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YouTube vs. Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solutions

By Sabika Tasneem
A person watching a corporate video on YouTube
YouTube is a popular video hosting tool used worldwide, which is why many organizations immediately opt for it whenever a video hosting and sharing need arises. According to a survey by Buffer, 62% of the businesses used YouTube to post content. However, YouTube's portal has not been designed to cater to corporate or large-scale organizational needs. Some of the main problems that arise for organizations are that:
  • YouTube is a public portal. Uploading content on it will lead to the companies losing ownership and control of their content.
  • You can only stream to external audiences on YouTube (Can’t create multiple users for restricted internal viewing).
  • YouTube does not give you the option to choose where to store your data. Unlike an enterprise video content management system that allows you to store on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud etc.. and even decide the geography where your data needs to be stored.
  • There is lack of security protocols on YouTube (SSO Integration, end-to-end encryption, DRM support etc.).
  • Compliance requirements are not met.
  • YouTube adverts disrupt the content viewing experience.
  • Competitor's products might be advertised, or their videos might be recommended on the company's video content.
  • Lack of Branding options.
  • Not a good option for internal viewing; content can't be stored and restricted for internal viewing through authentication.
  • No rich sharing options, such as password protected sharing, limited time viewing, authenticated access for viewing and link expiration. 
  • No functionality to upload audio descriptions, which means that it is not best optimized for accessibility requirements; such as Section 508, ADA compliance.

These are the main concerns that are now addressed by corporate video hosting platforms.

What is a Corporate YouTube-Like Portal?

These corporate video hosting portals allow storing, managing, and sharing of company's video content such as corporate communication, training, onboarding, marketing, sales, etc. You may also hear the concept being called Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM).


What does Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution do?

Corporate YouTube provides companies with an interactive and secure communication platform that allows one-to-many video streaming. Organizations can then develop easy-to-consume video content to enhance corporate relationships, augment employee training and onboarding, encourage collaborations between different teams, and connect a global workforce.

How is a Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution different from YouTube?

Corporate YouTube-like video hosting solutions are specifically designed for enterprise-grade usage. Its association with YouTube arises from the fact that it leverages concepts made popular by YouTube. These concepts include having channels for specific content, collaborative communication, and the possibility of sharing video content on an easily accessible platform.

YouTube is a video-sharing website owned by Google. The platform allows users to upload, view, and share videos on social media platforms. Anyone with a Gmail account can create a YouTube channel, upload videos, and share them worldwide.

By default, all YouTube channels are public, meaning that your uploaded videos are searchable and viewable by anyone on YouTube. However, you can choose to make your YouTube channel private, but anyone who searches for your username on YouTube can still view some basic information about the channel. To make your videos private, YouTube offers an option to change each new video's setting to private manually. After this, only people you invite via email can watch them. However, YouTube also takes away partial rights to your company content.

Here are the main problems that enterprise face when using YouTube for content posting and sharing instead of a corporate YouTube-like solution:


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Security Concerns

Compared to a corporate video hosting portal, YouTube offers minimal security options for your private or sensitive videos. In addition to lacking comprehensive control options, the comments section on YouTube provides trolls and spammers an opportunity to leave irrelevant comments and links. This can distract viewers away from the main purpose of the video.

Lack of Branding Options

YouTube has limited branding options. In fact, the only thing you can customize is your channel's cover image. Everything else remains the same, including the template and video player.

Disruptive adverts and related videos

YouTube mainly runs on adverts that are not ideal for corporate content as it distracts viewers from the company message. What is worse is that sometimes the adverts could be of your competitors' offering and may drive prospects to their website.

The 'related videos' that appear at the end of a YouTube video are even worse. In most cases, the recommendations will not be from your company. Some might be inappropriate, while others drive your viewers to your competitors' content.

YouTube is Blocked in Certain Regions

YouTube is constantly being banned in various countries and is permanently banned in several countries, the chief one being China. This makes it challenging to have your content be viewable worldwide.

Minimal Analytics and Customer Support

YouTube does provide analytics, but they are not comprehensive enough. There are no customized options available for businesses and no customer support to help with your organization's business needs.

How Does Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution Solve These Problems?

Corporate Video Hosting Solutions are like a corporate YouTube purely designed for your enterprise's internal and external content. While YouTube is an easy solution for hosting and sharing videos for free, it has some severe downfalls for businesses, as stated above.


Corporate YouTube-Like solutions have many features that are tailored for enterprise needs, such as:

  • Security features such as SSO integration, end-to-end encryption/DRM​ support, role-based access, domain and location restriction.
  • Data storage and processing in cloud and region of choice, for Compliance requirements.
  • Better control on users where rights can be given to specific users to upload, edit, and access different videos.
  • Interactivity options to add in quizzes, handouts, forms, or surveys in a video.
  • Speedy searchability features through titles, metadata, tags, and in-video spoken words, faces and objects. 
  • Ability to conduct secure live streams internally or externally.
  • Customized branding options to set the brand color theme of your video portal and player, add in logo etc.
  • Integration with applications like meeting solutions (Zoom, MS Teams etc.) or learning management systems.
  • Strong analytics and reporting features.
  • AI features like auto transcription and auto-translation, face and object detection.

With your private corporate YouTube, you have good customer support available to handle all your concerns. Do keep in mind all your requirements while choosing a vendor.

You even get to choose where to store your videos; on-premises, Azure, AWS or any other cloud, or in a mix of hybrid and cloud models.


There is no doubt that for a free, public option, YouTube is the perfect solution that can help reach your video to a wider audience. However, when you do face the problems mentioned above, a Corporate YouTube-Like Video Hosting Solution is the way to go for all your enterprise needs. If you are on the lookout for such a solution, then look no further.


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides all this and more with its 24/7 highly responsive and helpful customer support to answer any query and flexible deployment options with different customizable solutions making video content management easy for all its customer.

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