What Is Video Asset Management? & How it Benefits You?

Traditional digital asset management systems are failing your video. All this potential is being wasted. Learn how video asset management software helps.

Videos are the most consumed form of media. Not only that, they are now the dominant mode of communication in all types of businesses. Why? simply put:

  • they are more engaging,
  • require lower effort from the viewer,
  • And are overall better for information retention.

But videos are also a very demanding digital media asset for organizations to manage. This is where video asset management comes into play to simplify it all for you.

Millennials, the generation that grew with video technology, are more than 35% of the US workforce. Hence, most millennials prefer video over text any day of the week (at least 62% do, according to research).

Video-driven communication and knowledge-sharing practices at the workplace is the need of the hour. However, the rise of video urgently demands a video asset management software that truly helps you unleash the potential of these crucial assets.

Only an hour-long 4K video sizes up to be about 22.5 GB. In comparison, a whopping 300 page eBook only comes out to be about 2.6 MB in size. No wonder a specialized video asset management system is the need of the hour.

This blog explores what exactly video asset management is and digs deeper into the complex video challenges that a traditional digital asset management system fails to resolve.

Above all else, we will reveal how a smart video asset management software, VIDIZMO, helps create a centralized, secure, organized, and searchable Corporate YouTube-like video library where you can ensure optimized playback of your recorded live and on-demand videos for external or internal viewers.


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Defining Video Assets

Enterprises house thousands of videos. It is critical to have automated processes to save your time, money and effort. A video asset management software solves does exactly that. So, what is the meaning of "video asset?"

A video asset is a very special type of digital asset - much harder to manage due to its dynamic audio-visual nature. Much heavier in size, they have extensive organized storage needs.

Indexing them is a whole new ordeal, and lack of indexing can severely hinder their searchability. If their metadata is not optimized you won't be able to them on search engines


What is Video Asset Management?

Video asset management, a type of digital asset management specialized for video use cases, includes everything from organized video ingestion to centralized storage and management of video assets for the purposes of record-keeping, video archival, knowledge management, ready playback, secure sharing to support collaborative work, analytics tracking, intelligent video processing like automatic transcoding and indexing, and much more.


5 Ways A Traditional Digital Asset Management System Holds You Back 

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Video Challenges in Traditional Digital Asset Management Systems

You might be wondering what a traditional digital asset management system lacks that you would even consider opting for a video asset management software. Let us explore some of these critical challenges DAM system faces in terms of video management:

Upload Limit and Costly Storage

Conventional digital asset management systems are not designed to handle the unique requirements of video files. They have upload limits in place, for instance, only allowing uploads of videos under 1 GB only. This size limit is a hindrance for large video files like an hour-long recorded live stream, a lengthy training session, etc.

The storage space of these systems is also not scalable to handle the ever-changing requirements of videos, like how drastically the demand for video storage increased after the arrival of the pandemic. Video storage can even go up in 100s of TBs. Most asset management systems either are not capable of handling this much storage or are extremely costly if they are able to adjust to these requirements.

Lack of Transcoding Hinders Viewability

Traditional systems are designed as storage platforms. They do not transcode video into multiple renditions (formats, resolution levels, etc.). This restricts viewability in most devices and browsers. If these systems even allow playback, the experience is grainy and not adaptive based on different bandwidth conditions, which leads to buffering problems.

Ultimately users are forced to download videos which takes a great deal of time. Simply put, you don’t get the YouTube-like experience and your team will eventually try to avoid watching the videos as much as possible.

Not Optimized for Global Content Delivery

Without CDN support and adaptive bitrate streaming, your videos will not even be playable in most locations worldwide with differing bandwidth conditions. This is especially worrisome now that remote working is so prevalent due to globalization and the pandemic.

Limited Metadata Extraction and Searchability

Extensive search capabilities of Video Asset Management

Traditional digital asset management systems do not allow you to modify and optimize metadata to make it more searchable for the relevant keywords. It is not possible to automatically transcribe your videos and use the transcripts to auto-tag them.

Plus, it is not possible to make the search filter functionality more relevant by assigning videos custom identifiers like lecture numbers, course titles, etc. You are also not able to search within your videos to find the exact moment that you want to watch. All these limitations drastically increase the time it takes to find the right video.

Lack of Security and Compliance Coverage

Enterprises have multitudes of videos for internal use cases with highly confidential and private information that require content protection measures like end-to-end encryption, integration with authentication systems, role-based access controls, content segregation measures, etc.

Digital asset management systems lack many of these critical capabilities required. Even more troublesome is the fact that users are forced to download most of these videos to actually watch them as these systems cannot handle optimized playback. Once a video is downloaded, it is no longer protected by the security layer, and there is no way of tracking it to ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands.


VIDIZMO | Cloud Video Asset Management Software

All the challenges mentioned above call out for organizations to adopt an intelligent video asset management system specially equipped to handle their modern video requirements. VIDIZMO is just that. It is an intelligent video asset management software that provides scalable storage and supports centralized management of your video assets.

