YouTube vs. Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solutions

Here's why your enterprise must opt for a corporate YouTube-Like video hosting solution rather than YouTube. This post shares when you would need one.

Disruptive ads. Unwanted Content. Loss of ownership. Security threats. Need I say more about why businesses are wary of publishing videos on YouTube? Especially, private videos for a limited audience (internal or external).

Corporate YouTube, a private YouTube-like video platform for enterprises, is what you need.

Confused about the difference between YouTube and a Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution? Worry not!

It is simply an internal YouTube for enterprises - purely made for your organization's internal and external video use cases (yes, you heard it right - no competing videos popping up as recommendations or fear of malicious attacks).

This blog details clear distinctions between the two and lets you know when is a corporate YouTube-like video solution a viable option for your enterprise.

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What Exactly is a Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution?

  • Have 1000s of videos piled up to be in GBs or more? Maybe your video production studio is working with a ton of videos?

  • Want to privately store, stream and share these videos with different teams? Like project briefs or trainings for different departments?

  • Or live stream to a specific external audience with an authentication layer in place? Maybe an organization-wide townhalls held monthly?

These are just a few of the enterprise use cases catered for your organization by a Corporate YouTube-like video hosting solution.

There are a variety of names that a Corporate YouTube is known by. However, what is important is the end-to-end video streaming and management capabilities it offers you.

Go for a video platform that caters to both internal and external video use cases with live and on-demand video streaming capabilities. Treat it as your centralized video library with extensive search capabilities.

Above all else, you can store your business-critical videos in a secure and compliant environment. Our recommendation is VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, a Gartner-Recognized AI-powered Corporate YouTube-like video hosting solution with enterprise-grade security in place.

VIDIZMO is one of the best enterprise video platforms for live and on-demand video hosting. It has automated processes utilizing artificial intelligence to support the bulk management of large video files. VIDIZMO has been designed keeping in mind corporate video security, content segregation, and video asset management requirements.


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It is a white-label video platform that you can brand how you like, adhering to your corporate branding guidelines.

The most unique part is that you can create multiple autonomous video portals for different audiences and use cases with unique branding and entirely separate security policies, administrative settings, and billing.

You will definitely not be able to scrap up a corporate video portal like the one shown below from the limited capabilities of YouTube:

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Content Creator? Looking for an Audience? Go For YouTube

YouTube is a popular video hosting tool used worldwide, which is why many organizations immediately opt for it whenever a video hosting and sharing need arises. But it is critical to know what exactly YouTube is best known for and when is it suitable to use it to host your videos.

According to a survey by Buffer, 62% of the businesses used YouTube to post content. There is no doubting the reach that YouTube provides you with a user base of 2 billion and counting.

However, that only matters when you want to run an advertising campaign or are a content creator looking to share public videos.

Suppose you are an enterprise looking to create a private video knowledge base or a secure live streaming platform for limited authenticated external viewers. In that case, you will find YouTube to be fruitless for you

Running a Business? Have Internal Videos? Concerned About Security? Go For Corporate YouTube

You will need to find an effective Corporate YouTube-like video hosting solution. But not just any solution works.


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What you need is a highly secure corporate video hosting solution with automated video processes like transcoding, transcription, indexing, search, and analytics, among other video content management capabilities. This is exactly what VIDIZMO's end-to-end video content management solution provides.

If you want to share confidential videos with your employees (maybe a trade secret?), then creating a Corporate YouTube is a great idea! It's secure, and your employees can log in to watch content in the Netflix-style experience that they love.


You can create one today using VIDIZMO for as low as $85/month to train 50 users. We have even got enterprises using it for 5000+ employees on their intranet in an on-premise environment.

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Where Does YouTube Lack?

