss in revenue, damage to reputation, or legal action.

5 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms


    A screenshot of VIDIZMO Private Hosting Platform

    VIDIZMO is a Gartner-recognized private video hosting platform designed with a security-first approach. The platform allows you to upload, stream, and manage live and on-demand videos for both internal and external audiences in a personalized, white-label portal with customizable libraries and playlists.
  2. Brightcove

    Brightcove Homepage

    Brightcove is another enterprise-grade video platform that focuses more on media and broadcasting, entertainment, and sports industries.

    However, Brightcove still has good security features but is a bit lacking on the privacy side as the video hosting platform was designed to cater better to external use cases

  3. Kaltura

    Kaltura Homepage

    Kaltura is also a well-known private video hosting platform catering to both internal and external audiences. Kaltura is a bit different as it is open-source software that requires IT expertise, and its deployment is much more complex than all other platforms.

    Kaltura also does not offer any customer service or consultation and only detailed documents for companies to understand themselves. Kaltura's video portal is called MediaSpace. 

  4. Wistia

    Wistia homepage

    Wistia is a simpler video platform focused on marketing use cases in an ad-free environment, allowing you to retain 100% ownership of your content. You can place CTAs on your videos and opt for email gating for lead generation.

    However, this has led to the platform being weaker in terms of internal private streaming. You can opt for this option in case you are on the lookout for a simpler, more secure external streaming platform.

Free Private Video Hosting Platforms

If your private video hosting requirements are extremely minimal and you are on a budget, you can opt for a free private video hosting platform with very basic functionality not designed with security in mind. Here are two well-known free private video hosting platforms:

  1. YouTube

    YouTube Logo

    YouTube is the most popular video hosting site, especially for content creators wanting to earn through free user-generated content. The enterprise use cases it mainly serves are linked to content marketing. However, it is still possible to make your videos private in case the requirement arises.

  2. Dailymotion

    Dailymotion logo

    Dailymotion is another free video platform that allows you to make your videos private.  If you select the private upload option for a video, it will be hidden from your account. However, anyone with the link to the video will still be able to access and view your video. Hence, you must be highly protective while sharing your private video links. You can also password-protect your videos on Dailymotion. 

Wrapping Up

To choose a private video hosting platform that best fits your unique needs, you should first evaluate your organization's requirements internally. Then, compare your specific privacy requirements to the above privacy feature analysis to choose an appropriate platform to help you upload and stream private videos.

If you are from the education industry with basic private video needs, Panopto would be the way to go. If you require a complex open-source platform, you can give Kaltura a try. If you have minimal privacy needs with videos for an external audience, Brightcove might be a good solution.

However, if you have both internal and external video needs and would like powerful privacy, security and compliance features, you should definitely give VIDIZMO a try. If this is the case, contact VIDIZMO today to discuss your specific needs with our team or go for a free trial to experience these features yourself!

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Posted by Sabika Tasneem

Sabika is the Associate Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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