VIDIZMO is optimized for video experiences and, through a YouTube-like video portal, you can share, manage and stream your video assets easily. This white-label video streaming platform can also be branded according to your branding guidelines.

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You can maintain a "Single Source of Truth" secured away from unauthorized access in a compliant environment. You can also create multiple autonomous video portals with distinct branding and separate billing, security, and administrative policies to keep videos segregated for different departments and use cases.


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Benefits of Employing VIDIZMO Video Asset Management Software

Let us explore some major benefits VIDIZMO's scalable video platform provides you:

Scalable and Tiered Storage in the Cloud

Scale your storage up based on the need of the hour. Optimize your video storage costs by deploying in one of the leading cloud providers that provide you with tiered storage. Archive non-frequently accessed video files on the cold storage tier with a reduced storage cost. Easily move archived videos from cold storage video portal to a hot storage video portal when they need to be more frequently accessed.

Choose Where to Store and Host Your Videos

VIDIZMO offers flexible deployment models:

  • On-premise behind your company's firewall
  • Cloud deployment models available to host videos using one of the leading cloud providers (Azure, AWS, etc.)
  • Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Ready-to-deploy SaaS application

Choose to host and store in the data center of your choice. If you have high-security requirements, you can opt for the on-premise option or a government cloud to receive the ultimate security and compliance coverage. If you have data residing in an existing data center, you can easily connect VIDIZMO to its storage as well.

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HD Playback Optimized to Your Liking

Consistently deliver a high-quality video experience worldwide by automatically encoding your videos into multiple formats and resolution levels, readily playable on any device and browser. Take benefit from adaptive bitrate streaming and CDN support to ensure smooth playback to viewers anytime, anywhere, even in varying bandwidth conditions.

Intelligent Metadata Extraction & AI-Powered Searchability

All your videos can be automatically transcribed, with the possibility of having these transcriptions translated into more than 40 languages. This not only makes your videos accessible worldwide for greater reach but can also automatically tag your videos based on the content present in them. These tags enable multilingual searchability of your videos as well. Through the help of transcripts, your viewers can search within your videos and jump right to the moment they are looking for.


You can also assign custom identifiers like instructor name or location to make your filtered search more accurate. The AI-powered search inside video functionality also allows you to not only search within your videos for on-screen words, faces, objects and emotions.

Extensive Content Organization

Support organic discovery of your videos by accurately organizing them into categories and creating relevant playlists in your video library. Important videos and playlists can be featured directly on the home page as well.

Secure Sharing with Ease

This platform supports secure video sharing via multiple permalinks with specific users or groups, even anonymous or external viewers, with limited availability and views. The size of your videos causes no hindrance to VIDIZMO's sharing and playback capabilities.


Louis Vuitton, Enabled By VIDIZMO, Streamed Private Content To Select Buyers Across APAC region (including China)

Louis Vuitton, Enabled By VIDIZMO, Streamed Private Content To Select Buyers Across APAC region (including China)

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Control Who Can View What

Decide who can access which video! Make videos available to the entire organization, specific groups, individual users or anonymous viewers. Assign roles with pre-defined permissions to users to place restrictions on capabilities like downloading, sharing, etc. Share videos within a user group to keep them from being viewed by anyone else in your organization.


Powerful Security and Compliance Coverage

Unmatched reliability and robust security are provided to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access your videos. Here is just some of what we offer you in terms of private video hosting:

  • SSO integration with 25+ authentication providers and identity management systems
  • SCIM support to automatically provision and sync your user identity information  
  • Content protection through end-to-end encryption and DRM support
  • Define custom security policy and retention period
  • IP and Geo-restrictions

Above all else, we ensure that you are able to fulfill all the various industry and regulatory compliance requirements through features like data segregation, audit logs, anonymous user policy, custom security policy, role-based access controls, etc. You can also choose to store and host your videos in either Azure or AWS data centers to benefit from their wide coverage of all major compliances.

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Generate Actionable Insights to Improve Video Performance

Who is watching your videos? Are they leaving it midway? How is their quality of experience? Improve your video's performance and user experience by generating actionable insights from the video analytics dashboards and reports in VIDIZMO.


Integrated With Your Existing IT Systems

Rather than keeping your video data in a silo unconnected from the rest of your IT systems, have your VIDIZMO portal be integrated with your existing business systems. You can not only benefit from custom integrations for your unique use cases but also benefit from out-of-the-box integrations, including:

  • Video Conference Systems like Zoom, MS Teams, etc.
  • Single Sign-On and IAM systems like Azure AD
  • Learning Management systems like Moodle
  • Content Management Systems like SharePoint
  • Analytics Tracking applications like Google Analytics

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Suffice to say, all these various features enable VIDIZMO to efficiently manage your video assets to help you make the most of them.

The transformation of digital communication is viewed as a critical need by 92% of businesses and video is at the forefront of this change. It is crucial for organizations to not fall behind and efficiently manage these valuable assets.

Contact us to learn more about VIDIZMO's solution or opt for a free trial to experience all these capabilities firsthand!

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