YouTube's video portal is not designed to cater to such corporate or large-scale organizational video needs. Here are just some of the key problems you might encounter while trying to use YouTube to manage your corporate videos:

  • YouTube is a public portal. Uploading content on it will lead to your company losing content ownership and control

  • You can only stream to external audiences on YouTube (You can't upload video for private streaming). You cannot place an authentication layer like SSO to ensure that only the intended audience views your content. [Imagine not being able to restrict viewership of a sales training to only the sales team members]

  • YouTube does not allow you to choose where to store your data. Whereas an enterprise video content management system like VIDIZMO allows you to store on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. and even decide the geography where your data needs to be stored. [Meeting compliance requirements like GDPR will be a problem]

  • YouTube lacks content protection and security capabilities (SSO Integration, end-to-end encryption, DRM support, and many more). [Your confidential videos containing trade secrets and financial data will be at high-security risk]

  • Compliance requirements are not met. You cannot govern policies linked to your data usage and how your video can be shared. YouTube has all the control. [Especially problematic for businesses operating in highly regulated industries or regions]

  • No rich sharing options, such as limited-time sharing, authenticated access for viewing and link expiration. [Hence, your data in transit is at high risk of being leaked]

  • Lack of Branding options with YouTube's branding found all over your video platform. [The portal can never truly look like your own - it is not possible to provide your userbase with a consistent brand experience]

  • YouTube is not designed for internal viewing; content can't be stored and restricted for internal viewing through authentication. [Private streaming your content is not possible]

  • You cannot integrate YouTube with other business systems like video conferencing tools, LMS, CMS, etc., which makes your content siloed away from the rest of your workflow. [All your video content will be dispersed in different applications - hard to find and manage]

  • YouTube adverts disrupt the content viewing experience, which is counter-intuitive for branded and corporate communication.

  • Competitors' products might be advertised, or their videos might be recommended on the company's video content.

  • Not possible to upload audio descriptions, which means that it is not best optimized for accessibility requirements; such as Section 508, ADA compliance. [Ensuring your videos are accessible is critical in serving a diverse audience]

Where YouTube falls behind in meeting these critical corporate video requirements, YouTube-like enterprise video platforms (VIDIZMO being one of the best ones) step up to fulfill the gaps and do much more for you in unleashing the hidden potential of video assets.

Let us do a deep dive into the differences between YouTube and Corporate YouTube:

Corporate YouTube vs. YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing website owned by Google. It can be considered a social media platform that allows users to upload, view, and share videos.

There are no barriers to entry into this platform, as anyone with a Gmail account can create a YouTube channel to upload and share videos.

This can be both a pro and a con depending on your needs. It is good for the content creators as this means anyone can simply upload a video, gain access to YouTube's audience and share it ahead.

Which is exactly why it is bad for companies, as that makes it highly difficult to secure the videos uploaded on YouTube. It makes the platform an easy prey to malicious attacks and phishing attempts.

Corporate YouTube-like video hosting solutions are specifically designed for enterprise-grade usage. It takes what YouTube has to offer for content creators and ramps it up with extra security, data governance, branding and enterprise-grade video content management capabilities, providing a solution that truly fits your requirements without any compromise.

Unlike YouTube, you may securely collaborate using video content and ensure ready playback whenever the need arises.

By default, all YouTube channels are public, meaning that your uploaded videos are searchable and viewable by anyone on YouTube. However, you can choose to make your YouTube channel private, but anyone who searches for your username on YouTube can still view some basic information about the channel.

Why Not Make YouTube Videos Private?

To make your videos private, YouTube offers an option to change each new video's settings to private manually. After this, only the people you invite via email can watch them.

That is a very time-taking process with various other security risks. Plus, YouTube still takes away partial rights to any videos you upload on the platform.

Let's explore some key concerns that companies will have to deal with while using YouTube:

Security Concerns

YouTube offers minimal security options for your private or sensitive videos. In addition to lacking comprehensive security controls, the comments section on YouTube provides trolls and spammers an opportunity to leave irrelevant comments and virus-filled links. This can distract viewers away from the main purpose of the video.

