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When To Use Corporate YouTube vs. YouTube


You have probably heard the terms 'Enterprise YouTube' and “Corporate YouTube.”

But what do they mean, and more importantly, what's the difference between corporate YouTube and conventional YouTube?

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What is Corporate/Enterprise YouTube

The terms Corporate YouTube and enterprise YouTube both refer to the same thing: the idea of using video content for business communication. You may also hear the concept being referred to as enterprise tube or video content management system (VCMS). All these terms refer to one and the same thing.

What does Corporate YouTube do?

Corporate YouTube provides companies with an interactive and secure communication platform that makes use of easy-to-consume video content to enhance corporate relationships, augment employee training and on-boarding, as well as or connect a global workforce.

What is the Difference Between Corporate YouTube and the Conventional YouTube?

Corporate YouTube is different from the conventional YouTube. In fact, Corporate YouTube does not involve YouTube at all.

Its association with YouTube arises from the fact that it leverages concepts made popular by YouTube. These concepts include having channels for specific content, collaborative communication, and the possibilities of sharing video content in an easily accessible platform.

YouTube, or what we refer as conventional YouTube, is a video sharing website that is owned by Google. The platform allows users to upload, view, and share videos on social media platforms. Anyone with a Gmail account can create a YouTube channel, upload videos, and share them with everyone else in the world.

By default, all YouTube channels are public, meaning that your uploaded videos are searchable and viewable by anyone on YouTube.  However, you can choose to make your YouTube channel private, but anyone who searches for your username on YouTube can still see some basic information about the channel.

To make your videos private, YouTube offers an option to make every video you upload private. Once you set your videos to private, only people you invite via email can to watch them.

The biggest downside of using YouTube to host your business videos is their business model. YouTube earns money by showing ads on your videos. The ads on the platform are distracting, especially when they are shown before your main video content plays.

You don't want viewers getting distracted and clicking on the ads before they have watched the content on your videos, which is where corporate tube comes in.

When Should Your Company Opt to Use Corporate Tube

When it comes to managing company videos, your organization needs a platform that will effectively communicate the message. While YouTube is popular for hosting and sharing videos for free, it has some serious downfalls for businesses with valuable or sensitive information.

Some of the downfalls of using YouTube for corporate videos include:


Compared to enterprise tube, YouTube offers very limited security options for your sensitive videos.  It lacks a comprehensive way of controlling who can have access to which videos. In contrast, many enterprise tube platforms offer an extensive way of controlling who can have access to certain channels and videos.

In addition to lacking comprehensive control options, the comments section on YouTube provides trolls and spammers an opportunity to leave comments and hyperlinks that distract from the content of the video.

At times, the comments that spammers leave are so pervasive and may end up tainting your company's brand image.

YouTube lacks branding options

YouTube is very limited on the branding options that it offers. In fact, the only thing you can customize is your channel's cover image. Everything else remains the same. The template and video player is the same for all videos, whether they are company or individual videos.

In contrast, most of the enterprise tube services available allow you to customize the template and colors to match those of your company.

Disruptive ads and related videos

YouTube is largely supported by advertisers. It will show advertisements before your videos play. It will also show 'related videos' on the side of the website as well as when a user has finished watching the current video.

There are so many reasons why this is not ideal for your corporate videos. In the worst case scenario, the YouTube advertisements could be from your business competitors, and may drive prospects your advertisers’ website. The ads distract viewers from the content of your videos.

The 'related videos' that appear at the end of a YouTube video are even worse. In most cases, the recommendations will not be from your company. Some will be totally inappropriate, not to mention that some will drive your viewers to your competitor's content.

Your employees may end up wasting a lot of time on YouTube

YouTube is ranked as one of the top 7 time-wasting websites for employees. In fact, the norm for companies that are aware of the YouTube 'black hole' is to block employees from accessing YouTube during work hours.

Limited analytics

How are employees and customers interacting with your video content? At which point do they stop watching the videos? YouTube lacks comprehensive analytics, which are important for improving and enhancing your video content.

How Does Corporate YouTube Solve These Problems?

There is a wide range of alternative video hosting solutions that are specifically tailored for business. These are what are called corporate/enterprise YouTube.

Enterprise YouTube solutions have many features that are tailored for business such as:

  • Interactive slides that allow you to poll viewers
  • Better control on users who can upload, edit, and access videos
  • Ability to attach downloadable documents with the videos
  • Better video organization and ability for users to browse videos by channel specific topics
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features

With enterprise YouTube, you never have to worry about ads distracting your viewers, in addition, most of these solutions allow you to arrange the order by which you want viewers to watch the videos. This can be very effective for employee training videos.

You also get much control over the look and feel of the video interface. You can include your logo and brand colors to help viewers identify more with your company.


Although YouTube and Corporate Tube may appear the same on the surface, a deeper probe of the two models of video hosting reveals significant differences. YouTube is a good option for publically business adverts because of its larger audience. However, for sensitive company information, you may want to go with an Enterprise Tube such as VIDIZMO.


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