Even more worrisome is the fact that this might tarnish your brand's reputation. Turning off comments will make your videos less interactive and restrict collaboration and communication.

Lack of Branding Options

YouTube has limited branding options. In fact, the only thing you can customize is your channel's cover image. Everything else remains the same, including the template and video player.

Disruptive adverts and related videos

YouTube mainly runs on adverts that are unsuitable for corporate content as they distract viewers from the company message. What is worse is that sometimes the adverts could be of your competitors' offerings.

The "related videos" that appear at the end of a YouTube video are even worse. In most cases, the recommendations will not be of your channel's. Some might be inappropriate, while others drive your viewers to your competitors' content.

YouTube is Blocked in Certain Regions

YouTube is constantly being banned in various countries and is permanently banned in several countries, the chief one being China. This makes it challenging to have your content be viewable worldwide. Many organizations and educational institutes also block its usage, believing it to be a distracting social media platform.

Minimal Analytics and Customer Support

YouTube does provide analytics, but they are not comprehensive enough. There are no customized options available for businesses and no customer support to help with your organization's business needs.


VIDIZMO | Ultimate Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution

As mentioned earlier, VIDIZMO (a Corporate Video Hosting Solution) is like a corporate YouTube purely designed for your enterprise's internal and external content. Where YouTube falls short, VIDIZMO steps up. It is a complete end-to-end enterprise video platform for everything from video streaming to management to sharing in a secure environment. Flexible deployment models are available with the choice to host and store your videos in the location of your choice.

VIDIZMO vs. YouTube

Corporate YouTube vs. YouTube Infographic


Try All These Capabilities for Free Today!

Corporate YouTube-Like solutions have many features that are tailored for enterprise video needs, such as:

  • Air-tight video security features, including SSO integration, end-to-end encryption, DRM​ support, role-based access, content segregation, custom domain and location restriction.

  • Data storage and processing in a cloud and region of your choice, for compliance requirements (even china video hosting is possible).

  • Features to govern your data and fulfill compliances, including custom retention period, anonymous user policy, audit logs, custom privacy policy and terms of use, etc.

  • Assign users one of the user roles with pre-defined permissions to better control their actions and capabilities.

  • Limit video access to the entire organization, specific groups, individual users or anonymous viewers.

Minimize-Risk-of-Breach – Segregate-Your-Videos
  • Create multiple autonomous video portals for different business units with separate billing alongside independent security and administrative policies.

  • Accurate and speedy searchability features to find the right video in seconds through titles, metadata, tags, and in-video spoken words, on-screen text, faces and objects.

  • In-video interactivity options like quizzes to test comprehension, handouts for additional information, surveys to collect feedback, and forms for lead generation.

  • Ability to conduct secure and interactive live streams internally or externally.

  • Customized branding options like the creation of use case-specific video player templates, logo placement, bringing in your look and feel using custom CSS, etc.

  • Integration with applications like meeting solutions (Zoom, MS Teams etc.) or learning management systems.

  • Advanced video analytics and reporting features with easy-to-interpret visual displays for generating actionable insights.

  • Video Artificial Intelligence features like auto transcription and translation of transcripts, facial detection, and object detection.

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With your private corporate YouTube, you have good customer support available to handle all your concerns. You even get to choose where to store your videos; on-premises, Azure, AWS or any other cloud, or in a mix of hybrid and cloud deployment models. Why not try VIDIZMO for free to experience all the features yourself?

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There is no doubt that for a free, public option, YouTube is the perfect solution that can help you reach a wider audience. However, when you face the problems mentioned above, a Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution is the way to go for all your enterprise needs. If you are looking for such a solution, look no further.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides all this and more with its 24/7 highly responsive and helpful customer support to answer any queries. Benefit from flexible deployment options with different customizable solutions making enterprise video content management easy for all enterprises.

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Or view a live demo of a corporate YouTube created through VIDIZMO.
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